Fast and Furious 9 official release date

It is pretty known fact that the mentioned in the title movie franchise has a huge success and popularity among the fans – some of them like it because of the actors and actresses taking the participation in the project, the rest just enjoy the plot. But all things are the same when it comes to the big news – there is the ninth and even tenth installment planned to be released in a couple of years.

The actual question that usually comes from the worldwide fans is, when is Fast and Furious 9 DVD release date? Let’s take a close look at the details we own today.


At the beginning of February 2016, Universal Pictures has successfully set the potential release dates for two installments. However, when it comes to the tenth film we still don’t know when it will be out in cinemas due to there not being enough confirmed announcements about that. But we are totally aware of Fast and Furious 9 DVD release date – it is one of the last weeks of April 2019.

Fast and Furious 9 poster

Interesting facts

  • Recently American rapper and well-known actor Tyrese Gibson has given away unique picture of the mentioned movie that features another actor Matt Damon. However, it is believed to be just a fan made poster but we still hope that Damon will take the participation in the upcoming action film featuring Vin Diesel alongside Dwayne Johnson.
  • On his official social media actor, Vin Diesel has posted a picture featuring his Birthday words and wishes addressed to Brewster. The caption was full of nice wishes – besides, Diesel made a hint that the actress would probably return to the well-known franchise.
  • We are pretty aware of Fast and Furious 9 official release date in 2019, the only thing we are waiting for is the official trailer that is supposed to come out very soon.
  • “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot took the participation and appeared in a few installments of the mentioned franchise.
  • In the new film, the viewers and fans of the whole franchise that released its first movie in 2001 are expecting to see even more action some of them, give the preferences to the story part to referring to the past including the moments with Paul Walker.
  • The original story was inspired by an article in the American magazine about dangerous and illegal racing being captured on the streets of New York City.
  • During the shooting, the filmmakers had to use real and experienced street racers for most of the scenes that afterward became well-known symbols of the franchise appearing everywhere related to the movie.
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