List of best Black movies 2018

The movies about black people have a lot of fans all over the world.

Such films show the hard life of black people. Black gangs represent a big problem for the government and citizens. There are ghettos, where the poorest part of such population lives. Discrimination is banned, the social security of black people is the subject of government care.

Today, we are glad to present you TOP 10 best Black movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Black movies 2018

  1. Black Panther

The events of the fantastic film unfold around the young African prince T’Challa. He is the prince of the territory of Wakanda. It is here that valuable metals are able to absorb vibration. Many strangers tried to find this resource, but the Black Panther always became a defender of the territory. The prince has to fulfill his mission and protect his territory from a new invasion, and the Black Panther mask will help him. Will now T’Challa be able to protect his land as his father did?

  1. The Equalizer 2

When Robert McCall retired, he hoped never to get involved in dangerous stories and forever forget about the service in the Special Forces. Having got a job as a security guard, he immediately became the main character in the criminal world – he could hardly watch the girl with whom he became friends, despite the fact that she works as a prostitute, was attacked. After a series of brutal tests, Robert found justice, and then decided to get back into action – it is obvious that crime will reign and develop.

Now McCall is subordinate to the state, he is a secret agent of the CIA and intends to deal with the criminals that imagined themselves owners of life. The promise in the past not to take arms again, apparently, will not work. Is Robert so upset with ruling injustice? What awaits him ahead? Will he be able to cope with all the tests that have fallen on him?

  1. Bad Boys for Life

Will Smith is back in business in the TOP 10 best modern Black films 2018.

In the third part, as before, Will Smith and his partner, Martin Lawrence, are struggling with drugs constantly arriving in their city. Drug dealers are looking for more ways of transportation and sales, but when our warriors stand in their way – then it becomes more and more difficult for drug dealers. Naturally, they are not satisfied with this state of affairs and they are trying in every way to eliminate policemen hindering the profitable business. As before, we are waiting for a lot of funny moments from the everyday life of detectives, a lot of dangerous situations.

  1. I, Robot 2

It is a science fiction film based on the works of Isaac Asimov, the sequel to the great picture of 2004. The era of the coexistence of mankind and technology threatens to end because of the rebellion of robots. Can Will Smith’s character save the world from destruction?

will smith in I, Robot 2

  1. Night School

The movie will tell us about school life and the hardships of a group of problem students.  Several outlaws stuck in the black belt of life are forced to attend night school to get a certificate of secondary education.

Kevin Hart

  1. Hancock 2

It is Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Black movies.

It is the sequel to the sensational story of a superhero, which, contrary to accepted standards, is distinguished by a bad character, extreme sloppiness in rescue operations and a strong craving for alcoholic beverages. John Hancock is known throughout Los Angeles. But its glory is doubtful. Being endowed with super abilities, invulnerability to enemy strikes and the ability to fly, John performs feats but does it in his own destructive manner…

Again and again, after the next rescue operation carried out by Hancock, the city authorities have to tidy up the ruined streets. Having changed in the last part and becoming an exemplary guardian thanks to a new friend Ray Embry, will Hancock in this film be able to maintain the position of an exemplary defender of public order?

  1. Sweetwater

The current basketball fans know very well who Nathaniel Clifton is. But few people know about the true way of becoming and achieving the desired goal of this athlete. Since childhood, his life has been extremely difficult, because the race was an issue at that time. But the great desire of the young man to get into the strong league and get public recognition has always motivated him to act and go forward, for the sake of victory. Nathaniel preferred not to talk about his difficulties, and generally about his personal life. Therefore, there is a lot of information about him like a professional basketball player who has revolutionized basketball and very little information about what kind of person he is in everyday life.

Friends called Clifton “Sweetwater.” He managed to become the first black sportsman who managed to sign a contract with the basketball club “New York Knicks.” Starting his career on a self-made playground in the 1950s, the guy sought to achieve good results and thereby made his way into the big sport. In this film, despite the trials and obstacles, there is not just Nathaniel’s autobiography but also real confrontation.

Cylk Cozart

  1. Alive Alone

Events unfold in New York. A former Guantanamo prisoner named Jamal now works as a taxi driver. One day he encounters a prostitute, who is pursued by certain criminal “authority”. A woman on the run and in trouble – Jamal realizes that he should help this girl.

Idris Elba and Sam Worthington Board ALIVE ALONE

  1. Flatland

This drama film is about a girl who works in police. Once she receives a call from her loved one who has been arrested for murder.

  1. Bhai’s Cafe

Here is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Black movies 2018.

Bhai’s business – a small corner shop is under threat from property developers. He is not going to give up so easily.

TOP is coming to a logical end.

We hope the compilation asked the question – what is the best Black movies in 2018?

Thank you for your attention!

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