List of best Jewish movies to watch

Jews have been around for centuries and are one of the most ancient people on planet Earth. When it comes to the film industry, they have a prominent place in Hollywood. Directors, producers, screenwriters, and even actors (Gal Gadot, anyone?) – they’ve got talent everywhere. In this article, we’ll discuss TOP 10 best Jewish movies for all time.

So, if you love that special flavor and appreciate different cultures, traditions, and vision, make sure to check our list out and give each movie a chance. Believe us when we say that you’ll fall in love with at least one or two releases. All you have to do is read about them here and get a digital/physical copy to watch on the weekend.

Adrien Brody in The Pianist

  1. Eyes Wide Open

Aaron is living in Jerusalem with his family. The man is a butcher and a respected Orthodox member of the community. He’s leading a conservative, peaceful, spiritual life, lending a helping hand to his community and devoting himself to the people. But when a dashing young apprentice arrives at the shop, everything changes. The handsome boy makes Aaron fall in love with him and abandon his friends, his family, and even his faith.

Soon, his wife starts to suspect her husband of having an affair with a man, and the whole community turns against him. Can he find a way out of this mess and get back with his family, or is his old life forever ruined?

  1. Pi

Max is a gifted mathematician, one of the finest to ever walk the Earth. Ever since he was a little boy, he’s been struggling with a terrible migraine. The only thing that takes the edge off is his pile of pills. He’s living the life of a lonely man and spends days and nights working on a supercomputer.

And when he comes up with a program that might be the key to understanding the patterns on the stock market, people from all kinds of dark places approach him with offers. The men in suits from Wall Street want to acquire his technology, while fanatics from a religious group believe that the man found a message from The Almighty himself. Could it all be true, or maybe Max is just trying to fool them all with his fake computer?

  1. Ida

Of the TOP 10 best Jewish movies to watch, this is probably the most heart-wrenching one.The movie takes us back to Poland, 1962. Anna is a lovely orphan girl who was raised by nuns. She’s a novice, but, before she officially takes the vows, the young lady needs to meet the only relative she knows. When she pays a visit to her aunt, the woman tells her that they are Jews.

Next, they embark on a life-defining journey to learn the real truth about their family’s story. Along the way, they struggle to identify their place on planet Earth and to find their true calling. Before this trip, they were different people; now, they’re ready to question everything they thought was right, which makes life confusing. What happened to the girl’s moms and dad? Where are they buried? And what will she feel when she finds their graves?

  1. The Infidel

Mahmud is a successful entrepreneur and a Muslim who soon learns that he was adopted back when he was a kid and that his parents were both Jewish. He’s a loving, caring husband to his wife, a great father to his children and a devoted Muslim man. Well, not quite: he likes to drink from time to time and doesn’t ever pray very often.

The man is living that good life in London, trying to enjoy every single day like it’s the last one. One morning, while going through his parents’ stuff, he comes across papers that prove he’s a Jew. Mahmud decides to keep the information to himself and starts to observe the Jews, trying to understand what it truly means to be one and search for his biological relatives. Definitely one of the TOP 10 best modern Jewish films!

  1. A Serious Man

Welcome to 1967, the wild, free and dreamy state of Minnesota. Larry is a physics professor and quite a serious gentleman. His own baby girl is stealing money from him to get her nose fixed. His son, a crack-head, is only good for doing drugs and getting high. And then there’s Arthur, his brother who nobody actually wants to see around. Soon, all hell breaks loose, and Larry is forced to struggle with his job, his family, and, of course, his eccentric wife who wants nothing to do with him. Numerous tiny and not-so-much incidents drive him crazy and force the man to take serious measures. The chaos is taking over his house and it seems like there’s nothing this gifted man can do.

  1. The Pianist

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular movies about WW2 and the struggling Jews that had to do the most unthinkable things in order to survive. Polanski did an exceptional job of showing the Jews before, during and after the war. Prior to the German invasion, they were respected, esteemed and high-ranking members of the community.

But when the Nazis turned the mighty war machine against them, these people turned into impoverished beggars with nowhere to run. Wladyslaw has been enjoying the life of a pianist in Poland: he was loved and respected until the day the enemy invaded his home and declared him a traitor, a person who should die just because he’s a Jew.

  1. Shoah

This is a documentary film about the horrifying Holocaust and deserves a place on the list of best Jewish movies to watch. The director spent numerous hours talking to the people that survived the nightmare, the witnesses and even members of the German army to create a comprehensive picture of the events that took place during WW2. Thanks to movies like this one, the international community learns the real truth about the atrocities of the Nazi regime and the heroism of the Jewish nation. Overall, six million innocents were killed, and to this day, there are still people that think it was the right thing to do. They live in Europe, in America and plan on bringing anti-Semitism back.

  1. Hester Street

The story follows Yankel, a Jew from the Russian Empire who moved to the US to start a new life on a different continent. He found a place to stay in NY and slowly, but steadily, embraced the traditions and customs of the locals. The man learned the language, said goodbye to his beard and even changed his name to Jake to make more sense for the American citizens.

He had been working hard day and night to make enough money to bring his family to the States. At the same time, Yankel had fallen for another lady – a dashing dancer. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t happy to learn that his family was finally ready to come live with him in his new home. However, when he saw his wife who didn’t look anything like the local women, his happiness was cut short.

  1. Fiddler on the Roof

Of the TOP 10 best Jewish movies for families, this one is a worthy cut. The 20th century is just getting started, and the Great Russian Revolution is about to devastate the country. Reb is an honest, hard-working man trying to make a living for his wife that he’s been with for 1/4th of a century and their 5 daughters.

The family is barely getting by, so, even though the girls are not yet old enough to marry, the father wants the local matchmaker to find proper husbands for at least the three of them. They don’t come from a royal family or anything like that and will have to settle for whatever fate sends their way. Still, the Jews hope that a rich and dashing man will take one of Reb’s girls as his wife. But nothing goes according to the plan, and the whole family suffers the consequences of the new anti-Semitic laws.

  1. Exodus

This film won an Oscar award and a Golden Globe award and made a lot of noise because of the strong political content. It came out in 1960 and instantly became a big hit. A romantic tale, a drama and a resonating story – this movie has it all. It follows the very first steps towards founding the country – Israel – and securing its borders.

Several big-time international stars played the roles of the Jewish pioneers, taking the story to an international audience rather than making it a domestic release. Now, even the Jews themselves admit that as a motion picture, Exodus is not particularly great. However, as a piece of art that lifts the nation’s spirit and serves as a mighty propaganda tool, it’s simply perfect.

Ok, what is the best Jewish movies? You just got your answer. We collected 10 outstanding cuts for you – just choose one and roll with it!

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