List of best Romance movies 2018

Romantic movies, especially the ones with other genres, are capable of awakening any feelings and emotions. These are second to none projects that do require a bit of understanding as each and every romantic film has a priceless and strong message behind it that can potentially help someone – the people around you, family and close friends.

Today we are counting down TOP 10 best new Romance movies 2018 – list that represents captivating narratives that will melt your heart.

10. Me Before You

British drama movie that is based on the book with the same name. It focuses on the story of a rich man that left paralyzed by an accident on his motorbike. He is depressed and destroys all the pictures after his former best friend and ex-girlfriend reveal they are getting married. He does not trust anyone but is in desperate need to hire someone to take care of him. And this is how he meets Louisa – outgoing and positive woman wearing bright and unusual clothing and who is never sad because of the British rainy weather.

Whilst taking care of him, the young woman accidentally notices the scars on both wrists of the man that made her think about the possible suicide attempt. He refuses to accept the life with a disability and is angry on people but his life changes after Louisa takes him to several events. Both fall in love with each other and the man reveals he has been thinking about euthanasia as the best way to get rid of the problems. He says he wants her to live a full life. A few weeks later after his death, Louisa reads the letter written by him.

9. The 100th Love with You

Another film on the TOP 10 best recent Romance movies is based on the Japanese movies and its plot is typical for Japanese cinematography which is where the director of the project got the influence from. It shows the story of two very close companions whohave known each other since both were born. One day, the girl dies in a car accident and her friend decides to bring her back to life using special records.

8. Every Day

This is the perfect romantic film to teenagers – it stars young actress who is known for taking participation in many Disney Channel projects many years ago and in this independent film she portrays young teenage girl falling in love with a boy. And only afterward she notices that he constantly changes his behavior transforming into completely another person. Later on, she realizes he cannot even control that and this is what makes their new relationship unusual and crazy. The only question is, will they be together after all?

Debby Ryan in Every Day

7. A Star is Born

Another breathtaking film on the list of best Romance movies 2018 is a brand new remake of the original one being released in 1937. It follows the passionate story of a man who loves signing and lives with music in his heart and a successful woman owning her own music band.

6. The Lovers

This film focuses on the married couple have been together very long. Today each of them has a lover on the side and when they are finally together in the late evening they do not even talk and find the excuses to avoid any contact. However, the fact they are together with younger people on the side only sparks the light between them and they fall in love with each other again completely refreshing their relationships.

After reliving and returning past feelings they both have to make a serious decision – they have got two ways of changing their lives on this stage. The first one is separating and divorcing which will completely destroy their family. The second option is to save the family and forgive each other every mistake ever made. It is up to them what way they choose.

5. Everything Everything

The film from the TOP 10 best Romance movies of 2018 to watch is based on a book with the same name. It represents the story of a young lady with a rare skin disease – all her life she has lived in a house with a mother and a lady taking care of her. But everything suddenly changes when she falls in love with the guy next door.

4. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Sequel to the first installment that will come out exactly ten years after the official release of the original one. The franchise has one of the longest gaps between two independent installments in the history of contemporary cinematography. This upcoming film brings us back old characters but brand new story and adventures they will experience together. Alongside that, we will be definitely able to see a few new characters of the big families which will lead to the new conflicts, love, and other emotions.

3. Breathe

This breathtaking project from the represented list of TOP 10 best modern Romance films 2018 shows us the story of a man left paralyzed down his neck due to the disease. He wasn’t left by his wife – she makes a decision to organize a trip to the disabled people so that they can support each other and experience positivity.

2. Tulip Fever

The film focuses on the ordinary life of the inhabitants of the Netherlands in the 17th – this historical period is also known is remarkable for tulip mania. It follows the story of an ordinary painter who does not seem to be very rich is a vagabond. Despite that fact, the passion and love for art allow him to have a normal life all the way until he suddenly realizes he is in love with the woman whose portrait he was hired to paint by her husband much older than her – rich and unkind man having a big influence on the town.

Both painter and a young woman fall in love together and experience the biggest love but at the same time, they are afraid of being caught by her husband. Being sure they hide their relationships well does not help them and both are on the verge of being killed by his people. Therefore, they decided to start a new life away from that place but it does not seem to be that easy.

1. Midnight Sun

After reading all the list, you are probably wondering, what is the best Romance movies in 2018? The mentioned one in the title definitely deserves the first place – it follows the story of a young girl loving music as much as life but has rare skin disease not allowing her to be under the sun. Suddenly, she falls in love with a young guy but decides to hide her health condition.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun

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