List of TOP 10 recently released Documentary movies of 2017

One of the forms of development of man’s outlook is documentary movies. Plots created on the basis of real events and reliable facts open a lot of unknown facts to the viewer. Interest is not only the event itself but also how its presentation is played.

That’s why many people are attracted by the opportunity to watch documentaries. Such views are always something new, cognitive, interesting.

We are glad to show new Documentary movies releases 2017.

It is accepted to single out three sub-genres, which in general constitute documentary films. There are:

  1. Educational films designed to convey the necessary information to a certain category of viewers.
  2. A true documentary film, which is an objective view of what is happening on the screen.
  3. Mockumentary – documentary films on fictitious facts, in which fictional characters are involved.


Many people are mistaken when they say that documentary films are just a dry exposition of various facts. The creative transformation of what is happening in reality, reflected in the narrative on the screen, is what documentaries are. And this story is so interesting that it captivates the viewer, immersing him in the atmosphere of new knowledge about certain events, innovations, and proposals.

Let’s see list of TOP 10 Documentary movies recent released

  1. The Red Pill

American feminist and documentary filmmaker Cassie Jaye goes on a trip, where she meets with members of the American Men’s Rights Movement. The Red Pill is a film-study of gender war taking place in North American society. The film raises the question: “What is the future of equality between men and women?”

  1. Dancer

The great dancer Polunin is on the list of TOP 10 recently released Documentary movies of 2017.

A documentary portrait of one of the most gifted contemporary dancers Sergei Polunin, the head and soloist of leading ballet theaters of Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine. A unique opportunity to follow the stage and behind-the-scenes routine of the virtuoso artist, who was recognized as the “pearl” of his generation, but at the height of his glory at the age of 25 seriously thought about changing his life path.

  1. Casting JonBenet

It is 1996. In the city of Boulder disappears 6-year-old participant of beauty contests JonBenet Ramsay. As a result, the girl is found dead in the cellar of her house. The creators of the documentary do not try to remake the old films or declare the name of the killer 20 years later. Instead, they set up an experiment: they invite residents of the town to test for the roles of the participants in that drama, listening from them all the rumors and assumptions about what happened in the house of Ramsay. And in these stories, the villain’s role is tried on a variety of characters – JonBenet’s own mother, high-ranking pedophiles, and even Santa Claus.

  1. I Am Not Your Negro

Race issues are in the compilation of latest Documentary movies in english 2017.

A documentary film based on the unfinished book of James Baldwin “Remember this house” – a radical narrative about the race issues in modern America and the history of the murder of three civil rights fighters: Martin Luther King, activist Medgar Evers, and Islamic spiritual leader Malcolm X. Thanks to director Raoul Peck his film finally reached the general public. Peck’s tape appeared as one of the most progressive in the history of cinema. The director got access to the Baldwin archives and used only the original words of the writer.

  1. Oklahoma City

The movie will tell about the explosions that occurred in Oklahoma City. They are considered the most terrible in the United States.

  1. Louis C.K.

It is the middle of the newly released Documentary movies 2017.

A big concert of one stand-up is to your attention. Louis first made a concert for someone. Before that, he himself shot his concerts and sold them. As the hero changed his image, he changed his shirt and shorts for a classic suit. In his speech, spectators are waiting for many new jokes on different topics. And with a new performance idol takes new heights. What did Louis C. K. demonstrate at his concert?

  1. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

The new topic of the documentary movie is an energy revolution.

  1. Long Strange Trip

A long strange journey is the history of the cult rock band “Grateful Dead”, which since the late 60s of the last century inspired the masses. The group created art from open chaos, becoming the founder of psychedelic rock, and achieved great success on its own…

The band members today share memories and newsreels of the time when a huge number of devoted fans, like a big brotherhood, went after them on a long strange journey. The mobile cultural town considered vocalist Jerry Garcia its prophet. What was the phenomenon of the Grateful Dead group? “We built the world of sound with our hands and practically heard the voice of God” – the group’s members confirm. Traveling on their own history, the group will slightly open the veil of secrecy, show unknown shots and tell what helped to become musicians open to any opportunities.

  1. Kedi

Graceful cats are in the TOP 10 Documentary latest movies 2017.

Graceful animals – cats from ancient times occupied an honorable place in the life of mankind. They can become family members perceived as the closest native creature.

There have been many cats in Istanbul since time immemorial. Some live in houses, they have all the conditions, proper care. In gratitude, they guard the peace of the hosts. They anticipate danger, catch mice, can look after the baby. But the main part still prefers to stay on the streets.

They know all the back streets of the city, they like to wander around their country. The habits of cats in many ways resemble human. After all, among them there are badasses, and there are timid representatives. Someone is a lover, someone is lonely. It is cats which know about the real life of Istanbul. What is going on in the streets of the city, how for many centuries human values ​​have changed. They can recognize aggressive people, feel good and warm regarding themselves.

  1. I Am Heath Ledger

Documentary film examines the career of the famous Hollywood actor.

Our TOP 10 modern Documentary movies of 2017 is coming to an end.

Thank you for your attention!

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