When does come out Live by Night movie 2017


In 2017, will come up a new movie “Live by night” – the adaptation of the book written by Dennis Lehane. It’s not quite a historical novel, by the gangster saga worthy of “The Godfather” and the movie “Once Upon a Time in America”

Producer of the movie is Leonardo DiCaprio. Starring Ben Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Elle Fanning, Sienna Miller. Production arranged studio “Warner Bros. Pictures” and the company of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way. When does Live by Night come out are interested many people?

Live by Night 2017


Whatever you do in the world, will definitely come back, but it comes not how you usually expect. Joe Coughlin never takes fatherly advice. The plot revolves around Joe Koglin – the son of Thomas Koglin from Boston police and the younger brother of former patrol Danny Koglin. But Joe took a different way and became one of those who can say about himself: “Our house – the night, and we dance so wildly that grass has no time to grow under our feet.” For the life that he has chosen – he is not enough bad. He has a feeling of justice, big heart, and this works always against him, making him vulnerable in deals and in private life. For a decade, he went from rebel that the law doesn’t apply to him to the head of the region’s largest bootlegger operation to the right hand of the leader of the gangster syndicate. But for all the ups and downs of his fate in the answer one driving force, it was love. Movie Live by Night trailer will discover for you new moments, so we advice to watch it!

Dennis Lehane – American writer, among his works the book “Shutter Island” and “Mystic River”, transferred to the big screen by Martin Scorsese and Clint Eastwood, respectively. “Live by night” – this is the second movie that Ben Affleck takes on the books by Dennis Lehane, the first was “Gone Baby Gone” 2007. New movie will come out about – January 12, 2017. And, by the way, novel writer «Live by Night» in 2013 received the Edgar Allan Poe Award. In the Russian language it was a new book written by Dennis Lehane, “World Gone By” – a direct continuation of the novel “Live by night”, which tells the story of Joe further Koglin. So, while there are shooting the film adaptation of “Live by night” (premiered October 20, 2017), it’s time to read a book and the first cycle – ” The Given Day” and the two already mentioned.

The Novel “Live by Night”

“Live by Night” – a continuation of the novel ” The Given Day.” Since the tragic events taking place in Boston at the time of the action of the first book, several years have passed. Danny Koglin and his wife Nora left the States, and their fate is unknown. Here, the main character gets younger brother Danny – Joe. He is a youth chose a path different from that of his father and brothers. Joe Koglin, the son of a captain Thomas Koglin became gangster! Live by Night 2017 movie release date is scheduled for 13 January 2017.

It all started with the robberies of small stalls and fights around the corner, and then Joe came into the gang of Tim Hickey and comply with different not very pleasant and not too lawful order for him. One of these orders was to rob the bank, owned by Albert White, one of the most powerful and the most dangerous crime bosses at the time. And Joe, along with his friends, brothers Bartolo did it. And, in addition to Albert White money, Joe has decided to take himself and his mistress, the beautiful Emma Gould. Since this, all has started Joe to go through all. Almost was killed first, people White, then-police henchmen of his father, the conclusion in the most severe prison in the United States, the betrayal and death of his first love, familiarity and cooperation with Mazo – the authority on White rank higher, the death of his father, meets with Danny, which we still remember the first book, and so on.

Live by Night movie

A lot of ups, downs but no less. In just a few years, Joe will take the hard way from assistant to the small bandit gang to the right hand, to the assistant Mazo – the head of the bandit huge syndicate. And all this takes place against the backdrop of America mired in the Great Depression.


As a director Ben Affleck has succeeded with 3 movies . He can move to director position and make a great movie. This time he becomes director, actor, and producer. Leonardo DiCaprio joined to the producer role too.

Besides Ben, to the cast joined Zoe Saldana, who is famous with “Avatar” and “The guardian of the Galaxy”. When is Live by Night coming to theaters? Prepare yourself for the movie after 13 January!

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