List of best Chinese Movies Khmer Dubbed to watch

Chinese cinematography is incredibly originaland presents a lot of surprises, therefore, it is very interesting to watch what is happening in it.

Tianxia really produces a very curious movie. There are also their directors-geniuses, which can be put in the first place in the world ranking.

In Africa, Chinese movies are very popular, so we have prepared for people from Cambodia TOP 10 best Khmer Dubbed Chinese movies to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Chinese Movies Khmer Dubbed to watch

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  1. The Last Emperor (1987)

The historical and biographical film tells about the life of the last Chinese Emperor Pu Yi. The film shows two life periods of Pu I: his reign as the last emperor and life after the great Celestial Empire collapsed under the yoke of great changes. In 1908, at the age of three, Pu Yi became the emperor of China. The boy is the last heir of the great imperial dynasty which ruled China for thousands of years.

Formally, he is the emperor, ruler of a multi-million dollar power, but in fact, a small child who wants to play and frolic. People treated Pu Yi as a deity, worshiped him and allowed to do everything he wanted, except for one – to leave the palace. And beyond the walls of the palace, the world was actively experiencing changes which in 1924 led to a coup and later imprisonment of the last emperor.

  1. Farewell My Concubine (1992)

The plot of the film tells about the creative path of two actors, who for a long time played a drama from the repertoire of the Beijing Opera, in which the concubine remains faithful to her emperor and later commits suicide. The film begins with the stage at the Beijing Opera, where one of the actors plays that same concubine, and the second plays the role of the emperor. They were true friends for fifty-two years, survived many quarrels and reconciliations.

  1. Infernal Affairs (2002)

A “mole” in the criminal group is in the TOP 10 best modern Khmer Dubbed Chinese films.

The plot of the detective thriller tells about the eternal confrontation between the police and the mafia in the face of two people who constantly live by the legend and risk their lives for the sake of achieving their goals. As is known, the police often practice the introduction of their “moles” into criminal groups in order to learn the necessary information. Such a mole is a young guy Chen Wing Yan, who became one of the closest assistants to the head of the mafia drug clan Hon Sam. The truth is known only to Police Inspector Wong Chi Shing.

However, the mafia does not rest either. In order to make their illegal deeds, the Mafia need their person in the police and for this purpose, Hon Sam sends his young people to study at the police academy. The best among them is Lau Kin Ming, who, after years, becomes one of the best inspectors of the Hong Kong police.

  1. In the Mood for Love (2000)

The film takes place in the 1960s in Hong Kong. Two young couples move into a place and turn out to be neighbors. Journalist and editor of magazine Chow gets acquainted with a nice neighbor Su who works in the tourist company. Spouses both often stay at work and travel on business trips, so Su and Chow spend time alone, each in its apartment. But over time, single neighbors begin to communicate and make friends.

Frankly, this friendship leads to very unpleasant discoveries. Both of them notice things from each other – a tie and handbag: Su has the same handbag as Chow’s wife, and he has the same tie as Su’s husband. These observations lead to the idea that often missing her husband and his wifeare cheating on them with each other. However, after learning the truth, Su and Chow are not going to take revenge, instead, they begin to fell strange feeling to each other.

  1. Devils on the Doorstep (2000)

The feature film tells a funny and sad story of human relationships, which clearly demonstrates the behavioral psychology of ordinary people involved in a dangerous game. The film unfolds during the Japanese occupation of China. Peasant Ma Dasan lives in a small village which population has long been suffering and starving because of the war. One day a stranger came to his house and, on pain of death, ordered to guard the two sacks that he will take after the New Year. In the bags are captured Japanese, with whom the local population dreams of getting even.

But Ma Dasan needs to save lives of captives or there will be big problems. The poor fellow is forced not only to look after the Japanese but also to feed them which is too expensive. Some villagers offer to kill the captives and some still fear the mysterious stranger who will return for the prisoners. However, time passes, and no one comes for the captured Japanese. This is where all the fun begins. The fate of two enemies is up to poor peasants…

  1. A City of Sadness (1981)

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best Chinese Movies Khmer Dubbed for all time.

The movie will tell us a story about four brothers who were destined to be divided.

  1. Raise the Red Lantern (1991)

The historical drama by the world-famous Chinese director Yimou Zhang represents a tragic story unfolding at the time of the end of the once great empire. The action takes place in China of the twenties of the last century. Songlian has a rather progressive view of life at that time when she entered the university in her nineteen years. But the studying has to be interrupted in connection with the sudden death of her father. Left alone, absolutely unnecessary to her stepmother, she is forced to marry the rich Chinese landowner Fang, a follower of the old age-old traditions. For this reason, Songlian takes “honorary”position of the fourth wifein his family. Caught in the home of her new husband and master, she plunges into an everyday life filled with numerous rituals, traditional tea parties, often followed by intrigue, scandals and struggle for husband’s attention between wives who call themselves “sisters.”

  1. In the Hit of the Sun (1994)

The plot tells about school friends. Together with the characters, the viewer will live for several months in communist China, during which the characters go through the “process of growing up,” experiencing typical for any teenager socialization processes – participation in street parties, fights, and first love.

  1. Hard Boiled (1992)

The plot of the crime film tells about the opposition of the Hong Kong police to criminal groups engaged in the illegal sale of weapons. Police inspector Tequila Yuen works in good faith, follows the law, he shoots perfectly and almost never misses, which allows him to kill enemies. In one of the dangerous operations to capture criminals, his partner is killed and then Tequila decides to independently neutralize the local mafia group, and also avenge the death of a colleague.

Hunting for the mafia is not the easiest and safest thing to do, but Inspector Tequila used to finish the task. He gets acquainted with a colleague-policeman who, in order to infiltrate the gang, was forced to abandon his real life and become a criminal. Together, they join forces in the fight against the criminal world of Hong Kong.

  1. Chungking Express (1994)

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best Khmer Dubbed Chinese movies for families.

The picture consists of two completely separate stories, the characters of which are absolutely not related to each other. The common thing in them is only one thing – the loneliness of the main characters who are trying to find not only their place in this world but also their love.


TOP ends now.

Hope it answered the question – what is the best Chinese Movies Khmer Dubbed?

Thank you for being with us!

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