New horror movies being released in May 2017

Running through the skin frost, an acute desire to get under the blanket with the head, checking whether the doors are tightly closed, the cold shivering from any rustling in the kitchen…

All these sensations are guaranteed to you after watching a good horror film. And if you want to know about new horror films so you can see them from our compilation of new horror movies being released in May 2017 that we are glad to present you.

Full list of new horror movies being released in May 2017

There are only two horror films that will be released in May 2017. But we have included in our compilation few more movies that will come out not in May but you should watch them.

New horror movies being released in May 2017

Dead Awake

Something mysterious, unknown, terrible and terrifying wanders near the bed of a young man, suffering irreparable disease – paralysis. Creepy treacherous ghost prefers to remain unknown to everyone, appearing just before another victim in a terrible dream. A person’s blood runs cold from a nightmare, and the temperature of the body begins to drop sharply. It is impossible to escape from reconciliation, hide. A paralyzed body for ghost is the easiest prey.

But there will be a strong girl who can cope with the evil spirit and drive him out of the dreams of people close to her. Only she can resist his mighty power and can provide worthy resistance when it decides to visit her in a dream. Its main purpose is not only to help the sick helpless people, but also to be a guide to the other world. In this film, the real world is displaced with the afterlife, and the most horrible fears come out with violent anger, foreshadowing the victim in a dream. A young girl needs to save her friends and loved ones from an evil spirit that comes only in a dream.

Alien: Covenant

It is one of the big horror movies being released in May 2017.

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The command of the colonizers on the ship “Covenant” is sent to explore an unknown planet, which seems like a paradise. Together with the team, there is on board android Walter, an improved version of David – the only survivor of the “Prometheus” expedition. Soon it turns out that the mysterious planet is dangerous, where the original David and eerie creatures live. These creatures begin to hunt the arriving expedition members.

The Void

It should be noted that the movie will come out in April but we could not but have included it. It is one of the best movies released last month 2017.

Maybe there no god but the devil exists, he is hiding in the Void, but today he will leave it, will come out into the light and reveal his true face. The duet of authors, known under the pseudonym Astron-6 (J. Gillespie and S. Kostanski) and their Horror “Void” refers to a sense of nostalgia for the classic horror movies of the 1980s and the creativity of the masters of the genre in the face of Carpenter, Romero…

Police officer Daniel Carter, performing normal night patrolling, stumbles upon a bloodied guy on a road. Carter rushes to the young man assistance, loads him into his car and takes him to a nearby hospital. Every time looking around, the policeman sees that a gloomy, meaningful Void is gathering around him. But only getting inside the hospital, Carter finally realizes that in the city there is a crazy thing.

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The Void is disturbed by the appearance of strange silhouettes – human figures in white clothes move from all sides to the hospital building in which several frantic patients, medical staff, and one cop barricaded and are awaited with horror the attack of an unknown evil force. However, to their misfortune, Void has already made its way inside and infected many patients. To kill them is extremely difficult; to escape is really bad idea. Carter detachment dies by the minute, it seems that very soon the hero will be all alone – The Void comes…

Amityville: The Awakening

The movie will come out in June 2017.

Nothing is more terrible than to be in a terrible trap, set right in the house. In the movie, it happened with the new victims of bloodthirsty ghosts. It is waited a long time for its prey, hiding in the secluded corners of the rooms, in the attic and in the cellar. People must pay tribute for committed sins, even if they are small children.

The most terrible thing for the mother was to lose her child. She has three children. The son is very sick. He needs qualified medical care. The woman is ready moving. It is difficult to raise daughters and a son alone, but she cannot lose them. James was getting worse. They moved to another city and settled in a house of which there were a lot of rumors. Nearby is the best neurological center. It will be good for him here.

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Of course, the girls did not like the other school, strangers, and a different situation. But for the sake of the brother they need to accept it. At school, peers share with them rumors about the house in which they moved in. It was rumored that a series of deaths had occurred here. A certain force dwells in it, forcing uninvited guests to do eerie things.

So our compilation of upcoming horror movies coming in May 2017 coming to an end.

We hope you have found the useful information.

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