Robin Hood: Origins official release date

It looks like Welsh actor Taron Egerton, who gave his voice to an animated character in the recent 2016 3D movie “Sing”, keeps surprising his fans by taking the participation in new films. It even looks like we are getting the new era of modern actors and actresses and upcoming 2018 project is not an exception as we going to see the new adaptation of Robin Hood.

It has been literally ages since we saw the movie about an outlaw from English folklore who became a national hero. So the question is, when is Robin Hood: Origins movie release date 2018? Let’s take a short look at the main details given us from the filmmakers, shall we?

Official release date

According to Summit Entertainment – the distribution company alongside cooperating with Lionsgate and other production settlements – the film about national English hero is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2018.

The project will be released in contemporary film format known as IMAX.

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Beginning of development

At the end of February 2015 it was announced that the script for the movie had been written – Moreover, DiCaprio signed up to produce the project. Later on, the filmmakers started making auditions for particular actors in order to choose the best one for portraying Robin which was announced afterward alongside the approximate Robin Hood: origins DVD release date.

The principal photography began at the end of February in 2017 and took places in different spots across Europe – Dubrovnik (Croatia), Budapest and other cities of Hungary.

Interesting facts

  • Dubrovnik has also become the place for filming a few episodes of popular TV series “Games of Thrones”, as well as “Star Wars” that was released in 2015.
  • The shooting of the project had been put off alongside the Robin Hood: origins official release date in 2018 announcement. The reason of that was Egerton filming in another project that is scheduled to be released in 2017 – this is the second part of British movie franchise known as Kingsman.
  • Whilst being in Croatia, actor Jamie Foxx was having a nice dinner with the close friends and companions of him tasting the national Balkan food. Suddenly two drunk Croatian guys interrupted him and began insulting on a racial basis but the incident was quickly eliminated by the police and the manager of the local restaurant. Despite that fact, the actor managed to finish his meal and did even enjoy it. He also said that he liked the country and the nature of Dubrovnik.
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