List of TOP 10 recently released Romantic movies of 2017

Romance is all around us: it conquers the hearts of minds of people of all ages, nationalities, and beliefs. A good movie in this genre can lift up your spirit, make you laugh, cry, and enjoy a great story that will linger on and on. Our list of TOP 10 Romantic latest movies 2017 comes with the most note-worthy releases of the year, the best films that you simply have to check out if you’re a movie junkie.

Me Before You

  1. Southside with You

Welcome to 1989: the summer heat is making folks go crazy, and one fine man makes it his duty to marry the woman of his dreams that lives right next to him in Chicago. He wants to make the first impression perfect, so, he invites her to a journey, a fascinating trip through the beautiful South Side. Somewhere along the way, after she gets to know her admirer better, the woman falls in love with him. Eventually, the man proposes to her and she says “Yes”, which leads to a happy marriage and a brick-strong bond. So, what was the guy’s name? Barack. And the woman’s name? Michelle. Yes, this is the story of the Obamas, and it’s equally heart-warming and touching.

  1. How to Be Single

It’s not that easy to find your place in the ever-changing world, and 5 different folks in NY go through numerous obstacles and struggles in an attempt to figure out how to be single and satisfied. The city is full of temptations, one-night-stands, naughty text messages, and sudden encounters. So, where do these folks fit in? Do they belong with someone, or are they destined to be loners for the rest of their lives? The bigger question is – what do they want from their lives? New York is a beautiful city, full of opportunities, but finding your true calling and life partner can be quite tricky. Put How To Be Single on the list of TOP 10 Romantic movies recent if you’re a single person yourself.

  1. Me Before You

This is one of the best romantic stories of our time. Louisa didn’t expect to fall in love with her patient and turn her own life upside down, but that’s exactly what happens after she forms a bond with him. Will is a good-looking, gifted young man forced to sit in a chair for the rest of his life. The girl is to take care of him, and what starts as a pretty hard job soon turns into something entirely different. The man wants to kill himself in six months, which forces Louisa to come up with a list of adventures/journeys/activities that will cheer him up and possibly change his mind. Will she be able to convince him that life is full of wonders, or is it already too late?

  1. Loving

Back in the 50s, it was considered a crime to tie the knot with someone of a different skin color in Virginia. Richard and his black wife, Mildred, get married in Washington and go back to their hometown to start a life together. However, a month later, the cops arrest them and put them in jail for a crime they didn’t commit. Loving is based on a true story and chronicles all the ups and downs of racial equality in the United States. Of the new Romantic movies releases in 2017, this one is a must-see if you appreciate thought-provoking real stories that matter.

  1. The Handmaiden

A gorgeous Japanese lady, a rich and influential person, hires a maid to tend to her every need, but the woman is not really who she wants everybody to think she is. Sook-Hee’s not loyal to the heiress and is ready to cross any line just to get what she wants. Yes, she’s not afraid to break all the rules, and that puts every single person in the mansion at risk. Soon, they’ll start to question everything they thought they knew about themselves and their friends, neighbors, and relatives. The South Koreans are great as shooting suspenseful mystery thrillers, and The Handmaiden is a stand-out cut.

  1. Allied

WW2 is raging, and a high-ranking intelligence officer makes the mistake of falling in love with a gorgeous woman, a member of the mighty French Resistance. He’s on a very important mission in North Africa, and his actions will have a great impact on the lives on countless people. The two are drawn to each other, but the horrors of war and the call of duty make them go down different roads. However, they come across each other once again, this time in London. They want to be together more than anything else in the world; yet, the constant obstacles on their way put their love in jeopardy. Alright, this is the list of TOP 10 recently released Romantic movies of 2017. Let’s see what else we’ve got.

  1. Collateral Beauty

Howard is one of the finest AEs (advertising executives) in America, but when a tragedy shatters his entire world, he breaks down and abandons his successful life. So, his buddies and colleagues from work come up with an awesome plan that will help him overcome the pain and see the endless opportunities that life has to offer. It’s up to the man to face his horrifying past and confront the ghosts that keep haunting him. True, it’s not going to be easy, but that is what your friends are for, right? Collateral Beauty is a deeply moving and inspiring romantic drama.

  1. Everything, Everything

Maddy, the heroine of this heart-wrenching story, has been struggling with a horrible sickness for her entire life. She can’t leave her room, as the outside world can kill her in a matter of minutes. She’s never been anywhere and has never met anyone. Yet, when Olly, the boy next door, comes into her life, everything changes. They start “talking” through their computers and see each other through the windows, and soon Maddy falls in love with him and decides to risk everything and enjoy her time with him while she can. Everything, Everything is one of the best latest Romantic movies in English 2017.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Belle, a smart and beautiful girl from a village, is forced to leave with the Beast in order to keep her people safe. The “monster” used to be a good-looking man, but a curse has turned him into an ugly creature that nobody loves. But, the more the two talk to each other, the more the girl falls in love with him. Furthermore, the Beast and the Beauty discover that they have a lot in common. The village folks are scared of the monster and want to kill him, and only Belle can save him…Beauty and the Beast is, without a doubt, one of the greatest newly released Romantic movies 2017.

  1. Fifty Shades Darker

The Fifty Shades series has conquered the world: first, the bestselling novels, and now the record-breaking movie franchise. Anastasia and Christian managed to overcome all the obstacles on their way and are now happier than ever. However, the outside world is threatening to destroy what they’ve been carefully building. Will the two find the strength to trust each other and stick together no matter what? Fifty Shades Darker is more fun, sexy and provocative than the first movie, which makes it a must-see for the ladies.

And that’s it for our TOP 10 modern Romantic movies of 2017!

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