List of best Music movies 2017

As a rule, if the film has a catchy melody, then the whole film makes a good impression. Even if the picture itself is far from a masterpiece, music remains to live its own life. Musical films give a positive mood – usually comedies, vaudeville or just pictures, where there are many songs.

Our TOP 10 best Music movies of 2017 to watch presents you best of 2017 that you should watch if you like music.

List of best Music movies 2017

  1. Song to Song

A film about love and the music business unfolds against the backdrop of summer music festivals, rock concerts and a tour of the artists of the Austin music scene in Texas. The plot of the drama is the story of a love triangle.

  1. All Eyez on Me

The film is dedicated to the life and work of the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.

  1. Pitch Perfect 3

After the first part of the comedy film came out, the producers decided to shoot the second, but as it turned out, the fans will enjoy another part called “Pitch Perfect 3”. Talented and charismatic girls are able to charm anyone with their singing, they even managed to visit the White House, but there were some funny incidents.

After that, they had to prove their skills again in one of the most prestigious competitions, where the United States had not yet achieved the first place.

In the new part of the musical comedy, the beautiful girls expect quite different adventures, of course, they will be associated with their incredible vocal talents and the ability to fall into various bad situations.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

All the events of the film unfold around a rich family where the evil and self-assured Prince Adam lives. Once in these parts came a good sorceress. She decided to test the rich family for exhortation and asked to bring her water from a young man. Adam did not want to humble himself before the old woman and drove her away. After these words, the sorceress became very angry and imposed an unusual curse on the prince. Now his appearance will be a wicked beast and every night he will howl at the moon. However, all this can be corrected if a girl falls in love with him and realizes that he is a kind person in his heart. If this does not happen, until the last petal falls from the beautiful special rose in the garden, Adam will forever remain in the form of a terrible beast. It is also a movie that includes in the TOP 10 best recent Music movies because it was released in March 2017.

  1. Viena and the Fantomes

The picture of the famous Mexican film director Gerardo Naranjo, who filmed a dozen of the most diverse films, tells of a young woman who works as a tour manager, embarks on a long journey through North America, along with several members of the punk band. The events of the tape take place in the early eighties of the last century, when punks, hippies and other “informals” took their place in the history of America at that time.

Viena and the Fantomes

  1. Wild for the Night

The criminal world of Los Angeles devoured yet another innocent life. The victim of the criminals was a young girl. The police, who conducted the investigation, could not find any weighty evidence. Therefore, the investigation dragged on for a long time.

But after the expiration of the allotted period, for lack of evidence, the murder case was closed. The death of an innocent girl remained unpunished. But the dead girl had an older brother. He was out of town, so he could not control the investigation.

Rehabilitation, which he took in one of the foreign medical centers, came to an end. After a long absence, he came to his homeland and learned about the fate of his sister. News overwhelmed him. A native man who had not yet seen life was deprived of this opportunity. The inconsolable brother began to conduct his own investigation.

He used to work alone, without attracting unnecessary witnesses. Now, on his way will come those people who were implicated in the crime. Revenge will be accompanied by the intricacies of lies, dances and mystical incidents. Will be shown the club life of Los Angeles from the inside and also the decisive actions of a man whose family was disturbed by the brutal actions of ruthless bandits? Of course.

Wild for the Night

  1. How to Talk to Girls at Parties

It is a music-alien movie in our TOP 10 best new Music movies 2017.

A beautiful alien woman, along with other members of her race, traveled through an endless universe and studied other worlds. However, the alien girl separated from her relatives due to accidental circumstances, after which she was on our planet.

The heroine of the picture fell into the most dangerous area on the planet, located in the southern part of London. Now in Croydon, the heroine had to get to know two guys who would show her all the wrong side of reality. In some ways, the girl will help the guys, and in some kind, the guys will let the alien know themselves and their destiny.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

  1. David Brent: Life on the Road

David Brent all his life dreamed of one day he will become a popular performer of rock and he will be known to every inhabitant of the planet. At the moment he works in one cleaning company. One day he decides to give up everything and radically change his life.

He believes that now he can travel around the countries. David also believes that he will manage to meet well-known rock musicians, who will help to get to the top of popularity. Now it remains to make the dream a reality. To fulfill the desire is not suitable for an ordinary garage, where a few people will come to listen to his work.

The guy is quite talented and even decides to find his own manager, who will be able to organize for him a good PR. Also, Brent creates his own page in social networks, so that all his future fans will unite on it. Just think about all the songs that will be included in his first solo album.

One day David goes to the UK to give concerts there and decides to shoot every moment of his beginning career. Soon he will be able to create his own documentary, which will simply blow up the whole world.

  1. Rock n Roll

The girl dumped her boyfriend for the lack of “rock and roll” in him. Trying to prove otherwise, he decides to ask a real rock star Johnny Holliday for advice.

Rock n Roll

  1. The Greatest Showman

The film tells about how Phineas Taylor Barnum lived and “worked” – a scandalous American entrepreneur. The word “worked” with reference to him can only be used as an ironic tone, since he became the ancestor of marketing, master of various hoaxes, and also, to his credit, organized one of the most famous circuses in the 19th century.

The Greatest Showman on Earth

Our TOP 10 best modern Music films 2017 ends now.

We hope that our TOP fully gave you answer to question – What is the best Music movies in 2017?

Thank you for watching!

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