List of best Hostage movies to watch

Hostage films practically all the time consists lots of action, drama and even comedy – this is kind of a triple threat that always wins. The next list contains the most iconic hostage movies in which the viewer will see young Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis and other well-known actors and actresses.

We are representing our latest list belonging to the TOP 10 best Hostage movies for all time according to the feedbacks and reviews of critics and users from all over the world.

Olympus Has Fallen

10. Argo (2012)

Historical drama movie that is based on the book written by the operative working for American Central Intelligence. The film follows the events of the beginning of November 1979 – the Iranian revolution. Many of the people working at the local American embassy are taken as hostages. Six of them manage to run away and now they are protected whilst being in the house belonging to Canadian ambassador.

Meanwhile, American department is trying to find the best solution to release the extraction being one of the most helpful military tactics. The man called Tony is taken to help the embassy and whilst talking on the phone he is inspired by the movie his child watches – he comes up with the idea to make up the story about Canadians who are actually filmmakers that create action movie and look for the best exotic locations in the country.

9. Air Rage (2001)

On the list containing TOP 10 best Hostage movies for families there is a 2001 film about a Marine Colonel – in the past, he made an order to his people to destroy the village and all the people living there. After the man finally returns in the USA, he has to be court-martialed for what he has done. His men were discharged and all the blame was on the Colonel.

After having a conflict with the General, now former Marine has to be transported. Meanwhile, the General is getting ready to take an important position in the government and afterward boards the plane that is later taken by Colonel and his people. The government gets the info about the whole situation and sends a team of armed people to stop the man. Colonel kills the team except for its leader who managed to pretend to be dead. Now his task is to unite with a flight attendant and save the others.

8. Captain Phillips (2013)

Based on the true events, the film follows the captain of an unarmed ship that is previously warned about Somali pirates in the area they are going to sail through. Despite all the warnings, a few pirates chase the ship heavily armed. The captain of the container ship orders the whole crew to hide somewhere in the engine room and is afterward captured by the pirates.

7. Ransom (1996)

This film from the list of best Hostage movies to watch tells the story about the successful millionaire and his family. His son suddenly becomes kidnapped and the mission of the man, as well as his close friends from the police,  is to find the kidnapper and save the life of his son.

Coworking with the FBI, he agrees to deliver the ransom – an amount of money demanded to release the child but the whole mission was ruined due to the banal mistake. The FBI and the millionaire are now looking for new ways to find the son.

6. Passenger 57 (1992)

The movie that made American actor Wesley Snipes well-known all over the world as an actor of action movies. The film follows the terrorist being caught by the FBI – now their task is to transport him to LA on a big aircraft just like the regular passenger. After the plane takes off, several men of the terrorist poison the passengers and a few flight attendants and afterward release the terrorist himself. But there is a former agent of secret service of the USA whose task is to save the situation.

5. Air Force One (1997)

Another movie from the TOP 10 best Hostage movies to watch follows the events connected to the airplanes and this time, the private jet of the US President is hijacked by the dictator from the Kazakhstan.

Before that, the Russian military operation captures Kazakh despot and three weeks later the American president is invited to have a dinner in Moscow. Afterward, his family and crew board their private plane for heading home but it is taken by the terrorists even though the plane was previously secured by Egor Korshunov portrayed by Gary Oldman that was taken off by the people opening a fire in the plane.

4. Hostage (2005)

The film is about a hostage negotiator who used to have a huge success but he was too confident in his very last mission which caused the death of three people. He didn’t manage to continue his job, left his family and moved to LA in order to work as a police chief.

Just a year later the man finds himself in a similar situation but this time he has no right to make a mistake again as the two children are kept as hostages in the house by three crazy teenagers. In the end, the danger even increases when one of the teenagers use multiple Molotov cocktails which requires from former hostage negotiator to make serious but fast decisions that can save the lives of the family.

3. Speed (1994)

The reason why this movie is included in the TOP 10 best modern Hostage films is that this appears to be the best duet and cooperation between Reeves and Bullock. It follows the story of a cop working in local LA police department. This time his mission is to save the people on the bus as it is reported it has a bomb but here is the rule – the bomb will be armed when the bus goes 50 mph but in case it suddenly drops below 50 mph it will blow up and kill all the people inside.

The police cop somehow manages to board the bus even though it has to keep moving in order not to explode and meets the female passenger driving the big vehicle – together they have to come up with the idea how to save the rest of the passengers and later discover the bomb under the bus that has to be defused immediately.

2. Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

The movie focuses on the former American agent once having worked for the Secret Service and been a personal bodyguard for the president of the United States. After the huge car accident that caused the death of the first American lady, the agent is forced to leave presidential detail although he is perfectly aware of all the security secrets of the building. He works in the USA department of the treasury but after the president and his family become the hostages of the terrorists from the South Korea the former agent has to head the mission in order to free them.

Afterwards, the agent joins the defenders of the White House only to make a contact with the speaker of the house in order to make him take the participation in the mission. Meanwhile, he also manages to free the child of the USA president taking him to the safe place. The Vice President is also kidnapped.

1. Die Hard (1988)

According to the reviews supported by multiple viewers and fans of the movie about kidnapping, after answering the question – what is the best Hostage movies – the story always comes to the Die Hard franchise. More specifically, it’s very first installment. The film starts with a detective John from LA arriving at the local restaurant in order to have a Christmas dinner with his wife but instead of spending time with her he has to save her life. Suddenly, the whole building becomes kept by twelve German terrorist and their leader. They keep all the people as hostages inside the building except John that has managed to slip away and now wanders across the building trying to save the lives of the kidnapped people as well as his wife’s.

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