List of best Ethiopian Drama movies to watch

We offer you films from Africa to watch, so you will have a good time. Africa began to produce films back in the 1890s, and the most developed cinema was on the territory of Egypt. In the 20 years of the last century, Egypt even called “Hollywood on the Nile.” European countries, which controlled most of the African states, did not plan to invest in the development of local cinematography. Despite this, African films turned out to be quite original and interesting. In the 1960s, many states became independent, but even after that, a few began to develop cinematography.

For people in many African countries, poverty is a big problem when they are literally forced to fight for existence. This has been reflected in many films. It will be interesting to many to watch movies from Africa because they are very realistic.

Today we will speak about TOP 10 best Ethiopian Drama movies to watch.

If you ready we begin our collection!

List of best Ethiopian Drama movies to watch

Spud and boys

  1. Taking Earth (2017)

While ufologists have tried to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, most of the earthlings were skeptical about this theory. They had enough daily worries, and they did not intend to worry about senseless arguments. But there were people who believed in the existence of another mind that developed far from our planet. Suddenly, a series of flashes illuminate the sky. In all corners of the planet, a strange glow is observed, and soon scientists report – each light represents an extraterrestrial ship hovering in orbit.

News channels are full of assumptions, trying to guess the intentions of the aliens. Optimists predict mutually beneficial cooperation and technological leap, and pessimists fear an invasion. An unexpected laser beam struck the city from one of the ships dispelled doubts – the aliens arrived not for peaceful negotiations. Throughout the Earth, military forces are deployed, ready at all costs to fight the invaders.

  1. Slam-Bang (2009)

In life, George Bennon has everything for happiness – a beloved woman and a wonderful job. But everything collapses in a moment, when the boss of the mafia clan, threatening to kill George’s beloved one, demands to get for him from the computer of famous gangster important information. By agreeing to the crime, George is immediately involved in a whole vortex of mafia shootouts, dangerous chases, and deadly gunfights. Pursued by hired assassins, he will be difficult to survive, at least, until the evening…

  1. White Lion (2010)

Letsatsi is in the TOP 10 best modern Ethiopian Drama films.

The feature film tells an amazing story of the life of a unique white lion named Letsatsi, as well as a history of strong friendship. He was born a white one and was very different from his kindred. A slightly grown Letsatsi is faced with the problem of hunting, because the white skin color is too noticeable. Hungry and exhausted, he goes to the smell of prey, which killed another lion, who later became his first friend.

Nkulu is older than Letzatsi, and therefore more experienced. He helps his friend learn how to hunt, shows how adult lions do it. Together, friends hunt and play in the wild wild nature of Africa. But one day, Nkulu is killed and Letsatsi has to hunt prey himself. Time passes, the little lion cub has turned into a brave white lion. The king of beasts is not afraid of anyone and nothing, but there is still a greater predator in the world – a man hunting white lions whose skin is unique and priceless. In the movie will be shown the great fight of a white lion and a man.

  1. Running Wild (1995)

A television journalist goes to Africa to make a report about the naturalist and documentary filmmaker John Varty. She hopes that the report will be interesting to the audience since the main character has been following the family of cheetahs for several years. However, everything goes not as planned, when one of the employees tries to prevent the shooting, and the head of the cheetah family (female) suddenly dies.

  1. Purgatory (1988)

Carly and her friend Melanie were victims of planned deception. They did not commit any atrocities, but everyone is convinced that criminals are they. And now the girls in a special prison called “Purgatory,” where the prisoners work out their sins paying with their bodies.

  1. Faith like Potatoes (2006)

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best Ethiopian Drama movies for all time.

A story based on the life of farmer Angus Buchan forced in search of a better life to move with his family from Zambia to KwaZulu-Natal. However, he quickly notes that life in a new country is not very different from life in Zambia. Here the same opposition of black and white. Ignorance of the language aggravates his situation. Meeting new challenges, Angus plunges into the abyss of fear and depression. When Angus’s strength is gone – he trusts his life with Jesus Christ. Various blows of fate test his faith in steadfastness, strengthen his trust in God. During the strongest and longest drought, Angus sows the seed of faith – potatoes. If the potatoes do not grow – he will lose the farm.

  1. Night Drive (2010)

Who seeks adventures, as a rule, finds them, although sometimes they are very risky, besides, deadly. A group of onlookers goes for safari, on the night savannah of South Africa, which is called by local people “Night Drive.” Finding in the hollow the torn body of a young woman, the group is in shock, because the same could happen with each of them. Local experts have two options, a desert demon or a group of crazy fanatics, from time to time, hunted tourists.

  1. Angel of the Skies (2013)

Young English pilot Earl Kirk could not stay away when Nazis attacked his country. He goes to serve in the British Royal Air Force pilot bomber. The bride is waiting for him at home.

In one of the flights his plane is shot down and the crew of the bomber is in the deep German rear. They are announced hunting, a detachment of SS men ready which is ready to take them alive or dead is on the heels of fighting friends.

  1. Jerusalema (2010)

After an unsuccessful robbery, friends go to Johannesburg. Five years they work in a taxi and live in a dirty apartment with 20 other people. And Lucky creates the People’s Housing Foundation of the Hillbrow area and starts a new career. A career that will raise him to the top of the underworld in Africa.

  1. Spud (2010)

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best Ethiopian Drama movies for families.

Two important events are about to happen: the release of Nelson Mandela and, most importantly, the first year of John Milton, nicknamed “Spud” at a private boarding school. Growing up in a not quite normal family with his father an anti-communist and a crazy grandmother, he will have to participate in a new house in violent cricket battles, illegal night swimming and even hunting a real ghost. And, of course, meet his first love.

TOP is coming to its end.

We hope it gave an answer to the question – what is the best Ethiopian Drama movies?

Thank you for your attention!

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