Slender Man official release date

We have never seen his face, but we know that he wears a black suit and a tie. He is dangerous. He is a slender man. Well, even though we do not have enough details about 2018 horror movie we can only predict what kind of frightful story is going to be represented to us in the following year.

In fact, the mentioned movie is based on the myth that was made up by Victor Surge. Moreover, there is a video game played by popular British and American YouTubers – but do we really know what to expect from the upcoming project or when is Slender Man movie release date 2018?

Development of the project

In 2016 Sony Pictures made an official announcement about developing brand new horror movie – according to the company the project was based on the character that is believed to have supernatural power. Afterward, we got the information about the script for the film, as well as some details about Slender Man DVD release date. Besides, it is promised that the trailer to the movie will come out soon.

The principal photography of the movie took places in the capital of Massachusetts – Boston. In fact, it did not take a long time to finish shooting the project. It has taken a little bit more than a month to successfully finish all the scenes. It all began at the end of June 2017 and ended almost the next date in the upcoming month.

Slender Man and a girl

Interesting facts

  • The upcoming 2018 film represents the story of the chain of multiple murders. The victims are mostly children and young teenagers. It is believed that they are hunted by a tall man that has no face, extremely long arms which appear to be very unnatural for regular human being. Moreover, HE (or maybe IT) has a featureless white face and slim figure that can be easily recognized.
  • The movie includes young actress Joey King that is known for playing Ramona and sharing the set with popular American singer Selena Gomez.
  • There can be found a big variety of fan-made videos on the Internet that are dedicated to the supernatural dangerous creature Slender Man.
  • Talitha Bateman is the youngest actress on the set getting the main role and being just 15 years old alongside previously mentioned King being just 18 years old and Annalise Basso who is a little bit older than Joey.

Official release date

When it comes to Slender Man official release date in 2018 it is said that the horror film is set to come out in all American theaters and pictures at the end of May 2018.

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