List of best Dance movies 2018

For all mankind, one of the main ways to express their feelings and emotions has always been dancing. Classical or modern, ballroom or sports – all of them, one way or another, help a person find the right expression for what he feels. Of course, not many people can dance professionally, but someone generally shy. That’s why, today in the youth environment, movies about dances are so popular, where actors express emotions for us.

Here, we are pleased to show TOP 10 best Dance movies of 2018 to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Dance movies 2018

  1. Honey 4

A young girl, Honey, who loves dancing and dreams of opening her own dance school, tries to earn money to rent a room and make an advertisement. She works at a nightclub, that is, after work, she has the opportunity to relax,listening good music, along with a close friend.

One day, Honey forgot about everything and began to move to the rhythms of the incendiary melody, while the casual visitor cannot pass by the talent and shoots her on the video camera. Honey could not even imagine that she would be invited to casting to take up the post of thechoreographer. At the same time, she meets street dancers who impressed her with their skills. Honey invites them to attend her dance lessons, but children from disadvantaged families do not believe that the girl will be able to help them become famous.

At work in a well-known company, Honey gets an opportunity to earn well. But a busy schedule deprives her of the opportunity to communicate with a close friend and rehearse her own dance numbers. She gets an indecent suggestion that contradicts her rules. Refusal means to lose everything, consent will deprive her of pride.

Teyana Taylor, Bryshere Y. Gray & Sierra McClain cast for Honey 4

  1. Another Tango

The movie will tell about high school students who unite to win the competition which helps them to save the only Tango studio in the city.

Another Tango

  1. Suspiria

Dakota “Anastasia Steele” Johnson is in the TOP 10 best modern Dance films 2018.

It is a remake of the famous horror film of 1977. Young American girl Susie from an early age dreamed of a career as a ballerina. She did not miss any suitable opportunity in order to improve her level of preparation. Once, Susie has a unique opportunity to join the European ballet school. Having received parents’ consent, the girl goes to Germany, to Berlin, where she is to study balletat an old Roman school.

Arriving at the place, the girl receives an unexpected brush-off from the gatekeeper. Spending the night near the school, Susie becomes a witness of how the girl runs out from there and disappears in an unknown direction. The fugitive is later found by the police dead with traces of external influence. The next morning a young ballerina is enrolled for training. The girl feels something strange about school.No wonder, this place is a coven of witches.

  1. Dancing Dad

The movie will tell about a father who tries to help his 13 years old daughter dance.

Salman Khan's Dancing Dad Movie On Hold

  1. Break Dance Revolution

Breakdance is an entertaining dance that includes great plasticity and the difficult acrobatic stunts. Its main thing is improvisation.

The breakdance represents the dance direction of hip-hop culture and has many styles in it. It requires a sense of rhythm and flexibility.

The heroes of the movie are guys from the street who are good at breakdancing. The main idea of the movie – not to break in front of difficulties. Will the main characters be able to cope with everything? Everything will be known after watching the film.

  1. The Quality of Love

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best recent Dance movies.

The movie is about a girl who lost her father and now earns a living as an exotic dancer.The movie is full of dance, love, emotions, feelings, and more.

Anna McClean and Jessica Cole in The Quality of Love

  1. Chocolate City 3: Live Tour

Many people have different opinions on striptease. Older generations often believe that this is vulgarity, inextricably; young with pleasure are enrolled in courses and participate in competitions. So what does it represent – vulgarity, art, sport or just a kind of dance?

The movie is about Stripper competition. The main idea of the movie is the hard life of participants of the contest.

Tyson Beckford in Chocolate City

  1. Summer Dance

When 16-year-old Cameron gets abad mark in school, his mother, a former ballerina, forces him to work in the summer camp, where he meets the girl of his dreams, Jasmine, a talented African-American dancer… What will be next?

Summer Dance poster

  1. Tantsy navysote

An enterprising young man from the Republic of Dagestan lives a dream of his life. The guy likes to dance, believing that he does it well. That’s just the direction of his dance is very unusual for temperamental fellow countrymen. People do not like man’s mixed dance style – he mixed the Caucasus Lezhginka and modern hip-hop. But the young man strives to succeed. He shoots a video with a performance that has become extremely popular after the guy posted it on the Internet. The users admired man’s dance art and he was offered to take part in the dance competition in Moscow. Then the Dagestan decided to act independently, despite the fact that even his parents did not support him at home. But man did not expect that the capital is so significantly different and was not ready for the difficulties that began to appear daily. Will the man be able to cope with all the problems that arise in front of him and find the common language with his family? Everything will be revealed after watching the movie itself.

  1. The Passion

Here is the first place of the TOP 10 best new Dance movies 2018.

The movie centers on a ballerina who returns on stage twenty years after leaving it. Such a movie promises to be great because the choreography is extremely elaborate for most people, But for the main character, it kind of easy.

A still from The Passion

TOP is coming to an end.

We hope it gave all necessary answers to the question – what is the best Dance movies in 2018?

Thank you for your attention!

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