The best horror movies on Netflix May 2017

The company Netflix, registered in 1997 as a DVD rental service, is today one of the largest online theaters. Its audience numbers more than 86 million viewers around the world.

In recent years, Netflix has paid attention not only to the dissemination of other people’s content but also to the active production of its own. Each original project of the company is an event for movie fans. After releasing several successful series, Netflix switched to a full-length movie. Last year, the picture “XOXO”, “Spectral”, and in 2017 the company promised to increase the amount of original content by at least two times.

The details of most projects are kept secret almost to the very date of the release, but something is already known. We have collected best horror movies on Netflix right now which you can watch, as strange as this sounds, right now. Also here you can see all horror movies coming to netflix in May 2017 (Spring 2017).

The best horror movies on Netflix May 2017

It would seem that it is difficult to surprise us with new stories, as well as new heroes. But still, when you start to watch the horrors, for some reason you are scared, as in childhood. And no wonder – the creators of horror films have tried for this. There are characters of these films: zombies, vampires, sea monsters, insect giants, snakes, aliens, bloodthirsty maniacs, who sharpen the knife in anticipation of another victim.

Horror is a great opportunity to get to know all these creatures if until now you had known about them. In comedies, we are forced to laugh, first of all, words and facial expressions of heroes. The militants are impressed by fights, melodramas – sad circumstances, in which this or that character fell. Horror films achieve the desired result due to special effects and naturalistic pictures. The abundance of blood, realistic torture, the expression of torture on the faces of the heroes…

If this is not enough for you, be assured: writers and directors will come up with a whole series of tense or unexpected moments for their cinema to tickle the viewers’ nerves, ask the composers to pick up the appropriate sound line – and now you are trembling with fear at the screen!

Top scary movies in May

The only 2 horror movies are worthy of our focused attention that will come out in May 2017.

  1. Dead Awake

According to the plot of the picture a young woman should save herself and her friends from another “ancient evil that pursues its victims during a sleepy stupor”.

This is a real phenomenon described in numerous examples, also known as carotid paralysis, which is the opposite of somnambulism when the suffering from this disease man before the moment of falling asleep come muscle paralysis.

  1. Alien: The Covenant

Ridley Scott once again decided to impress the audience with his new creation, releasing to the screen the scariest horror movies in May 2017 – Alien: The Covenant. This story is a continuation of the film Prometheus. The well-known story ends with the fact that Prometheus team, who landed on an unknown planetoid of the Zeta grid system, died and only two characters are survived: android David and researcher Elizabeth Shaw.

Deciding to learn the secret of the Creators who first recreated humanity, and then decided to eliminate them with the help of Aliens, Elizabeth and David go to their planet called Paradise.

In the continuation of the narrative, there are many discoveries and scenic surprises. The secret of the selection of xenomorphs of Aliens will be revealed, the filmmakers also promise to introduce new medusoid monsters, which in their horror are not inferior to the Aliens.

The 10 Best movies coming to Netflix in May 2017 (Spring 2017)

  1. The ABCs of Death

The plot of this experimental author’s horror shows the viewer 26 different ways to die. Each novel, shot by a separate director, corresponds to the letter of the English alphabet.  Death comes to the heroes in different manifestations. For someone in the form of a loved one who had long planned a murder, for someone in the form of an apocalypse that befell the entire planet, for some in the form of a bloodthirsty monster. Anyway, before the end, every hero will experience unbridled primitive horror.

  1. Hush

It is a psychological horror about a lonely deaf-mute writer who in her own house is poisoned by a maniac. Teasing and intimidating a woman incapable of even screaming with horror, the murderer enjoys a cruel game until he understands how unpredictable his outcome is. Also, includes in the horror films streaming in May 2017.

  1. We Are Still Here

Family couple Paul and Ann moves to a quiet town. They recently lost their son in a car accident, and they want to start a new life. However, soon after moving, they encounter a family of vindictive spirits living in their new home. In addition, it turns out that the peaceful city, in which they arrived, harbors terrible secrets. Now the couple needs to find a way how to get rid of evil spirits and do not let them drag their souls and soul of their deceased son to hell…

  1. Hellraiser

The film tells about the criminal Frank Cotton. Once he buys in the market some kind of an old casket, which according to legend can bestow on its owner a sea of indescribable pleasures. However, Frank did not even realize that the casket was the key to the gates of the underworld and that by opening it, he would evoke sentinels – demons, capable of taking a person to another world, where only pain and suffering were waiting for him.


  1. Stake Land

In the center of the plot is the story of a young man named Martin. Together with the fierce fighter of bloodsucking evil spirits, everyone is called simply Mister, he goes on a difficult journey to the North, to the Canadian border, to a city free of vampires.

  1. It Follows

Young attractive girl Jay goes to the theater with her beloved Hugh. A few days later the couple again meets and has sex in the car. After that, Hugh sedates Jay with chloroform, and the girl comes to herself already tied to a wheelchair. The guy tells the heroine that from now she will be pursued by a curse, from which she cannot get rid of.

  1. The Babadook

Amelia alone grows the seven-year-old son Sam, whose father died in the accident shortly before his birth. At some point, Sam begins to show strange features in behavior, and soon Amelia learns that he is afraid of an imaginary monster. She finds a book named “Mr. Babadook” and decides that all the boy’s fantasies are due to it. The heroine rips the book and throws it out, but after that Sam’s behavior becomes completely unmanageable.

  1. Gremlins

Billy Peltzer receives from his father-inventor a good, though a little strange creature, which is called mogwai. From the boy it is required only to observe three simple rules: not to give him water, to avoid the sun and, most importantly, never to feed after twelve. Because of carelessness and curiosity, he consistently violates all requirements. The results are catastrophic.

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

It is one of the best horror movies on Netflix May 2017.

Freddie Krueger is an embodied nightmare, he is strangely dressed, and he has sharp knives on the fingers of his right hand. Four teenagers begin to have nightmares about Freddie, and then one of them dies right in the dream. Soon the survivors understand that if they die in a dream, they will die wake. Teens are trying to find a way to stop Kruger, but how long can they stay without sleep?

A Nightmare on Elm Street


  1. The Shining

The writer Jack Torrance recently had problems with alcohol, but he managed to pull himself together and tied up with a drink. Jack learns that the hotel “Overlook” requires a caretaker for the off-season. The hotel is high up in the mountains and closes for five months a year. At the interview, he was warned that one of the past caretakers, during isolation from the rest of the world, went mad and killed his entire family. Jack does not bother it, and he, having agreed to work, moves to the hotel with his wife and son. After a while, the hotel really begins to experience inexplicable and frightening things that make Jack a madman.

So our compilation of the best movies coming to Netflix in May 2017 (Spring 2017) ends.

Thank you for watching!

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