List of best Hindi af Somali movies to watch

Currently, many consider the cinematic capital of the world – Los Angeles with its Hollywood. However, the true cinematic capital of the world is the largest Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay), which cinematographic studios are united by the concept of “Bollywood” (Bollywood is not all Indian cinema, there are other big centers of Indian cinema, for example, Chennai (Madras) Tamil). Since the 1970s, Indian cinema has come up in first place in the world in terms of the number of films produced, bypassing American cinema. For example, in 2002, 1013 films were released in India, which was watched by 3.6 billion people, and in the United States in the same year, 739 films were produced that were watched by 2.6 billion people (according to In 2009, according to the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, 2,961 films were released in India, 1,288 of which are feature films.

These films are popular around the world, especially in Somali.

Today we are glad to present you TOP 10 best Hindi af Somali movies to watch.

If you ready we begin!

List of best Hindi af Somali movies to watch

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008)

  1. Main Hoon Na (2004)

In the plot of the film between India and Pakistan, for more than half a century, enmity has not ceased. Within the framework of the project, the Chief of the Indian Army, General Amarjeet Bakshi is going to make the first real step of reconciliation. But the actions of the general are not perceived good by everyone, therefore, he and his daughter Sanjana are in danger. To protect the daughter of the general is appointed Major Ram Prasad Sharma, who incognito goes to college, where the girl is studying.

Under the guise of a student, Ram guards Sanjana. However, in addition to the secret mission, the guy also must fulfill the last will of the deceased father, who asked Ram to find his younger brother, born to another woman. However, after getting acquainted with Brother Laxman, Ram will find it difficult to understand what is more difficult for him – protection of the daughter of the general, relationship with his brother or dating with the charming teacher Chandni?

  1. Guzaarish (2010)

Once Ethan Mascarenhas, living in Goa, was one of the greatest magicians of our time – cute, charming and full of energy. His life completely changed fourteen years ago: as a result of a car accident Ethan was paralyzed from the neck down. Now Ethan works on the radio and pleases listeners with his witty remarks, and Sofia D’Souza, a beautiful and sensitive nurse and lover, is taking care of him.

Ethan’s life is not as terrible as it may seem, but over the past fourteen years he has grown tired of being in an armchair and now wants to calmly move into another world without waiting for a natural death. When Ethan’s request for euthanasia, filed with the support of his mother and a friend-lawyer, turns out to be rejected without consideration, for the former magician begins a struggle for the right to endhis life.

  1. Singham (2011)

The great modern warrior is in the TOP 10 best modern Hindi af Somali films.

Singham, born and raised in the small village of Nallur, has always been a respected person. He belonged to a respectable family engaged in its business, and always wished to follow in the footsteps of his father, but, respecting his desires, eventually became a policeman. Since the people in Nallur were good and calm and Singham was never a supporter of violence, he solved most conflicts as soon as possible.

Everything seemed to be going well: in both professional and personal life. Singhammet a pretty granddaughter of neighbors. Unfortunately, the perfect life could not last forever: the unscrupulous man, who had connections with the Mafiosi and who was engaged in blackmail and extortion, came to the village.

  1. Dulha Mil Gaya (2010)

In the plot of the comedy film, a young andwastrel Donsai has become accustomed to living the way he wants and does what he likes. He changes one girl after another and is never going to marry, preferring to remain free and independent. His girlfriend – glamorous supermodel Shimmer also shares the views of the guy, because she values ​​her own freedom and successful career, for which she is ready to refuse to marry the billionaire Pavan Raj Gandhi.

For Pavan, the family still means something, but for the simple, modest and naive village girl Samara, the family is the most important in life. But what unites all these different people, with different aspirations and dreams? Ironically, they are united by love, which soon brings them together after a little trial.

  1. Haider (2014)

It is a modern adaptation of the world-famous Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Haider is a young guy who, after completing his studies, returns to his hometown of Kashmir. Arriving home, the hero realizes that he is in the midst of an armed conflict, with a lot of shootings, murders, and arrests. But the biggest shock was when he saw his home burnt to the ground.

Later, the guy finds out that his father was taken away by the military and taken him to an unknown destination, while his mother at this time lives with his uncle and does not even try to take any measures on this matter. Haider understands that he must get this thing under control and try to find his father. He is trying to figure out what has happened, and why his own person was arrested.

  1. Nirbaak (2014)

The middle of the TOP 10 best Hindi af Somali movies for all time.

The plot of the film tells four different, but related stories of love, each of which develops in its own way and has a unique, but not always a happy ending.

  1. The Shaukeens (2014)

Three not very happy elderly men try at least somehow to compensate for the lack of female attention. At home, they do not get the right amount of love, tenderness, and affection, so they go looking for it to another place. Heroes are constantly trying to get acquainted with young pretty girls, but their entire attempts end in failure. In search of easily accessible beauties, the old people go to the island of Mauritius, where they can meet many young attractive people. Heroes rent a house from the beauty Ahana, which parted with a guy recently, so she remains to live with her tenants.

  1. Fitoor (2016)

Nщщr is a boy who lives near Lake Dal Kashmir. He falls in love with Firdaus, the daughter of Begum, the richest woman in the city. They are completely different people belonging to different social strata of the population, but this does not prevent the emergence of a mutual feeling between them.

  1. Rocky Handsome (2016)

In a small port city, you can meet a man who constantly walks in a hood. His name is Kabir. But everyone in the district calls him Handsome. There are a lot of rumors about him. In particular, they say that Kabir is considered a criminal, and it is better not to mess with him. But the little girl Naomi very much likes Handsome and often hidesat his place, trying not to get caught byher drug-addict mother.

  1. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008)

The leader of the TOP 10 best Hindi af Somali movies for families.

Life in marriage is not happy for Taani and Surinder. Taani is a young, modern girl, and her husband is an old-fashioned and boring person. Taani is engaged in dances and wishes to participate in competition “Dancing Jodi.” During the preparation for the contest, she meets her new dance partner. He is the exact opposite of her boring husband.

TOP is coming to an end!

Hope it answered the question – what is the best Hindi af Somali movies?

Thank you for being with us!

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