Tomb Raider official release date


Rumors about the restart of the famous franchise about Lara Croft have been floating around since the beginning of 2015. Twice Angelina Jolie appeared in the role of fearless tomb rider, and this time the creators of the film Lara Croft 2018 are ready to surprise the audience with new faces. If you want to know all information about the film, then watch the topic below. There you will also find the answer to the question: “When is Tomb Raider movie release date 2018?”

Back in 2011, the rights to the adaptation of the updated history were bought by GK Films. Trying to make the project independently, the head of GK Graham King failed. Therefore, to work on the film joined MGM and Warner. And at the end of 2015, it became known that the director of the remake will be Roar Uthaug, the director from Norway. The script is written by Geneve Robertson-Dworet.

In the United States, Tomb Raider official release date in 2018 is scheduled for March 16.


It is assumed that the film will refer to the 2013 Tomb Raider game, which also became a remake of a series of games about the brave archeologist. So, the media is spreading the information that the viewer will learn about the young Lara, about her becoming the famous tomb raider.

Lara Croft

The brave Lara did not immediately become one of the most popular archeologists in the world. At first, any trips were just dreams. Young Croft dreamed of making a landmark discovery that would make her famous. But when her father did not return from the next excavation, the girl realizes that it is a sign from above. She needs to complete her father’s business on her own and uncover the secret of his final disappearance.


  1. Hollywood beauty Megan repeatedly said that she dreams of playing Lara Croft. She relates this character to the legendary Indiana Jones, only in female guise. But when Fox received an offer to participate in the remake – she rejected it.
  2. Warner stood at the origins of the new Lara Croft. The company Warner, who subsequently joined the project, for several years worked on it independently. But in 2011 the rights to the project were brought by GK Films.
  3. The creators of the new film are ready to shoot a series of new products about Lara if their experiment in 2018 will bring a decent income.

Release date

Tomb Raider DVD release date is planned for May 16, 2018, in the USA.

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