List of best Crime movies 2017

Forbidden romance of the criminal world has long attracted viewers. The whistle of bullets, the frantic chase and the struggle for power makes the heart beat more often. Modern cinema offers the viewer exciting stories about the bad guys for every taste.

In our new TOP 10 best Crime movies of 2017 to watch which combines some of the best examples of this genre in 2017, you will find everything you need.

List of best Crime movies 2017

The Snowman

The film tells about Harry Hall, who is busy looking for a maniac who has already killed many victims. The main feature of this killer is that he commits murders only once a year with the fall of the first snow. In addition, after committing his crime, he makes near the house of the victim a snowman. There were several such murders and, in their peculiarities, they make it clear that the killer is alone.

The Snowman

Ghost in the Shell

Cyber technologies have subordinated all spheres of life to themselves, and the most dangerous criminals have moved into virtual space. The cyborg hybrid, at the head of the elite police unit, follows the trail of a powerful hacker.


Policemen John Baker and Frank Poncherello patrol the streets of the city on motorcycles. Having received a signal from the dispatcher on the radio, they are sent to the scene to save the city residents from another criminal or dangerous intruder. It would seem that their work has long become a routine and lost all the charms, but hard characters of the partners and their different preferences in everything often put the main characters in ridiculous and even comical situations. Besides, regularly joking with each other, friends do not forget about mutual assistance.

The Fate of the Furious

Fasten your seat belts – the race continues. Havana, Berlin, New York – nothing is impossible for the coolest team in the world while they are together. But when on their way will be one of the most beautiful women on the planet and part-time queen of cybercrime, the roads of friends will disperse.

John Wick: Chapter 2

The fight against crime by the usual methods, with the observance of all legal procedures, does not bring the proper effect. This is easy to explain since among the police there are many people ready to cooperate with criminals. The motives for such cooperation can be different: from intimidation to desire to earn. Honest policemen try to do their job, but they always come up against different obstacles. John Wick has no special obligations to the state or criminals, so he does his job qualitatively. The most respected killer continues to clean the city of all sorts of obscenities.

On his way again there will be old acquaintances. There will also be new characters. The hero made a lot of enemies, which is ready to pay any money for his head. John became a big threat to the bandits. John will not shake the hand of killing a politician or a big boss if he is involved in crime. The intended victim has no chance. Wick breaks the law but does a dirty job that policemen do not want to do. He is on target, as the guards of the law, as well as the notorious criminals. A man does not think about personal preferences when doing any job.

Now, Wick goes to Rome, where he will enter into a confrontation with one of the most deadly killers in the world. The movie is also included in the TOP 10 best recent Crime movies because it is already available.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Baby Driver

It is a golden mean of the TOP 10 best modern Crime films 2017.

Working with robbers, a talented young driver, nicknamed Baby, is charged with the energy of his favorite music tracks to perform his work impeccably. One day he meets the girl of his dreams and thinks about breaking ties with the criminal world and retiring from business. The criminal doc draws the Baby in the last case and promises that the child will be free after the operation. But in the end, a doomed to failure robbery jeopardizes the life, love, and freedom of the Baby.

Free Fire

Justin organized a meeting at an abandoned warehouse between two Irishmen and a criminal gang headed by Vernon and the Horde. They must conclude a deal to sell weapons, but anything that could go wrong during this meeting went wrong. As a result, their negotiations turned into a bloody game for survival, and each of them will have to make a lot of efforts to save their life.

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

Ruth is a young girl who works in a hospital, where every day she faces patient problems. Gradually, she is disappointed in the world around, in which there is a complete mess. People think only of themselves and behave as they want: drivers do not miss pedestrians, owners of pets allow them to crap at other people’s lawns, and a stranger can easily send you to hell. The last straw for the girl is the robbery of her house and the theft of grandmother’s silver. Misunderstanding by police officers leads to the fact that Ruth decides to find herself a robber and punish him…


The hero of the criminal thriller is a French policeman Vincent never adheres to the rules and does not follow the law, but on the contrary, regularly violates it. He is a corrupt cop dealing with dirty scams, a bad husband and an inattentive father for his teenage son. One day, together with a partner, they carry out a robbery of drug traffickers who were carrying a full bag of cocaine to their boss.

Ten kilograms of drugs is very big money. But the owner of white powder José Marciana is very unhappy with the fact that he did not receive his goods. He demands that soon Vincent return all cocaine otherwise his son will be killed. Vincent has one sleepless night that could be the last night for his son.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

The heroine brings up a wonderful daughter. Their relationship can only be envied: the mother became the best friend of her little daughter. They together make plans for the future and try not to think about the minor troubles that occur on their life path. But the ideal life was fated to end at the moment when the heroine learned about the death of her daughter. She was cruelly killed.

It is a criminal story about an aging woman whose daughter was murdered by the uncaught killer. A lonely heroine declares war on the local police, which, she believes, prefer to stare at the wall rather than conduct an investigation.

We hope that you find the answer to the question: “What is the best Crime movies in 2017?” after watching our TOP 10 best new Crime movies 2017.

Thank you for watching!

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List of Hollywood Crime movies 2017

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