List of best Musical movies 2017

Musical films always give viewers only the most positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Our TOP 10 best Musical movies of 2017 to watch includes only the best works of the year 2017, which people of all ages will enjoy equally. These films are for children, teenagers, and the whole family.

Music is able to reach out to everyone’s heart, so in this category, there are also films of many genres, so everyone will certainly find something of their own here.

List of best Musical movies 2017

  1. Song to Song

Two love triangles, intersecting with each other. In pursuit of true love, each of them passes through temptations and betrayals. Their relationships develop against the background of the Texas musical scene.

  1. All Eyez on Me

Tupac Shakur is in the TOP 10 best new Musical movies 2017.

Chronicle of the life of the famous rapper Tupac Shakur up to the fatal shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. Tupac – a participant in criminal fights, a convict becomes one of the most famous influential singers in the rap culture.

  1. Pitch Perfect 3

The continuation of the musical comedy franchise. Three girls have to overcome a lot of challenges on the way to wide recognition.

  1. David Brent: Life on the Road

It is a pseudo-documentary road-movie about the fate of David Brent, one of the main heroes of the hit “Office”. He left the paper company for a long time but not a conceited dream of a musical career. Together with his group Brent goes on a prodigal tour, and his “glorious” procession across the country is reordered on the camera.

  1. Rock n Roll

It is a comic story about a young Frenchman who is thrown by a girl because he has not enough rock and roll. Trying to prove otherwise, the hero does a lot of nonsense until he decides to seek advice from a real rock star Johnny Holliday.

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

This fantastic comedy will tell you about an alien who traveled the galaxy for a long time and eventually got into the most insecure place for her in the universe. This place was London, or rather, its Croydon area. Alien girl accidentally fell behind on her group and now in Croydon, she is alone. Here she met two sociable locals. What will this trio do and will the aliens return to her planet?

How will a girl from another galaxy act at parties and in what funny situations will she get involved? At the party, main hero meets two cute exchange students. Enn immediately fell in love with the mysterious alien girl Zan. But they did not come from a distant country, they came from another galaxy. They were sent here to prepare for some mystical ritual.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

  1. Wild for the Night

An American thriller captivates the viewer with an unexpected mixture of genres: it’s a noir, a mystical detective and a dance film in one picture.

The protagonist returns home from the rehabilitation center tired and empty to independently investigate the murder of his sister. He has nowhere to wait for help – both the criminal environment and the police have their own beef. Unexpected thread leads him to one of the nightclubs in Los Angeles, where the hero completely immerses himself in the nightlife of the city, not knowing that it is almost impossible to get out of there alive.

The intrigue keeps in suspense until the denouement. The stylistic decision only fuels interest and does not let to relax for a minute: the mysterious false bottom of the famous American city in the film appears to the viewer as an ominous and frightening place inhabited by absolutely amazing people, some of whom are no longer like people.

Wild for the Night

  1. Viena and the Fantomes

The plot is based on the events of the 80s when punk rock dominates the music world. Crowds of fans all over the country are chasing their idols, worshiping them for some deity. A young girl named Viena works as a manager in a tourist organization. Personal life does not suit the heroine and she decides to take a crazy step, hoping to change the current situation, and find her own happiness. The young lady goes on a world tour after her beloved band, secretly dreaming of getting to know her leader more closely.

A fascinating adventure engulfed many young people’s heads. Travel brings together different in character teenagers, changing their foundations and life principles. The girl becomes more self-sufficient, her inner world completely changes under the influence of extraordinary music. She likes the changes that have taken place. She is not going to stop and does not suspect that fate has prepared for her.

Viena and the Fantomes

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time one sorceress bewitched the young prince into a monster for his self-esteem, rudeness and anger. In addition to the prince, all his servants in the castle underwent a curse, and the palace itself was plunged into darkness. Only true love and kindness can remove the curse.

Belle lives with her father. Her father goes to the annual fair, but because of the terrible blizzard he stumbles off the route. Trying to hide from the blizzard, he hides in the bewitched palace. Without knowing it, Father becomes a prisoner. Belle learns that her father disappeared, and goes in search of him.

It is included in the TOP 10 best recent Musical movies because it was released in March 2017.

  1. The Greatest Showman on Earth

American biographical musical movie directed by Michael Gracie, based on the story of Taylor Barnum, who became famous as the best showman of the 19th century.

The main character of the film is Taylor Barnum (Hugh Jackman), who became the most famous showman of the XIX century. His fame he earned after he organized one of the biggest wandering circuses in history. In his circus, Taylor showed outlandish people from all over the world, as well as a singer from Sweden – Jenny Lind (Michelle Williams), who has a true nightingale voice.

The Greatest Showman on Earth

We hope that our TOP 10 best modern Musical films 2017 answered your main question – What is the best Musical movies in 2017?

Thank you for watching!

List of Hollywood Musical movies 2017
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