List of best Documentary movies 2017

From the old stories and legends about Ancient World to the modern British documentaries about Witches – all these projects are always the number one to watch whether it is home or official cinema or theater premiere. Here we want to represent you our new TOP 10 best new Documentary movies 2017 that will definitely increase your knowledge in any area of people’s history. But what are the new interpretations of world’s famous history and are there any things we haven’t managed to find out before? This year new documentaries will open our eyes towards completely new facts about our nation.

City of Ghosts

This documentary project is scheduled to be released in the middle of June this year, according to the rumors. This is a film about the rebels from Syria. But, according to the facts, they gave themselves particular name – Raqqa. But they are being killed by ISIS. In order to save their lives, they decide to make a documentary proof of what is really happening with them by putting their lives on risk and filming all the atrocities.

Give me Future

The best program for the people who really love music that is also on our TOP 10 best recent Documentary movies. According to the big number of trusted Internet sources, the music sensation who is well-known in the whole world – Major Lazer – made a decision to make an incredible performance by organizing a free concert in the spring of last year. The magnificent concert turned out to be somewhat even bigger that it was expected – almost half a million of random people had the unique opportunity to enjoy the music of Lazer in Havana which is in Cuba. But this documentary movie also involves lots facts about modern culture of young people that is going to change or even disappear.

Give me Future

Casting JonBenet

This documentary film follows the story of young beauty pageant – JonBenet Patricia Ramsey – who was unfortunately killed when she was just six years old. The project is scheduled to be released on Netflix at the very end of April. According to the facts from the police of Colorado where the body of the girl was found, her death got the classification “homicide” after some time of the investigation. She was killed in the house of her family in Colorado on December 26th in 1996. Afterward, her father managed to find her body in the basement after the law enforcement reported she was missing. The documentary will open every single detail and conclusion they have been making whilst investigating the death of very young but already popular American girl.

Water and Power: A Californian Heist

Marina Zenovich decided to add her film on our list of best Documentary movies 2017 that is planned to go out in January. Apparently, the Californian water system has its own big secrets. Marina tells the story about water barons finding out about the way to change the structure of the system for their own goods. This little private investigation shows the situation that made the trap for the local farmers and everyday citizens. They have to face the drought and water crisis.

Tell Them We Are Rising

The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Modern interpretation about black colleges and universities located in the United States. The film tells the story about these institutions that have prepared and educated the big number of famous architects that later organized movements of freedom. These universities have raised the best leaders in all known fields.

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

If you are the one who is still looking for TOP 10 best Documentary movies of 2017 to watch this biographical document project is definitely for you. The tolerance of the family and the readiness of it to accept the changes of their children are well tested when a champion driver makes the unbelievable announcement. He, who is going to take part at the Olympics, says he is transitioning into a real woman. He also finds himself inviting lots of YouTube followers day by day.


A documentary project that premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2017.  The plot follows the story about Jennifer Brea who left bedridden because of the fever. She used to be a happy person who was a student at Harvard and wanted to marry the person she loved. A few months before the actual wedding she keeps getting worse as her illness is very progressive. She even loses the ability to seat in her wheelchair.


Chasing Coral

When it comes to TOP 10 best modern Documentary movies in 2017 this upcoming film is not an exception at all as it represents the story about beautiful coral reefs that located all around the world. However, the film is going to tell the story about their disappearing and vanishing. In order to reveal the mystery of the underwater world, the whole teams of best divers and scientists start their own investigation of this beautiful world.

Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe

Twelve best performers are now ready to reveal their secrets of being popular in such exotic world as burlesque. They say that pretending to be someone else is the only way to become yourself instead. These Burlesque dancers know how to make their performances unique and admirable. Together, we will be able to discuss the naked truth of their financial struggles and setbacks and how they found themselves in this life.

Legion of Brothers

The most common question that you may have already seen on the Internet is what is the best Documentary movies in 2017? Apparently, the film that is supposed to be released very soon in this year follows the Afghanistan events after 9th of September. It was the time when small teams of Green Berets make a decision to arrive there in order to complete their mission to overthrow the Taliban. Afterward, the film represents the whole story of the war, showing every detail and describing it. All these facts help to illuminate the nature of the almost 15 years old constant conflict and also bloody combat with the access to information from the Special Forces of the United States of America.

Legion of Brothers

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