The Forest of Hands and Teeth official release date

Certainly, fantasy is one of the most popular genres among viewers. But the full implementation of such projects requires not only the skill of the authors (from screenwriters to actors) but also large budgets. It is not a coincidence that experts often expressed doubts about the conformity of the concept and the amounts requested by the producers for production. We hope that “The Forest of Hands and Teeth,” which we are going to discuss below, will not disappoint us. Here you also find the answer to the question: “When is The Forest of Hands and Teeth movie release date 2018?” If you ready let’s go!


Kate Maberly is director of the film. She is known for “The Secret Garden.”

About the film by Kate Maberly on the post-apocalyptic teenage novel “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” became known during last year’s Cannes festival.

One of the creators of the project is Doug Liman, the author of the films “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” The operator is Fedor Lyass, and the artistic director is Vladimir Khotinenko. The film was presented by the producers Arcady Golubovich and Igor Tolstunov, who requested 60 million rubles ($1 million) from the Fond Kino. The total budget will be 650 million rubles (about $11 million). Russia is a minority partner in the project.

Maisie Williams in The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth official release date in 2018 is planned for the first part of the year. More precise information will come closer to the release of the picture.


In the original work is talking about some terrible virus, which infects most of the humanity. The infected become bloodthirsty cannibals. In the center of the plot will be Mary engaged in studying the world outside the village. Soon, the fate of all mankind will depend on the success of Mary in fulfilling the mission of carrying a group of people through the dense of the Forest.


The main character is a strong teenage girl will play Maisie Williams, the performer of the role of Arya. A Russian actor Konstantin Kryukov will perform the main male role. The information about the other actors is not disclosed.

DVD release date

The Forest of Hands and Teeth DVD release date is expected for first part of 2018. We look forward to its release.

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