Annabelle 2 official release date

It is an American horror movie directed by David F. Sandberg, the sequel to the film about the evil doll. In the article below, you will find all the answers, including the main one: “When is Annabelle 2 movie release date 2017?”

Sandberg presents the “Annabelle 2”. It is sequel to the horrible first part released in 2014. The first part collected more than two hundred and fifty million dollars at the box office. The producers of the new picture were again P. Safran and J. Wan, who successfully collaborated on the movie “Conjuring.”


In the center of the plot of the film is a married couple who lost their little daughter in very tragic circumstances. Twenty years after these events, the couple decides to invite several orphans and a nun to look after them. But life in the house becomes a real nightmare for the orphans when they are the object of the persecution of a bloodthirsty doll.

In the United States, Annabelle 2 official release date in 2017 is scheduled for August 11.

Annabelle 2 movie

Interesting facts

  1. Actress A. Vela-Bailey had previously worked with Sandberg.
  2. Initially, the release date of the second part was planned for May 19, 2017, but later the premiere was postponed to August 9, 2017, due to possible competition with Ridley Scott’s film “Alien: Covenant.”
  3. The second part is the fourth movie from the franchise “Conjuring,” the events of which overlap the film of the same name of 2013 directed by James Wan.
  4. The plot of the second film about the evil doll is based on the investigation of American scientists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who studied paranormal phenomena in the late XX century. In the movie “Conjuring” spouses Warren were played by the actors P. Wilson and V. Farmiga.
  5. The second part of the movie is the second full-length work of director David. F. Sandberg after the picture “Lights out.”
  6. In the picture, a small role was played by Lotta Losten – the wife of the director.
  7. The title of the picture is the “Annabelle: Creation”.
  8. The shooting of the film “Annabelle 2” was held in Los Angeles, California.

Release date

Annabelle 2 DVD release date is not known. The approximate date of DVD release is on November-December 2017.

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