List of TOP 10 english Documentary movies 2017

Hollywood – it is not just about making entertainment movies but also the ones that educate people improving their knowledge in different areas of science and similar. Today we are lucky to represent our TOP 10 best English Documentary movies 2017 to watch that contain some updated facts about old already deeply studied things all around the world, as well as completely new stories of people that are no longer alive or the ones who unexpectedly managed to change their lives. Upcoming projects will surprise the people being obsessed with documentaries that describe different meaningful in the whole world’s history events. So what are these new films?

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous


An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

This is a sequel to the film that was released in 2006 and follows the real story of former Vice President of the United States of America Al Gore. He appears to continue his mission in order to stop the climate change. This documentary movie was made for making and showing a big progress in solving such climate issues so that it is possible to persuade the leaders of government to make their investments the way this global problem can be solved, as well as global warming.

Casting JonBenet

You may have already had the opportunity to hear about famous JonBenet Ramsey and her completely unexpected death. This project on our TOP 10 new English Documentary movies 2017 contains the emotional story based on real events where people are finally able to bring themselves behind the investigations started in the previous century and caused by the death of one of the most beautiful and youngest actresses. According to the reports of the police, they found the dead body in the basement of the house just a few hours after it was reported she was missing.


If you haven’t seen the movies about UFO and other creatures from the space in a while this one is definitely for you as it keeps the interest of viewers due to the historical files of the Discloser Project revealing never shown before footage and documents that prove the existence of UFO. Lots of experts give the interviews telling some interesting facts they managed to open about the secret side of Unidentified Flying Objects.


This touchable story on our list of TOP 10 English Documentary movies 2017 follows the real biography of Jennifer Brea. She used to be a student of Harvard Ph.D. and was about to marry the man she loves but suddenly the fever has changed her life so that she leaves bedridden. Unfortunately, after the wedding, the illness keeps progressing. Afterward, she becomes a member of the online community that unites the people from different countries with the same fever so that they can communicate on Skype and Facebook and support each other as “it is all in their heads”.


Tell Them We are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

In fact, American history is full of interesting and meaningful events connected to the opening one of the best universities in the world that cultivate best leaders. This upcoming film represents the interesting and never told the story about black colleges and universities all around the United States – they have educated the best experts of different areas. Among them are scientists, architects, and others.

Long Strange Trip

If you used to be the fan of the rock band known as Grateful Dead you will be definitely interested in hearing the behind the scenes story. This project that is highly recommended to watch TOP 10 English Documentary films 2017 was represented on Sundance Film Festival and will be revealed to the public on Amazon Video at the very beginning of June. In fact, the son of the drummer is one of the producers of the upcoming film.

I am: Heath Ledger

The 2008 year – the world wasn’t ready to hear the horrible news about the death of Australian actor Heath Ledger that became famous for his main role of Joker in Batman franchise and Giacomo Casanova in 2005 movie Casanova. This documentary movie contains the unique facts about the life of Ledger and the shots he made himself that have never been released to the public before. Many actors, playing themselves, talk about their dead friend saying that “he was the most alive human” and his sincere smile will never be forgotten, as well as his kindness.

The Mars Generation

This project that also takes a place in our TOP 10 latest English Documentary movies 2017 release represents the story of teenage astronauts that are about to explore the life of Mars telling the interesting facts about the space and the equipment they are all going to use whilst their long journey to another planet.

This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

Gig managed to become one of the most popular public figure giving lots of beauty and life advice on her own channel on YouTube gaining, not just the popularity but also respect of young people. Would you be able to accept the fact that your child suddenly makes a decision to change the gender? Champion Diver that was supposed to take the participation in the Olympics makes an announcement that he was going to transform himself into a female. Gigi Gorgeous – new personality and new chance to find the courage to be the person you have always wanted to be. Nowadays, she is a famous model, public figure, and interesting personality. The documentary movie that is planned to be released in 2017 is a good chance to take the fans of Gigi behind the scenes of her life and the life of her beloved family.

LA 92

The last project from our TOP 10 popular English Documentary movies in 2017 list that is also highly recommended to watch if you are the big lover of any documentary films – it follows the story of the events that take their place in Los Angeles happening twenty-five years ago. The viewers will be able to see the unique rarely seen archival footage that was made right after the Rodney King verdict – the event that caused several protests on the streets of the Californian city that kept progressing within a few days.

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