Beetlejuice 2 official release date

As far as the most legendary movies of the old days go, BJ is definitely among the greatest ones. The original came out in 1988 and became something of a cult film. Both the critics and the fans really loved it. Furthermore, the comedy-fantasy masterpiece managed to gross ~74 million US dollars against a modest budget of 15 million.

And now, decades later, the official sequel is about to hit the theaters. So, when is Beetlejuice 2 movie release date 2018? Unfortunately, there isn’t a set date for chapter #2. But we do know that the production team is doing everything in its power to deliver it next year. The fans have been waiting for a very long time, and now it’s finally time to meet the old friend again.

Everybody Wants The Sequel To Arrive

Back in 2011, it was announced that Mr. Grahame-Smith was hired to both write and produce the official sequel. The man said in an interview that it was extremely important for him to capture the very essence of the original move and create something truly worth our while. He even talked about the current trend of doing numerous reboots and remake just for the sake of making some quick money without giving the series the proper “royal treatment”.

Beetlejuice 2 poster

Every single person involved with the project was confident that there would be no sequel without Keaton, the man who portrayed the title character in the 1st installment. The two met in 2012 and discussed some specifics. All three men – Keaton, Burton and the producer – agreed that it’s about damn time to roll in with chapter 2.

Getting Everything Right For Beetlejuice 2

Already thinking about checking out the new movie on your couch? Well, you’ll have to wait for the Beetlejuice 2 DVD release date, which is early/mid-2019. The greatest thing about the new film will be the fact that they’ll move the story to 2018 without any sudden gaps. That means everything will be different and those 30 years will have their impact on the characters and the events. Thus, the screenwriters have a lot of creative freedom to come up with all kinds of crazy and engaging ideas.

The universe of Beetlejuice certainly does have the capacity to deliver fresh and unique ideas. In 2015, Grahame-Smith proudly announced the script was done andfilming would start in 2016, with both Keaton and the lovely Winona Ryder returning to their respective roles. That same year, Burton stated that he was ever-ready to work on the sequel but it has to feel right; the moment has to be right. So, that’s it for the Beetlejuice 2 official release date in 2018. It’s definitely coming. If not next year, then in 2019. Keep your fingers crossed!

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