List of best new Ethiopian movies to watch

If you’re a bit tired of what Hollywood and the European film industry have to offer, we’d recommend looking for inspiration elsewhere. We’re confident that the following TOP 10 best new Ethiopian movies for all time will make you both laugh and cry.

True, they don’t shoot the say way as the Western folks do, and at first, these releases will look and feel totally awkward. However, they most certainly deserve your attention. After a while, you’ll get used to their unusual techniques and start to appreciate them.

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  1. Abugida

It’s safe to say that if you want to learn about the modern-day life in this country, Abugida will be a great “guide” into the world of secrets, lies, hopes, dreams, and big accomplishments. As a matter of fact, the critics consider it to be one of the best Ethiopian releases ever. Contradiction follows the main characters on every step of the way.

The regular men and women are desperate and scared, forced to survive in the most challenging circumstances with no plans for the future.This film shows the gigantic gap between the rich leaders and the poor working-class people. Is there a chance for the low-class citizens to take back their home and turn it into a beacon of hope?

  1. Addis Hiwot

Part drama, part comedy, this is, indeed, a worthy cut. The plot follows several lovely characters that try to make it in this harsh new world and find happiness for themselves and their families. Obviously, it’s extremely hard to make a living in a place where corruption and crime prosper. But these brave folks have what it takes to confront the system and go after their dreams.

As far as the TOP 10 best Ethiopian movies for families go, this one’s a keeper. It’s moving, touching, and thought-provoking. We all encounter our tough breaks at some point in life, and it’s important to remember that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that our loved ones will always be there to support us.

  1. Tasralech

The hero of this resonating and uplifting tale is a beautiful girl, a young woman who’s been fighting for her own freedom ever since she was a little child. Her mom and dad never really cared for her and used to be mean and controlling. She felt like a prisoner in her home, a sad, frustrated, angry person with so much potential. Instead of helping her in every way they can, her parents made sure her childhood/teenage years were horrible. Tasralech is a coming-of-age story that features a couple of twists along the way that will keep you glued to your seat from beginning to end. Without a doubt, this is a movie worth your time.

  1. Camparada

The list of best new Ethiopian movies to watch would simply be incomplete if we didn’t put Camparada on it. This is a romantic drama, a touching and uplifting tale that will move the hearts and minds of folks of all nationalities and religions. If you’re a young couple that loves educational love stories, then you should definitely check this one out.

Danny and his friend, Gelilia, are spending their days and nights at a campus. It all started with them being good buddies. However, slowly, but steadily, they began to realize that there’s something between them that they can’t deny. Is it love, or maybe just affection, a fling that will pass as soon as they part ways?

  1. The Corpse

The “hero” of this film is a wicked doctor who makes the wives of influential men fall in love with him and then convinces them to kill their hubbies. He’s a dashing man, someone who knows exactly how to act around women to enchant them. His new victim cheats on her husband with him and agrees to follow him wherever he goes.

But she could’ve never thought that her new inamorato would turn out to be a psycho with murderous tendencies. However, when the spouse of this lady decides to use all of his power to destroy the crazy doctor, everything changes. He’s ready to do whatever to kill the criminal who stole his wife. So, what’s it going to be? Who will prevail in this insane clash?

  1. Tomorrow

It’s hard for men in Ethiopia to get by, but it’s even harder for the local ladies to support themselves and follow their dreams. Tomorrow (Nege) is centered on a lovely woman who gets herself into a difficult situation the moment she gets to Addis Ababa. All she ever wanted was to be rich and famous. Unfortunately, the city welcomes her not with open arms, but with a scary grin. The luxurious life that she always wanted to lead was never in stores for her, even though she was ready to put her own life at risk to achieve it. Of the TOP 10 best Ethiopian movies to watch, this is probably the most thought-provoking one.

  1. Ye Wonz Maibel

This movie first saw the light of day back in 1995, but it’s still just as relevant as 22 years ago. The government rules Ethiopia with an iron fist and uses the military to abuse the citizens. That is why the majority of men are constantly looking for ways to escape this brutal country to make sure their families and loved ones are safe.

The main character of this story, a striving young fella, loses both his bruv and his best friend while trying to run away, and now it’s up to him to take care of the rest of the family. The authorities don’t really care about their fellow men and women. All they want is to get richer and put fear into their hearts…

Ye Wonz Maibel

  1. Desert Flower

If you’ve been looking for a film based on a real-world story, we recommend taking a look at Desert Flower, a modern-day classic. The plot is focused on a gorgeous young top-model who had to go through numerous struggles in her life just to ensure a great future for herself. This is a dramatic, exciting, moving tale about the ups and downs of a strong-willed woman with a courageous heart and a mighty talent for modeling and acting. She had to overcome numerous obstacles to get where she is right now. The harsh experiences in her life taught the beauty that you can only rely on yourself and can never give up. Of the TOP 10 best modern new Ethiopian films, this one’s a no-brainer.

  1. Enkoklesh

When a family collapses, it’s the children that suffer the most, especially when they’re still little. It’s up to the man of the house and the wife to make sure they never hurt their kiddos, because the trauma may last for the rest of their lives. But what are two grown-ups to do when they can’t be together anymore? Do they sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of the kids, or maybe there’s a way to fix everything and become even stronger together? This is one of those questions that humanity will keep asking till the end of times, and Enkoklesh did a great job of offering a “fresh set of eyes” on this international problem.

  1. 13 Months Of Sunshine

A struggling Ethiopian gentleman agrees to tie the knot with a fellow Ethiopian girl to help her get a green card in the United States. In return, her parents pay him enough money to open a coffee shop and turn into a businessman. It takes a little bit more than a year for the young woman to get her card, and they spend this whole time together.

Somewhere along the way, these folks realize that life is not all about reaching your goals. Solomon has been dreaming of owning a business; Hanna knows she can make it in America with the help of that card. And the 13 months that they spend under the same roof teach them valuable lessons that they’ll need in the future.

Ok, now we all know what is the best Ethiopian movies. Make sure to check out our other posts and stay frosty!

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