Justice League vol 2 official release date

If you love comic books, then the Justice League is one of your favorite superhero cliques. The Bats, the fastest man alive, the Man of Steel and even Zeus’s own creation — the gorgeous Wonder Woman — are among the members of this majestic team. It’s a known fact that the epic big-screen adaptation is coming in November 2017.

But what about the sequel? When is Justice League 2 movie release date 2019? Initially, it was set to arrive at the international theaters on June 14, 2019; however, it was officially delayed because of the solo Batman film. So, it’s probably going to come out early 2020. Zack Snyder, by the way, will come back for chapter two as the director.

The Fate Of The Universe Is In Danger

So, what do we know about the second installment in the JL series? Will the League still fight Steppenwolf, or will they defeat the brutal general and finally take on one of their fiercest enemies — Darkseid? We don’t know at this moment. Judging by the previous movies released by Warner Bros, we bet there will be a couple of surprises along the way that even the big fans of the DC Universe won’t be able to predict.

Justice League


Naturally, the ever-serious Cavill, the ever-gloomy Affleck and the, well, wonderful Gadot will return to their respective roles. And let’s not forget about the introduction of the Aquaman. He will roll in with a solo movie after chapter one, and only then will we get to check out the second installment. As for the Justice League part 2 DVD release date, it will arrive mid/late-2020. Yes, we’ll have to wait for it for a while, but we bet it’s going to be worth it.

The Clash Of The Titans

With the MCU making history with their unbelievably successful superhero movies, it’s time for the DC Universe to retaliate. And while Batman Vs. Superman wasn’t that big of a crowd pleaser, the new Justice League trailers are a lot more laid-back, light-headed and exciting. The jokes aren’t that great, but, in all fairness, a good sense of humor was never a strong suit of the Avengers either.

After pushing chapter two because of the Dark Knight, the screenwriters now have more time to perfect their script and make sure the final product blows our mind. Yes, the Justice League vol 2 official release date in 2019 is hanging in the air right now, but that doesn’t mean Warner Bros won’t supply us with new blockbusters every single year. On the contrary — the «commercial machine» is working 24/7, and new bangers will follow shortly. Without a doubt, the future of the DCEU will depend on the performance of the first Justice League movie that’s set to arrive this November.

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