List of best Amharic movies to watch

Today, in the topic below, we will talk about TOP 10 best Amharic movies to watch.

Amhara is one of the nine regions of Ethiopia, the main population of which is the Amhara people. It is formerly known as Region 9. The administrative center is Bahir Dar.

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List of best Amharic movies to watch

Beti with a red flower

  1. Teza (2008)

Having been educated at a German university, Anberber returns to his native Ethiopia – straight in the midst of military operations. He hopes to apply the acquired knowledge for the benefit of his tormented homeland but faces a lack of understanding from fellow countrymen.

  1. The Athlete (2009)

The movie will tell us a story about barefoot Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila. This is the first ever black African champion from Africa.

  1. Difret (2014)

A young girl without rights is in the TOP 10 best modern Amharic films.

In every country, there are laws dictated by democratic rules and traditions of civilized countries. Any country, when adopting any law, consults with international organizations on the legality of an article of the new law. When the international council gives the go-ahead for the adoption of the law, it enters into force and the citizens of the country are obliged to fulfill it. If we consider all the procedures for passing laws, then it can be said with certainty that laws in all states are created for the benefit of people. It seems that everything turns out just like that and people should not worry, the laws are just, only one thing is required – to fulfill these laws. The laws, in fact, are adopted not just as desired but with the consent of the world community. The trouble is in one, except for the constitution and the adopted laws, there are ancient traditions, which in some states have more power than all the laws. For example, in Muslim countries polygamy is accepted, allowing men to have several wives, but the law does not always permit polygamy, but nobody pays any attention to it. An ancient tradition prospers in Ethiopia when a man has the right to steal a girl, rape her, and force her to marry him. The story of a movie tells about one farmer, who, using traditions, kidnapped the girl and tried to rape her but the girl resisted and killed him from his gun.

  1. Price of Love (2015)

The movie is made by Ethiopian film studio in 2015 under the leadership of Hermon Hailay who also acts as a screenwriter. The film was first shown at the international film festival in Toronto in 2015. In addition, it was also elected to the official competition at the FESPACO 2015 and won there the Special Ouagadougou Prize. After that, the film was also sent to various international film festivals and received many awards. The price of love revolves around a young taxi driver Addis Ababa who is in love with a young girl. Together they have to overcome a lot of obstacles in order to stay together.

  1. Lamb (2015)

A mother of a nine-year-old Ethiopian boy Ephraim starved to death. To save the child from starvation, his father sends him to relatives who live in the highlands, in the “green” part of the country.

With him, the boy took the beloved lamb Chuni, the only friend. Despite the fact that he lives well with his relatives, Ephraim is very homesick, but beloved Chuni brightens up loneliness.

But one day an uncle tells the boy to slaughter a lamb to make a dinner. And then Ephraim creates the real plan to save Chuni and return home with him…

  1. Beyond Borders (2003)

The middle of the TOP 10 best Amharic movies for all time.

In the center of the romantic film is a married American who moved to the UK, following her husband. A few years later, she gets on the speech of a certain professor Nick Callahan. It turns out that a man is an ardent fighter for a better life for children from third world countries. The heroine of the film becomes a witness of his ardent speech about the fate of the children from the places where the war is going on. From that moment the woman becomes literally obsessed with his thoughts, adores all his ideas and loves their “generator.” Following Nick, Sarah renounces a measured and full life to begin her journey around the world for the benefit of other people. Thus, she will often come across her lover, who did not immediately notice her. A brave woman will have to visit such dangerous countries as Chechnya and Cambodia, but the war is not the worst because Sarah’s path will be much more painful.

  1. Prelude to War (1942)

In this picture, the political and diplomatic turmoil during the First World War are shown to the viewers. All this led to the emergence of prerequisites for World War II. Most of the blame lies with ordinary people, US residents, who always believed that these problems will never reach them. America is on the brink of disaster, and at this time Germany and Japan are making plans and are preparing for the conquest of the whole world.

  1. 35 Cows and a Kalashnikov (2014)

The first part is devoted to an unexplored tribe of Surma, living at the junction of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan…. Part 2 takes us west and talks about the movement of SAPE in Brazzaville, stylish people of the Congolese flood, in whose bright clothes the French fashion of the 1950s was reflected and frozen … In the third part, having swum across the Congo River and having found in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we are getting acquainted with the wrestling which long ago became part of the urban culture…

  1. Africa, Blood & Beauty (2012)

“Africa, Blood & Beauty” is a documentary film by Sergei Yastrzhembsky on the traditions, customs and way of life of the distinctive tribes of Africa. They seem to have fallen out of time, still continuing to live according to the laws of their ancestors, not noticing that the world has changed. And in this world, they have no place…

For four years, the crew of the studio “Yastrebfilm” traveled through the black continent in search of material for the film. The result of long and sometimes extreme expeditions was a documentary parable, telling about the life of children, women, men, and also about the most intimate for each of the heroes of the film – the world of spirits.

The spectator can see miraculously preserved to this day ancient rituals of scarification, knocking out teeth, initiation, healing through trance, which, of course, will seem to him wild and tough. But they, in fact, are the basis on which patriarchal Africa is held.

  1. Beti and Amare (2014)

The leader of the TOP 10 best Amharic movies for families.

The plot carries the audience in 1936. The main heroine, Beti, escapes from the cruel and soulless troops of the fascist Mussolini. The young Ethiopian finds a temporary refuge in the south of her homeland. But the shelter appears rather imaginary. Betty suffers from hunger, thirst and heavy living conditions. In addition, the local police are watching the girl. And at this time, the Italian army mercilessly and systematically moves deep into the African country, carrying with it victims and destruction. The Italian-Ethiopian conflict continues to devour the unhappy souls of civilians. The fate of Beti becomes desperate. However, suddenly there are representatives of anextraterrestrial civilization, which change the life of the young Ethiopian and the whole of mankind.

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