The Equalizer 2 official release date

It is a sequel to the American action movie “The Equalizer” created by the director Antoine Fuqua and the Columbia Pictures film studio. The movie is based on the script by Richard Wenk, starring Denzel Washington. Washington embodies in the movie images if not the heroes, then the simple guys who, in the current situation, are ready to put everything on the line to achieve the desired result. At the moment it is not known whether the young Hollywood actress Chloe Grace Moretz will return to her former role. In the topic below, you will have an opportunity to known all necessary information about the film including the answer to the question: “When is The Equalizer 2 movie release date 2018?” Here we go!


Released in 2014, “The Equalizer” with Denzel Washington failed to set records at the box office, but grossed impressive sums – and so the studio Sony almost immediately announced the filming of the sequel. After more than two years, work on the project has finally begun – it became known that the “The Equalizer 2” will come out in September 2018.

Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 2

The sequel will be directed by Antoine Fuqua, with whom Washington worked on the set of the first “Equalizer” and, in 2016, the “Magnificent Seven.”  It is worth noting that the “The Equalizer 2” will be the first sequel in the career of both Antoine Fuqua himself and the Oscar winner Washington.

The direct shooting process will begin in autumn 2017.

In the US, The Equalizer 2 official release date in 2018 is scheduled for September 14.


When you have struggled all your life with evil and put the scoundrels behind bars, then you are not destined to know rest even after retiring. Screaming injustice will find you wherever you are and another victim will ask for help. And then the promise to yourself never again to participate in such a thing makes no sense. A former policeman under the guise has long passed into adulthood and is trying to get used to the ordinary life of an ordinary citizen. However, the real fighter for the truth does not rest even on vacation. Therefore, the main character of the criminal movie, known to us as Robert, again must restore order.

DVD release date

The Equalizer 2 DVD release date is planned for November 14, 2018, in the USA. We look forward to its release.

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