List of best Hunting movies to watch

In ancient times, hunting was a way of survival, but over time it turned, more likely, into elite entertainment. However, often from a merry, though cruel occupation, hunting turns into a struggle for survival. It also happens that the hunter himself becomes a victim and he has to hide from the creatures that he had previously planned to kill. In our selection, you can find films about thehunting of different genres: from cruel thrillers and horror films to cheerful comedies that will cheer you up.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best Hunting movies to watch.

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List of best Hunting movies to watch

Into the Grizzly Maze

  1. The Hunter (2011)

Martin is very famous in small circles as a single hunter; he is a true professional of his craft. The man is a real hermit, he has no family or friends, so he takes even the riskiestprojects because there will be nobody to mourn him in case of anything. Here is his new contract from the category of very dangerous, he concludes a contract with a very strange, but very rich biotechnology company. To complete the assignment, he goes to Tasmania, where he must track down and kill the last representative of the Tasmanian Tigers. This kind of huge cats, the last few years is considered completely exterminated. Arriving at the place, Martin settles down to live with a very beautiful and strange lonely woman Lucy. As it turned out, somewhere in the Tasmanian wilderness, under mysterious circumstances, her husband disappeared, and she mourns him.

  1. Wilderness (2006)

A guy named Dave, after being in prison, decided to commit suicide. The management of the correctional facility where this incident occurred was very worried about what happened, therefore it decides to send cellmates Davy along with the warder Jed to the uninhabited island where the military training ground used to be. The purpose of this trip is very simple – to teach the guys all together to survive in harsh conditions, enduring hardship and deprivation. But soon it turns out that the island is inhabited – they meet a group of women, as well as a hermit living in ruins. After a while, everyone will learn about the existence on the island of the Hunter, shooting from a crossbow and having a whole pack of wolfhound dogs. The hunter proceeds to exterminate people, using cunning traps.

  1. A Single Shot (2013)

The story of young killers is in the TOP 10 best modern Hunting films.

Sometimes an unfortunate accident can turn your whole life into a nightmare. Once John Moon went on a hunt and made a mistake that changed everything. Accustomed to hunting deer in a long-checked place, he could not imagine what he would mistake a man fora wild animal. Instead of a deer John accidentally shot a young woman, and when he realized what he had done, it was too late – John is an excellent hunter and rarely misses.

Attempts to provide first aid remained without results, but with the killed, John found a strange find. The woman had a large sum of money and a letter with her. In an attempt to hide the traces of the accident, John commits one offense after another, and his life becomes one terrible nightmare. How did the woman find herself here in the wilderness, completely alone and with so much money? Who was she supposed to meet?

  1. Grizzly Rage (2007)

Friends-alumni decides to get out in nature, away from civilization. Yes, and the most suitable reason – the four is just finished school. Lost in the way, the guys are in the habitat of grizzly bears. And there was such a misfortune – under the wheels of fresh school graduates getshit a little bear cub, which cannot be saved. Once in a real wilderness, with a broken car, the guys are cut off from the outside world and realize that the bear’s mother is starting to bloody hunt on them. Will unarmed teenagers be able to resist a fierce bear?

  1. Le pacte des anges (2016)

Starting watching the movie, the viewer gets acquainted with Adrian, a man who becomes an accidental witness to a crime committed by two brothers. Seeing him, the criminals understand that now their faces can become the property of the police. They do not plan to go to jail, so they decide to get rid of an accidental witness. However, none of the brothers have enough will to kill Adrian. So they kidnap him and go to an abandoned camp, intended for amateur fishermen. There they plan to deal with the situation.

Criminals are afraid not only of policemen but also that they will be sought by local criminal authorities. And while they are traveling, the situation becomes worse. And if Sid, the elder brother, is fully prepared to go to jail or be punished, then William hopes that everything will turn out well. During the journey, the criminals learn that Adrian lost his child, so he does keep hold of his life. Soon the kidnapped person becomes attached to the younger kidnapper.

  1. Into the Grizzly Maze (2015)

The middle of the TOP 10 best Hunting movies for all time.

The elderly sheriff knows that poachers are on the defendant’s territory, but they do not even bother to interfere with them since they share profits with him. With such an income, he has much more than his salary. Yes, he is not a very important person in the city, however, every second person in the vicinity has a very specific personality. For example, the most active conductor here is a person with a deep mental trauma, which he received after seeing a huge grizzly kill his friends. Now, this guide in the course of the main work is also trying to find the bears and kill them, no matter whether big, small, aggressive or not. Of course, as in many places with lush nature, there is a branch of Greenpeace. However, these guys become victims of traps or predatory animals.

Having already collected a lot of money, the sheriff began to think about spiritual questions. He quarreled with his brother-thief for a long time and decides that this business should be corrected by a joint campaign in the heart of the forest. However, even there it is not possible to establish contact. But nothing brings people together like dangers. When our heroes stumbled upon a huge Grizzly, the relationship of the brothers to each other immediately changed.

  1. The Deer Hunter (1978)

The film begins in 1967 in a small industrial town in the state of Pennsylvania. Three friends, the descendants of Soviet emigrants, Michael, Stephen, and Nick are working in a steel mill and are preparing to celebrate significant events in life: Steven’s wedding and call to Vietnam. After the wedding, the next day, longtime friends are going to follow the annual tradition and go hunting. The war is yet to come and one should enjoy a quiet civil life, and to hunt deer.

The war in Vietnam continues to talk about the life of three friends, but it’s not so joyful and fun. They experience real hell when they are captured by Vietnamese soldiers, where they are forced to play Russian roulette. Escape from captivity, return to the homeland, calm life and American stability, familiar faces and traditional reindeer hunting, absolutely does not bring any joy to Michael. Life in his native city is still the same, but he returned another person, his psyche is irreversibly disabled.

  1. The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)

A young builder, Colonel John Patterson receives an urgent assignment to build a bridge across the river in the African province Tsavo. All his life he dreamed of traveling to Africa, Patterson, leaving his pregnant wife, rushes to the place of work. A whole army of workers awaits him on the spot. Despite the difference in faiths, all of them are united by one common fear of the ogre-lions that have appeared in these parts.

  1. The Mountain Men (1980)

The film takes place in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, where in the first half of the 19th century a special subculture of traders and trappers developed, called themselves “mountain men.” These people, being white as a rule, lived side by side with Indian tribes, traded, and sometimes fought with them, adopting the elements of their way of life, clothing, but not mixing them completely. This is a story about how Bill Tyler, without weapons and almost without clothes, ran over one hundred and fifty miles, fleeing from the Indians.

  1. Moby Dick (1956)

The leader of the TOP 10 best Hunting movies for families.

A narrative of a young man named Ishmael, who goes swimming as the usual sailor on a whaling ship. But it turns out that this is an unusual whaling ship.

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