List of best Hiking movies to watch

Hiking movies, as well as outdoors ones, are considered to bring lots of inspiration to those willing to be closer to nature and explore it. Starting from classic hits to modern movies that became so popular in Hollywood, – there is the recently updated list of TOP 10 best Hiking movies for all time.

The following movie project includes the participation of well-known Hollywood actors not just American but also British and Australian origin. The films were released a few years ago, some of them are even a little bit older but they are highly watched by families nowadays, too. There might be some surreal elements but most of them are kept in one basic genre that creates the whole atmosphere. However, a certain number of them is considered to be drama and action ones which only heats and attracts the interest of the viewers. So, what are these films?

Best films about hiking to watch with the family and friends

The Way Back


Place 10: A Perfect Getaway

American adventure movie starring Milla Jovovich. The film first focuses on a married couple that decided to go hiking on their honeymoon. The final destination of the hiking became local beach in Hawaii. On their way there they meet another married couple of hitchhikers. They make the decision to offer them a ride but, afterward, suddenly change their mind about the people they met who just seem to be even more dangerous than it was expected. Meanwhile, the first couple meets and makes friends with a solo hiker. Later on, there were two bodies that were found on the beach and the local police started their own investigations trying to find the murderers who are believed to be man and woman – they kill other people, take their documents and so get new identities thinking this is what immortality looks like.

Place 9: A Walk in the Woods

The ninth position on the TOP 10 best Hiking movies for families belongs to recent 2015 American biographical movie. How to stay alive in the woods, make friends and discover new corners of your soul – this film provides great inspiration to people as it based on a memoir of Bill Bryson that was represented in 1998. The author describes his life after living in the United Kingdom and returning to America. He no longer has any books planned to be written in the future. He is old. He just wants to have a peaceful life. However, after attending the funeral he realizes he doesn’t like such “events” – on the funeral he finds out about Appalachian Trail and decides to hike it all. He starts seeking for a friend who could join him on the adventure and finally finds his old friend – Stephen Katz, who doesn’t look to be that fit for hiking in the mountains…

Place 8: Wild

Biographical survival drama that is based on the memoir of popular essayist – the memoir, itself, was published in 2012. It focuses on a period from the biography of the author and follows a woman who, right after the divorce, makes a decision to hike more than a thousand miles. She had a difficult life – whilst being on the journey the woman sees the flashbacks from her past life and a childhood, the moment when she gave up on herself after her mother’s death that leaded to the big depression. She realizes this was one of the reasons why she ruined her own family. She soon finds out she is pregnant but gets an abortion and makes a decision to hike to redeem herself.

Place 7: The Loneliest Planet

You never know what can possibly happen in such movies. Another story from the list of best Hiking movies to watch follows engaged couple – Alex and Nica – that travel to Georgia and hires a personal guide in order to see all the amazing landscapes and corners of Caucasus Mountains. One of the moments that happened on the journey changed the relationships of the couple when, one day, they met a stranger that aimed a hunting rifle at them. Instinctively, Alex hid behind Nica but, afterward, changed his composure. The girl was traumatized after that accident and the couple wasn’t seen together afterward. A short time after they, alongside his guide, explore the local mountains and even at the end of the story, it is still unclear whether they are reconciled or not.

Place 6: 127 Hours

Another movie from the top that is based on true extraordinary events. This biographical film starring James Franco represents the story of a traveler or, a better way to say, canyoneer that gets stuck in an isolated canyon. However, he keeps doing his video diaries. Afterward, he is forced to amputate his smashed arm by himself.

Place 5: Everest

This movie is similar to the previous one but represents a more global story that turned out to be real disaster and mystery unlikely to 127 Hours. The fifth movie on the TOP 10 best Hiking movies to watch focuses on the events of May 1996. At that time several international expeditions make their preparations to start climbing the most dangerous mountain Everest. There is a group of specialists any time ready to go on a journey. Whilst being home for the very last day in his life, one of the climbers says goodbye to his pregnant wife and asks her to name the child Sarah in case she would give a birth to a girl but the wife doesn’t like this name. Unfortunately, the man dies on the expedition and softly repeats his request. This only the story of just one member of the crew but is still connected to other ones represented in the movie.

Place 4: Gerry

The movie is based on the real incident of two people being lost in the desert – they ended up tragically as one of them killed his companion. According to the movie, two characters are forced to wander all over the wilderness without having any food neither water.

Place 3: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This amazing movie is not just about hiking – this one is full of different breathtaking adventures of Ben Stiller’s character from New York City. His job is a regular routine but in his dreams, he travels all around the world, enjoys life and gets the success. The third place from TOP 10 best modern Hiking films belongs to this inspirational fill project – we will see if the main character is brave enough to make his entire dream comes true in real life.

Place 2: 7 Years in Tibet

Apparently, the person that has not watched this film starring young Brad Pitt doesn’t exist. The movie was actually based on the autobiographical book. It was created by the Mountaineer from Austria. He spent seven years in Tibet, learned the culture of local people, discovered new values and, subsequently, became a completely new person. Afterward, not even expecting that the author of the book becomes the good friend of 14th Dalai Lama which was also shown in the movie. After the publication of the actual book in 1954, Dalai Lama himself said that it had introduces more people to Tibet and had made Harrer the friend of the whole country.

Place 1: The Way Back

The first place of the list belongs to this American war movie. Whilst trying to figure out what is the best Hiking movies, this one manages to unite many genres and focuses on breathtaking and dangerous adventures. It focuses on the story of a Polish man being interrogated during the Second World War right after the Soviet invasion. NKVD makes a decision to send him to a Siberian labor camp where the man spends twenty years. Whilst being there he makes friends with people having similar issues – among them are an engineer from the United States, criminal from Russia, talented artist from Poland and other ones. Together they start coming up with the plan in order to escape.

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