List of best Country movies to watch

One of the best ways to relax is to plunge into a good movie. Here is TOP 10 best Country movies to watch. The movies that collected in the TOP are very interesting and fascinating. Enjoy them!

List of best Country movies to watch

Josh Brolin in No Country for Old Men

  1. Pure Country (1992)

Dusty Chandler is an outstanding country musician, but his shows more closely resemble rock star concerts of the 70s. He realizes that he has lost his origin. After another scandal with his manager, he decides to move to his native city, where he lives his peaceful life, where he again has the opportunity to find himself in music and develop his own original style.

  1. Flicka (2006)

The plot of the feature film tells about the friendship of a young girl with a wild horse, which she tamed, about a conflict with the older generation, misunderstanding, as well as a great love for a kindred spirit. Sixteen-year-old Katy lives with her family on a ranch in the mountains of Wyoming. In her young years, Katy differs from many peers in very strong character, freedom, and self-confidence. She is independent and proud, but this does not prevent her from the madness of the world around her.

Once, while walking on a horse through the picturesque corners of her native land, she meets a wild mustang. With great difficulty, her father guides a Mustang to the ranch. Katy gives the horse the name “Flicka” and takes it to tame. In a wild, wayward and independent horse, the girl sees a soul mate and soon Flicka and Katy become best friends who will have to endure many difficulties.

  1. True Grit (2010)

Matt Damonis in the TOP 10 best modern Country films.

The film takes us back in the old days to the wild west, where the resolution of disputes is a six-shot revolver. In this desolate and dangerous world, a fourteen-year-old girl, deprived of her father, decides to take the path of revenge and retribution. She cannot be left alone and her bailiff joins her mission and another officer of the peace. Wide open spaces fascinate with its mystery on the way to payback for their own blood.

The film appeared on the screens of the world cinema in 2010 thanks to Coen brothers and received good reviews. And since the western movies are created very rarelynow, this film can be considered an excellent gift for fans of this genre. In addition, one of the main roles was played the actor Matt Damon, who also has many fans and will draw an additional number of viewers to this picture.

  1. Joe Dirt (2001)

The main character of the comedy film – a simple hard worker-cleaner Joe lives without parents since eight years and confidently makes his way into life. Joe Dirt dreams of making money and go in search of his parents, whom he lost at the Grand Canyon, in order to reunite with his family after many years. Frankly, no one takes the guy seriously, but only teases and mocks his great plans.

But Joe pays no attention to others. One day he gets behind the wheel of his super-fast car and goes on a long journey across the country in search of parents. On his way, Jack meets many interesting and unusual people, visits unique places, has a lot of fun adventures, and also finds good friends and acquaintances.

  1. O Brother Where Art Thou? (2000)

The actions of the comic film by Coen brothers take place in the late 30s in Mississippi. Rogue Everett went to jail for robbery buthe saysto his cellmates that he managed to stash a million dollars in his hut. Everett is going to escape from a prison, but this is not so easy because he is linked by achain with two prisoners Pete and Delmar. For a successful escape, he incites his fellow inmates and promises to give them some money if they manage to get to the hut in the valley until it will be flooded with water due to the construction of a new hydroelectric power station.

However, Everett hid the real reason for the escape. So the three fugitives are at large and immediately fall into various adventures. Together they will have to hide from the police, get acquainted with the strange black guitarist Tommy, become a musical group for a short time, take part in the bank robbery, and many other things.

  1. Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

The Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best Country movies for all time.

For the sake of the successful career of the designer, a simple girl from Alabama, Melanie Smooter, left her parents, husband, friends, old life, moved to New York and changed her surname to Carmichael. She achieved success in the fashion world but did not forget about her personal life. Stylish Melanie dates with the most eligible bachelorin the city – handsome Andrew Hennings, who is the son of the mayor of New York. He is a dream of thousands of girls, but the heart of Andrew belongs to Melanie.

One day the handsome boy makes a marriage proposalto his beloved, and Melanie says yes. There is only a small problem in the form of a legitimate spouse living in Alabama. To settle all the formalities with a divorce, the girl goes to her native land, where she is waiting for a lot of surprises and fun adventures.

  1. Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

A comic film tells the fascinating story about the adventures of professional racer Bo Darville, nicknamed Bandit and his faithful friend Cledus Snow, nicknamed Frog. The harsh laws of the state of Texas do not allow a large entrepreneur to carry out legal transportation of alcohol to another state, for which he appeals for help to the Bandit, offering a large amount of money for thebusiness.

From Texas to Georgia, the Bandit must deliver a truck with cases of beer for twenty-eight hours. Bandit agrees.Frankly,to carry out his plan, Bandit needs a partner, which becomes his true friend Frog. To divert the attention of the police, team-mates come up with a simple plan that would have worked if the Bandit had not met young beauty Carrie, who had escaped from her own wedding…

  1. Deliverance (1972)

Four friends go on a trip to the wild and desolate area in the Appalachians. They descend down the river on two boats. Their intention is simply to relax, unwind and see the picturesque places … They did not know that they would be ambushed by the illiterate local mountaineers, thugs, and sadists. Villains are “happy” for tourists from the city, they cannot wait to entertain themselves with newcomers in their own way. There comes a decisive momentfor the four travelers…

  1. Walk the Line (2005)

A biographical film tells about the life of a popular country singer John Cash and his relationship with his second wife, June Carter. A simple kid born in Arkansas in 1932, who served in the US Air Force on the territory of Germany, becomes a real musical star after recording his first hit “Cry, Cry, Cry.” At that time John was only 23, he was married to a simple girl Vivienne and brought up a small daughter.

He dreamed of June for more than a decade, their relationship began with love, growing into serious feelings, they then continued, then suddenly stopped, forcing loving people to break apart. Show business is not the best business; it has a lot of temptations, ups and downs. It was the temptations that accompanied Cash throughout his life in the form of addiction to drugs and alcohol, but John Cash’s greatest addiction was his love for June Carter.

  1. No Country For Old Men (2007)

The leader of the TOP 10 best Country movies for families.

The usual hard worker finds in the desert a mountain of corpses, a truck stuffed with heroin, and two million dollars. He decides to take the moneywhich results in a wave of violence.

TOP is coming to an end.

Hope it answered the question – what is the best Country movies?

Thank you for your attention!

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