List of TOP 10 good Sequel movies 2017

The sequel is the continuation of the film. Usually, the sequel is filmed if the movie has become successful (in particular, commercially). This, however, does not mean that the continuation will be as good as the first film. On the contrary, it often happens that the sequel is not only worse than its predecessor but in general, it is very lousy. However, sometimes miracles do happen.

In TOP ten good Sequel movies 2017 in theaters we consider 10 such films. Pay attention – this is the list of the top ten sequels, but this does not mean that these sequels are better than the first films. This means that they are a good movie, even if the first film is better.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Sequel films 2017.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

  1. Logan

In the center of the “Logan” narrative is an amazing trinity: overgrown with a patchy gray beard, drinking, and ill Wolverine; fallen into senile dementia, Professor Xavier and a ten-year-old girl with the look of Hannibal Lector and the habits of John Wick. The case is in the near future: in 2029, mutants have long ceased to appear and are present in the mass consciousness only as comic book heroes. Unchanged Wolverine Hugh Jackman in recent interviews insists that “Logan” is his last outing as a clawed mutant, and the culmination of the film makes take these statements seriously.

  1. War for the Planet of the Apes

In the continuation of the franchise, there is a confrontation between the Colonel and Caesar. The ruthless leader of the people had long been preparing for a confrontation with the head of the monkey kingdom. The chimpanzee was forced to fight with his animal instincts, which sometimes prevented him from rationally managing the state. He least would have liked this war. But the determination of the leader of the Earth leads to an armed battle. It can affect the fate of several hundred thousand as monkeys and humans.

  1. Blade Runner 2049

The continuation of the epic movie of 1982 is on our list of TOP 10 good Sequel movies 2017.

The task of future detectives is to capture artificial intelligence. Replicants are a serious threat to the well-being of states but can contribute to its prosperity. The contradictory nature of foreign subjects requires careful study. An experienced guard of worlds tries to unravel the essence of the opponents before the mysterious individuals swallow him along with the knowledge. Immersion in the wilds of the gloomy city does not frighten him. The keystone to the success of the mission is an immediate reaction, the ability to orient in extreme conditions.

  1. xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Xander,  a bright rebel, adoring the extreme, is alive. Having escaped from all together with Elena, he in a cunning way dramatizes his own death on Bora Bora. The imposing agent of the NSA was mourned for a long time and solemnly buried, but eight years later, the return of Xander Cage was inevitable. Now he has to protect his country.

  1. Annabelle 2

Puppeteer and his wife lost the little daughter. Several years have passed since the tragedy. In the couple’s house, a nun and ward from the orphanage are invited. But Annabelle will choose among the audience new targets for evil and horror.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Star-Lord is in our TOP 10 good english Sequel movies 2017.

Now the whole company has to reveal the true origin of their captain.

  1. John Wick: Chapter 2

Having been dealt with his offenders, John decides to finally retire, but the past is acting up. The old friend organized his business and wants to get John as a killer. The former mercenary gave a definite answer, which did not triple the businessman. If Wick does not want to work for him, then he does not need to stay alive either. John begins to hunt and now either he will deal with the bad guys, or the bad guys once and always will deal with the legendary killer.

  1. T2 Trainspotting

Mark Renton is in TOP 10 really good Sequel movies.

The plot of the continuation of the cult film released in the mid-90s again presents the audience to Mark Renton, who returns to Scotland 20 years after he left his homeland. All this time the main character of the drama missed his friends, with whom he experienced many troubles. Men are waiting for another life test, which this time will not be connected with drugs, but with business “for adults”.

The characters of the first part will be fully presented to us. Danny gets out of jail just as Mark arrives; Simon and Francis stay for a long time and did not leave the town. Friends for a long time did not see, therefore at first test euphoria from a meeting. Then they again take drugs and gradually get involved in an extremely dangerous business. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that Mark intends to change: he wants to get rid of addiction and try his luck with his ex-girlfriend. But what are the chances of a man to change his life for the better?

  1. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The emergence of a new villain and an attack on Kingsman headquarters forces Eggsy and Merlin to work together with the American agency Statesman to save the world.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

The plot develops after the end of the events of the second part, published in a series of films about a fearless warrior. The God of Scandinavian mythology Thor has a half-brother Loki, who in the plot of the new film decided to fraudulently capture the throne in the native city of Thor – Asgard. Through his actions Loki led the world of the gods to the approach of Ragnarok, that is, to the End of the World, which had been prophesied since ancient times.

Now the protagonist Thor must prevent the Apocalypse, while the warrior needs to save not only his native city of Asgard but also the nine worlds. To achieve his goal, he will have to fight against the strongest enemy, whom his father Odin defeated in his time, the fiery demon Surtur. To the delight of the audience, in the difficult matter of saving the world and the fierce battle against evil, the Thor will be helped by the notorious Hulk.

TOP 10 new good Sequel movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

The TOP ends now.

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