Upcoming monster movies in 2017

This year is shaping up to be quite fruitful for the fans of horrors, and we’ve got more than a few must-watch titles for you today. In fact, here’s a list of top 20 upcoming horror movies being released in 2017 for y’all to “digest”. Yep, there’s a lot of ground to cover, but every single film is worth your while, and that’s a promise.

The Institute

When a young girl’s moms and pops pass away, she gets overwhelmed by grief and devastation. There’s no way she can handle the pain on her own, so, she decides to deliberately check into The Rosewood Institute – a well-respected mental hospital. She’s hoping the professionals over there will help her get back on her feet and move on with her life. But, the institute turns out to be her biggest nightmare yet.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Now, the “Resident” franchise is not really much of a horror anymore, but it can still give you the chills. Besides, don’t you wanna know how the story ends? This is an action-packed, fast-paced and CGI effects-happy blockbuster, one to enjoy with your popcorn. If this was the list of top 20 new zombie movies coming out in 2017, we’d put The Final Chapter high up the ladder. By the way, if zombies are your “thing”, keep in mind that World War Z 2, Saw: Legacy and The Belko Experiment are gonna be huge this year.


Kevin is a psycho, a killer, a vagabond, and a nice, caring guy. There are 23 different personalities “dwelling” in his mind, and when the darkest ones take over, he turns into a real-world monster. One day, he just kidnaps a couple of teenage girls and locks them up…

Don’t Hang Up

Juvenile pranksters usually think that they’re untouchable and that nothing can harm them. Well, Sam and his friends are about to learn that one day you might end up on the wrong side of a horrible prank. Now they’ll know first-hand what it means to be hunted by a real maniac.

Keep Watching

A lovely family survives an intrusion but has to participate in a sick game in order to survive. As the mysterious game unfolds, the more they learn about it. Will the family make it through the night?

Keep Watching

Patient Zero

A top-secret US laboratory turns the world into a wasteland as the majority of human beings turn into vicious zombies. It’s up to a group of gifted scientists to find a cure. Patient Zero is both entertaining and thought-provoking, so, as far the list of upcoming creature movies in 2017 goes, this one is a keeper.

Patient Zero

Insidious: Chapter 4

The insidious series is by far one of the scariest ones in history. It’s eerie, uncanny and all kinds of other nightmarish things. Chapter 4 will be a mighty test for your nerves!

Insidious: Chapter 4

Don’t Knock Twice

They say if you knock on a witch’s door twice, all Hell will break loose. Chloe and her boyfriend decide to check the myth out, and thus, they unleash an ancient evil that can’t be killed by bullets.

Friend Request

Laura has 800 friends on Facebook and enjoys talking to them about her daily routine. But when Marina sends her a friend request, everything turns into sh*t and her friends start to die – one by one.

Alien: Covenant

Yes, the legendary Alien is back to haunt us in our dreams. No matter how great the upcoming monster movies in 2017 are gonna be, Alien: Covenant will always be the most anticipated release of the year!


The heroine of this movie has been through a lot, and her past is constantly haunting her in the present. And when she moves into a peculiar apartment, her life turns into living Hell. The only way out is to look evil in the eyes and stand her ground.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Two girls are left all alone in a creepy boarding school – their moms and dads forgot about them. And now the kids are going to face their biggest nightmares. Will they be able to fight the demons and stay alive?


There’s a wicked and cursed video tape out there that kills the ones that watch it. The victims have only 7 days to live before death comes after them. Julia, a modern-day girl, deliberately watches the movie in a desperate attempt to save her boyfriend. And now she’s got a week to live…


Ok, this isn’t the top 20 upcoming rob zombie movies 2017 list, but you can’t deny the fact that the man knows a thing or two about horrors. 31 follows a bunch of carnival workers back in ’76 that are kidnapped and forced to participate in a sick game. Mr. Zombie is about to do great things this year, so, watch out for some awesome new announcements!

The Girl with All the Gifts

Another zombie horror for y’all. This one is based on a bestselling book and follows the events of a zombie apocalypse where gifted children are humanity’s only hope for survival. This isn’t a “popcorn movie” with impressive computer graphics. It’s more of a suspenseful film, but a great one at that.

The Dark Tower

Who knew that horrors and science fiction would go great together, right? Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world with a mysterious dark tower right in the middle of a huge city. What secrets does it hold? What will the hero of the story find there?

Dark Tower


Pennywise, a creepy clown, terrorizes a bunch of kids in a serene, peaceful ‘hood. He can “sense” their deepest fears and creates all kinds of nightmares for the little ones. The children will have to join forces if they want to find out who the clown is and how to stop him.

Annabelle: Creation

That’s right – we already had one Annabelle movie a few years back, and it was pretty dope. So, of all the upcoming horror movies sequels, this one is a sure thing if you love that whole evil doll thing. Annabelle: Creation is spooky and all kinds of creepy.

Friday the 13th

This movie needs no introductions, and we’re all going to watch it, even if it turns out to be crap :).  This is the direct sequel to the recent reboot of the series; so, expect a blood-chilling, adrenaline-pumping “joy ride”.

Friday the 13th


A couple of med students figure out how to enter the afterworld and bring themselves back to life. The boys and girls mess around with things they don’t understand, and their rash actions lead to dire consequences. Ok, that’s it for today, ladies and gentlemen! Make sure to visit us more often so that you can keep up with all the upcoming releases.


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