List of best Hindi Dubbed South Indian movies to watch

South Indian cinematography is very popular in India, over one thousand films are produced here in one year, and India produces films even ahead of Hollywood and China. They are gaining popularity in different countries and Indian films are translated into many languages of the world. In the 20th century, the film industry has become a global film business, the films are screened by hundreds of countries around the world. Indian cinema has its many admirers.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best South Indian Dubbed movies to watch.

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List of best Hindi Dubbed South Indian movies to watch

A Peck on the Chick (2002)

  1. Bommarillu (2006)

The film is the eternal problem of fathers and children. A young guy from a wealthy family is constantly under the tutelage of a powerful father who is aware of any of his affairs. When the father once again decides for him what to do, announcing the upcoming engagement, the patience of the guy comes to an end. He says that he will do two things in life himself: he will build his career and marry the girl he likes. And suddenly in the temple, he meets beautiful girl. They fell in love with each other but… What about the engagement, how to tell the father that he found the one that he wants to live with? Will they be able to save their feelings and withstand the test with dignity? In the film, there is great music, excellent dialogue, awards for the best direction, script, best female role.

  1. Iruvar (1997)

It is a political drama by the most talented director Mani Ratnam. In this film, Aishwarya Rai debuted as an actress, where she plays two main roles at once. The story is based on the story of a famous political duo, which defined the life of the whole state for many years. The viewer can observe how the stories of their life, friendship, love, and enmity unfold.

  1. Raavanan (2010)

Aishwarya Rai is in the TOP 10 best modern South Hindi Dubbed films.

It is another great mix of the southern king of the drama Mani Ratnam and the king of southern music A. R. Rahman and the magnificent cast of the southern actors – Vikram, Prithviraj, and the charming Aishwarya Rai. The film is beautiful, with magnificent plot and spectacular scenes. We would recommend viewing the southern version because it turned out more dynamic and brighter. In the film, there are love and hatred, confrontation and humility, hopelessness and hope. The policeman wants to catch a dangerous bandit who took his wife hostage. He is terrible, powerful, he looks severe or maybe he is not the man he pretends to be? And why he could not kill his captive – the wife of a policeman, his sworn enemy, whom he hates with all his heart?

  1. Varsham (2004)

It is a romantic film about the love of two young people who first saw each other during the rain. Later, they accidentally parted, but the next time they meet again it rains. This becomes a peculiar prerequisite for their born feeling. But a rich villain likes the girl and her father is a cunning and greedy person, ready to sell her daughter for whatever money. The protagonist does everything possible to not lose his beloved and save from the evil hands of the villain and the insidious intent of her father. It is not easy for two lovers to fight for their love. Unreal music and splendid clips with art choreography only complement this picture. The film received numerous awards for the best script, choreography, music, the best acting performance.

  1. Pournami (2006)

It is one of the great films of southern cinema. It is made according to the best traditions: there are excellent music and classical dances with brilliant choreography under the direction of Prabhu Deva himself. The plot develops magically. Once an Indian village came a terrible drought and one woman decided to dance a few days and nights in the temple of Shiva, so that the Gods could have mercy and sent a long-awaited rain to the earth. A miracle happened!

  1. Sillunu Oru Kaadhal (2006)

The middle of the TOP 10 best South Hindi Dubbed movies for all time.

The main character goes through very tough times, accidentally stumbled upon her husband’s diary, she read that before him he had another girl whom he madly loved and married only for the request of his relatives. What to do? How to live? Is she the reason of his sufferings? But they have a family, have a child and she loves her husband more than life. The next burning story about love and family values cannot leave anyone indifferent.

  1. Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana (2005)

A young man Santosh from a wealthy family, who lives in London, comes to India for the wedding of  Lalita. Here he meets best friend of Lalita – Siri, who came to the wedding from the village, where she lives with her elder brother. Santosh and Siri fell in love, but behind Santosh’s back his mother is talking about a wedding with the daughter of a family friend. Siri, learning about this, leaves and Santosh, against the will of his parents, goes to her village.

  1. Alai Payuthey (2000)

The movie is about love, which is going to pass a lot of tests. Young people love each other and decide to marry secretly, but the girl’s father learns about this secret and he is angry. In love, there is nothing left to do but escape from the parents and start an independent life together. It would seem that they have found happiness and now no one can stop them, but for some reason, small differences and quarrels begin to develop into big and unpleasant problems.

  1. Magadheera (2009)

The film begins in the distant 17th century. One brave warrior serves the Grand Duchy; he is noble, honest and ready to sacrifice his life for its protection. Princess of the principality loves the brave man but the insidious commander-in-chief of the principality wants to seize the throne and power, but for this, he needs to marry the princess.

  1. A Peck on the Chick (2002)

It is the first place of the TOP 10 best South Indian movies Dubbed in Hindi.

This is not a movie for romance and entertainment, it’s a serious dramatic film. The picture of Mani Ratnam in bright fragments tells us about human kindness, the severity of the choice, the outcome of which can be a blessing for a person or a fatal mistake.

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