List of Hollywood Musical movies 2017

The musical movie is considered as one of the most difficult genres. Since songs and dialogues intertwine in musical films, choreography and music play a crucial role, actors should not only play well, but also sing excellently, and also be able to dance. Subjects of musical films are often taken from the classical works of eminent writers (for example, the musical “My Fair Lady” with the inimitable Audrey Hepburn is based on the work of Bernard Shaw). The formation of the musical was most influenced by vaudeville, operetta, burlesque, and show-variety show. The birthplace of musicals is America. It was in the USA, at the New York stage where the Black Raven intertwined melodrama, ballet, and musical numbers.  So welcome our new TOP 10 best Hollywood Musical movies of 2017 to watch.

List of best Hollywood Musical movies in 2017

Viena and the Fantomes

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Belle is a beautiful girl who loved her father and missed her mother, who went on to the next world. Despite the fact that the life of this girl was never simple, she worked hard and rarely rested, Belle was always cheerful and treated people well, and when she had a little free time, she went to the library, where she began to find that book, which has not yet been read. The librarian was pleased with Belle’s visits, but he could not satisfy her passion for reading since he had not had a new literature for a long time. Recently, the heroine began to pursue the local guy Gaston, who fell in love with this girl and hoped that she would agree to become his wife. But Belle did not like this young man, she considered him too rude, and she did not intend to marry him, much less give birth to his children, and she communicated only with courtesy.

One day, Belle’s dad gathered on the road, he promised his daughter that he would soon return. Suddenly the weather became very bad, this man was forced to look for a place where he could sit a little to continue his way, and when he came across a building, he went into it and began to call the owners. He wanted to ask to stay for a while but could not find anyone. A short time later, the man found himself in prison, the owner of this house thought that a thief had come to him. And his daughter, realizing that something bad had happened to her father, went to search for him. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Musical movies 2017 because it was already released.

  1. Moana

Three thousand years ago the great seafarers from Polynesia discovered many islands in the Pacific Ocean. However, then for some unknown reason, their travels stopped for a long time. Moana, the fearless sixteen-year-old daughter of the leader of the Motunui tribe, gives no peace to the idea of why her tribe cannot swim further than the reef surrounding their island. Uniting with the demigod Maui, the girl goes on an incredible trip to the open ocean.

  1. La La Land

It is a fascinating film about true love. The main heroine of the drama is Mia. This is a sweet girl who, like many of her contemporaries, dreams of acting in films and becoming famous. In a provincial town where Mia was born and raised, her dream could not come true, so she decides to move to Los Angeles, hoping to achieve real success. Arriving in a new city, the heroine understands that it will not be easy to achieve the desired. She goes to castings and tries to impress, but the only achievement of Mia is the position of a waiter. Soon she meets a famous pianist, and the action begins.

  1. Ballerina

Events unfold in Paris in 1879. Feliz adores dancing and dreams of becoming a ballerina. Victor wants to become an inventor.

  1. Wild for the Night

The action thriller is about the murdered on the job killer, who is temporarily returned to life, giving the opportunity to redeem the past. He has only twenty-four hours left to carry out a noble mission in conjunction with his own murderer and win forgiveness.

  1. Viena and the Fantomes

It is a musical melodramatic road-movie about a girl from the 1980s who goes on a trip to North America in the company of punk rockers.

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

The story begins in the suburbs of London, 1970’s. A timid teenager, Enn, along with two friends, gets to the party, where he meets attractive, but “otherworldly” girls.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

  1. Song to Song

The narrative will go on intersecting of two love triangles and tell about what can be sexual obsession and betrayal. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Musical films 2017.

  1. Rock’n Roll

The girl leaves the guy because he is boring. Trying to change her mind, he asks a real rock star for advice.

  1. David Brent: Life on the Road

It is the leader of the list of Hollywood Musical movies 2017.  The action of the film unfolds exactly fifteen years after the events shown in the series. In the center of the plot is the former regional manager of the office company, who considers himself a successful and influential businessman. He always plays by his own rules and wins regardless of the situation. He likes work, he loves music, often reads treatises on philosophy and has a great sense of humor. He sincerely believes that he belongs to the soul of the company, although in reality, others tend to believe that he is lying, petty and arrogant. Periodically, the inadequacy of his behavior pops up.

After working most of his life in the office, he left the company and got a job as a sales representative of a cleaning company. David is already tired of this kind of work and dreams of changing something in his life. And now he plans to become a real rock star. To become famous, the main character of the comedic film “David Brent: Life on the Road”, which can be viewed online, goes on a tour all over the UK. Along the way, he makes a documentary about his travels.

Our TOP 10 new holly Musical movies is coming to an end.

Thank you for watching!

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