The Expendables 4 official release date

The very first movie in this franchise came out in 2010 (that’s 7 years ago) and created a lot of international buzz. The critics praised Stallone for bringing the “old cavalry” back and for delivering an action-packed thriller with awesome jokes. At the same time, others slammed it for the lack of fresh ideas. Unfortunately, we won’t see Sylvester in the last chapter. So, when is The Expendables 4 movie release date 2018? December 31, 2018.

At least, that’s what the sources claim. Schwarzenegger announced recently that he won’t be a part of the cast unless they get “Rocky” back in it. Regardless, the series is simply too successful for the production company to ditch it because of a few major setbacks. Arnold said several times that it doesn’t make any sense to release an Expendables movie without its major character and the moving force behind the whole project – Sly.

No Expendables Without Stallone

The man wrote the script, directed the original and played a huge part in turning the next two installments into commercially successful movies. Still, shooting will start this month, and it seems like even without one of the greatest actors to ever walk the earth, the franchise will live on. But will it prosper, though?

The Expendables Crew

Rumors claim Stallone walked away from a $20 million US dollars check due to his disagreement with the producer of the series, Avi Lerner. Ok, what about The Expendables 4 DVD release date? It most likely will become available early/mid-spring 2019. By the way, these movies have performed exceptionally well at the theaters. In total, the series has earned 800+ mil.

An Amazing And Successful Franchise

It’s safe to say that most of the original cast will return for the final installment, unless the company decides to reintroduce the franchise without Sly, Arnie, and the rest of the fellas. That would be a very bad move, as they’ll lose 90% of the charm. People liked The Expendables because of the crazy action scenes and the amazing comebacks by the 80s/90s stars. Without them, there will be nothing exceptional about the fourth chapter.

At the end of the day, it would be a shame to lose such a wonderful franchise. So, let’s hope Stallone will patch things up with the production team and let the heroes of the past shine for one last time. The Expendables 4 official release date in 2018 is kinda shaky right now and might change at any moment. On the other hand, if Sly agrees to participate, they’ll start shooting immediately and deliver the movie around Christmas time.

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