Indiana Jones 5 official release date

Return of the legendary traveler, adventurer and simply incredible master of archeology. On the screens of the cinemas, the favorite hero of books, films, and comics will appear again – Indiana Jones, who did not want tosit in the professor’s chair, continues to solve ancient mystical secrets. In the new story about the hero’s adventures, only one thing remains unchanged – the central character. If you want to know when is Indiana Jones 5 movie release date 2020, then you should watch the topic below. If you ready let’s go!


Despite rumors that Harrison Ford has left the Indiana Jones franchise forever (because of his considerable age), the actor will once again return to his cult role.

According to sources, Spielberg will recruit George Lucas for the work, who invented the original Indiana Jones. Representatives of the studio Disney officially announced the release date of the film and said that they are eagerly awaiting the return of such a legendary hero. The fans of the saga are already rejoicing that the role of Jones will be performed again by Harrison Ford, and Disney decided not to recast the cult character.

In the US, Indiana Jones 5 official release date in 2020 is scheduled for July 10.

Indiana Jones and soldiers


Indiana Jones is an archaeologist and treasure hunter, who is also a professor of archaeology at Marshall College, Connecticut. He just cannot stay for a long time in one place, so he constantly goes to various adventures that promise dangers and riddles. Once, Indiana Jones was approached by US intelligence agents who were looking for his mentor – Professor Abner Ravenwood, a specialist in the ancient city of Tanis. This city was searched by the Nazis, so the agents suspected Abner of aiding the Nazis. But Indiana Jones was sure that his mentor is not to blame, so Indiana bravely got involved in this adventure. A lot of adventures awaited him: for example, an incredible story related to the cult of the goddess Kali, the search for the Holy Grail, or the search for some kind of crystal skull, which was also searched for by his enemies. Now Indiana Jones is no longer so young and frisky, he no longer teaches in college, but still, has a great passion for adventure. He expects a new journey, even more amazing and dangerous, with new mysteries and riddles.

DVD release date

Indiana Jones 5 DVD release date is expected for September 10, 2020, in the United States.

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