List of best Nepali movies to watch

I’ve never been a fan of films that were shot in Nepal, and I thought that Nepal will never be on the same level as Hollywood. After watching the list of IMDb TOP Nepali films, I returned to see movies released in this beautiful republic.

Having watched many films, I feel that now I have the correct idea of how the good film must be shot. These films are one of the best films created in the film industry of Nepal, films that simply stay in our minds for a long time after the credits. These are films that have strongly influenced me, and I hope that they will do the same with you. The list is not big, but I hope that it will help you to pass the time. I’m sure that if you look through all the films on this list, you will change your opinion about the films released in this republic.

I’m glad to present you TOP 10 best Nepali movies to watch.

If you ready we begin.

List of best Nepali movies to watch

Pashupati Prasad

  1. Kalo Pothi (2015)

The action takes place in Nepal in 2001. The bloody war between partisans and the national army ends with the fact that both sides conclude a temporary truce. Despite the compromise, in the northern regions of the country, there is still a tense atmosphere. In the villages, there are patrols of hostile-minded soldiers and small groups of guerrillas now and then arrange various agitational sermons and performances.

Against the backdrop of these bleak events unfold adventures of two village friends – Kiran and Prakash. And it all begins with the fact that the boys receive a black hen as a gift. Enterprising guys are going to earn money on selling eggs and at least improve the misery of their families. However, there is a terrible grief: the chicken disappears without a trace, without even having time to lay a dozen eggs.

Friends go looking for a missing bird. And while they are busy fulfilling their noble mission, the rebels violate the truce and resume hostilities in the territory of northern Nepal. Not on their own will the boys fall into the very epicenter of the civil war.

  1. Himalaya (1999)

Nepal, the Himalayas. In a distant, forbidden for the people Dolpo, which is located at an altitude of five thousand meters, a tragedy is breaking out: the son of old Tinle, the local leader, returned from the salt mine and died. The leader is sure that his best friend Karma, who wanted to lead the tribe, is to blame for his son’s death. Therefore, the old man will never give him a blessing on this. He will make his successor a beloved little grandson.

But the rock salt is extracted, tied up in bales and loaded onto hardy yaks. A valuable cargo should be delivered to the lowland in order to exchange it for grain. There will be a grain – the tribe will survive. No – all will die of hunger. Karma wants to lead a caravan and become a hero. Tinleis against it. Let the traitor lead his part of the caravan, and Tinle (along with the widow of his son, grandson, second son-monk and several old men) will lead his own. Dangerous paths through the Himalayas, where there is only one friend and enemy – mountains.

  1. Kagbeni (2008)

Monkey’s paw is in the TOP 10 best Nepali movies for families.

Krishna returns to his native village after a long stay in Malaysia. With his friend Ramesh, he goes on business to the Marpha village. On the way, friends stop for the night in a shed, where they meet a mysterious hermit. Krishna invites him to the bonfire and gives a blanket, brought from Malaysia. As a sign of gratitude, the hermit gives Krishna a magical monkey’s paw. According to the hermit, the paw is able to fulfill the wishes of its owner, however, if another person uses the paw, the fulfillment of his desires will be accompanied by misfortunes.

On the way back, Ramesh learns that Krishna is being married with Tara – a girl whom he loves. Ramesh secretly takes a monkey’s paw and makes a wish…

  1. Kabaddi (2014)

All the actions unfold in one small village. The main protagonist of the movie is a man called Kazi. His main goal is to marry Maiya – the girl he is dreaming of.  But the girl does not want to go into marriage because she wants to go to the city and enter university. But her plans are changing when Bibek ( theguy from the city) arrives.  Will Kazi prove his true love to Maiya or just give up?

  1. Fanko (2016)

Bhakti Thapa is the main character of the film. He earns money as a drive. Once, he has to transport 1 crore rupees. This information leaked to bad guys and now they want to steal this money from the usual driver.  What will happen next in this situation, you will know after watching the film.

  1. Loot (2012)

It is the Golden Mean of the TOP 10 best Nepali movies for all time.

Probably, the films about the robbery could seem extremely boring to the viewer: well, really, what interest is there in watching someone robbing banks and stealing cars?  However, the robberies are necessarily accompanied by exciting chases, shootings, and intrigue. And most importantly, when you watch films about therobbery, until the last minute you do not know what will end the picture, what will be the outcome of such a dashingly plot twist. Movies about therobbery are nice to watch in the evening when there is nothing to do and you want to relax. They do not force to puzzle over the story lines, do not ask rhetorical questions, and do not pose intractable problems for the viewer.

In the center of the plot of the film is a man who plans to rob a bank in order to avoid poverty. To do this, he has to gather a team. Having achieved this goal, he begins to act. What will happen? Will the team achieve its impossible goal?

  1. Darpan Chhaya (2001)

The romantic drama tells the story of friendship that was broken by one lady.

  1. Highway (2014)

Veera on the eve of her wedding dreams to break free even for an hour – preparing for the ceremony she was bored and she wants to take a breath of fresh air away from cousins and aunts who only talk about dresses and ornaments. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and her whole life turned upside down. And, maybe, vice versa … After all, no one knows where the road lies that leads to her fate.

  1. Ber Pipal (2001)

The main protagonist of the film is Prabhakar – clever and modern man and Devi – a girl from the village. They two love each other. But their relations complicate when there Devi’s brother appears. He is against these relationships. The girl can’t get over this will of her brother commits suicide. Several years after, Prabhakar meets a girl and marry her. He arrives at the same village where he used to live. Since then he begins to notice strange changes in his wife.  The reason of it is the possession of her body by the spirit of Devi.

  1. Pashupati Prasad (2016)

The main protagonist of the film is a young guy named Pashupati. His parent died in an earthquake a long time ago. And only now he comes to Kathmandu in order to pay his parents debt but faces different conflicts and confrontation.

It is the leader of the TOP 10 best modern Nepali films.

Our TOP is coming to an end.

Hope you find the answer to the question – what is the best Nepali movies?

Thank you for your attention!

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