List of best Hollywood Historical movies in 2017

The history is rich with interesting moments and meaningful events that were being described later. They are written in books, shown in museums and in latest movies made by Hollywood. Here is the new TOP 10 latest Hollywood Historical movies 2017. It follows the most powerful people, their biography and the influence on the whole world, as well as the following events. So what the lovers of historical films can expect from 2017 latest Hollywood projects?


The film is based on real events known as Battle of Dunkirk in 1940. However, the director of the project Christopher Nolan says it is not a war movie. It is rather a story about putting the surviving on the first place. The project is a co-production between different countries such as the UK, USA, and France.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

War drama that is based on a non-fiction book with the same name. The author of the novel tells the story about rescuing of Jews. They had to save their lives because of Nazi invasion. Meanwhile, the scenario of the project is about Jan Żabiński and his wife Antonina – they are the owners of the Zoo in Warsaw. On September the 1st in 1939 Antonina and her son became the witnesses of Warsaw bombardment by German air forces. However, Żabiński and Antonina managed to save the lives of many Jews that were hiding in the empty cages of the Zoo.

Darkest Hour

British movie that is going to be released on 24th November in 2017 in the USA. This war drama tells the story of Winston Churchill life and the moment when he has to face with his enemy Adolf Hitler and his army. The film describes the events from the very beginning of the World War II.  The project includes next actors:

  • Gary Oldman;
  • Ben Mendelsohn;
  • Lily James and so on.

Darkest Hour


Our TOP 10 new holly Historical movies includes a Hindi-language drama about the Second World War. This is some sort of biographical drama about the life and adventures of Mary Ann Evans that is also known as Fearless Nadia.


Upcoming historical drama about a man from India. According to the plot, he falls in love with the lady from China during the events from Sino-Indian War in 1962.  Meanwhile, the main character goes on a journey to find his brother. The project also has some interesting facts:

  • This is the last film of Om Puri who, unfortunately, passed away just a few months before the release of the project.
  • The director of the film – Shah Rukh Khan – appears as a cameo on the screen.

The Black Prince

The plot follows the biography and the most meaningful events from the life of Queen Victoria and the last King of Punjab. He has to deal with some issues in his life as he grows up between two different cultures. Afterward, he got involved in the English culture whilst being in the relationships with Queen Victoria. However, he starts fighting for returning his own Kingdom which leads him to unforgettable journeys.

The Black Prince

Viceroy’s House

One of the most expected projects on our list of Hollywood Historical movies 2017 that will be definitely liked by the lovers of Indian and British cultures. This historical drama is about all the secrets of the life inside the beautiful house of Viceroy during the events known as Partition of India in 1947. The plot follows the real story of Lord Mountbatten who was a final Viceroy of India. His task was to take the process of British India becoming independent under control. However, he seems to be in the center of the conflict as different sides have to face monumental changes.

Among important historical events in the history of England and India, there are the stories of people that live in the Viceroy’s House, their lives, habits, and wishes.

The Founder

Amazing story about the founder of the most visited fast food place in the whole world – McDonald’s chain. This American biographical drama is about two McDonald brothers – Mac and Dick – who meet Ray. Ray is a man that sales milkshakes brand makers in 1954. After meeting two brothers, he decided to start building first McDonald’s restaurant in Illinois. This is one of the most expected films on TOP 10 best Hollywood Historical movies of 2017 to watch as it represents the full story of creating McDonald’s fast food chain all over the United States and later other continents despite all the financial difficulties and judging by other people.

The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara

The upcoming movie recounts the story about Jewish young boy. All we know is that he lives in Bologna, Italy and the whole events are taken from 1858. However, he has been baptized in a big secret so that his parents could raise the boy as a truly Christian. They thought it would be better for him in the future.

In fact, his parents’ wish to baptize the newborn baby according to the rules and tradition of the opposite religion turns out to be a part of one of the biggest battle among influential Italian politicians. It turns out to be a war between the Papacy and other forces supporting the democracy in Italy. This is the movie from TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Historical films 2017 that is highly recommended to watch.

The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara

Flying Horse

And the last project on our list of best Hollywood Historical movies in 2017 is a film directed by Gary Oldman. The plot follows the real story of well-known photographer Muybridge. He became famous for making a huge influence on the development of photography and similar technologies such as motion capturing and similar ones that were so important in the filmmaking industry all over the world. However, the biographical historical drama also concentrates on the love between well-known theater critic Larkyns and the wife of the main protagonist Flora.

  • In fact, this is the second biographical drama about famous photographer Muybridge. The very first one received positive feedbacks from critics and was premiered at a film festival that was organized in Toronto.
  • This film is the second group work of Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman that previously co-operated in the film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Flying Horse

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