List of best Deaf movies to watch

In recent months, we are slowly plunging into the lives of the deaf, trying to understand how these people live. The easiest way to do this is deaf films. It is clear that, most likely, the films do not reflect the reality of what is happening, however, it is very convenient in our fast rhythm of life, besides it is also evening rest. Therefore, if someone is interested in this topic, then I will present you TOP 10 best Deaf movies to watch. Some of them are worth watching.

List of best Deaf movies to watch

Camilla Belle and Elisha Cuthbert in The Quiet

  1. Barfi! (2012)

Romantic melodrama tells about love, about friendship, devotion, understanding, about honesty and the world around us, as well as dreams that need to be realized, no matter what. The young, handsome, and very kind guy Barfi is deaf from birth, but this flaw does not stop him from communicating with people and even helps to look into their souls, to see the true nature.

In Barfi a beautiful girl from a wealthy Shruti family found what she had always dreamed of and always wanted – sincere, strong love, care, tenderness and understanding of her fragile soul. But Shruti’s father plans to marry her for a good guy from a wealthy and respected family. Shruti is forced to submit to the will of her father. However, sometimes it will be better to listen to the heart but not to reason.

  1. The Hammer (2010)

The protagonist of the film is Matt Hamill, who was deaf from birth, but enthusiastically followed his dream and did everything possible to implement it. A real-life story tells the story of Matt Hamill’s youth and how he became a professional wrestler who won various competitions. Hamill became the first deaf wrestler; he won the national championship, and thus proved that his flaw is not an obstacle for participation in fights.

  1. Hear Me (2009)

A complicated relation of three young people is in the TOP 10 best Deaf movies for families.

This is the story of the boy Tian-kuo, who since childhood was an industrious and independent boy. Tian was moonlighting in the restaurant of his parents. He was responsible forcarrying out meals. Once, he was delivering food to the pool for swimming lovers and met there with two sisters. The girls had a hearing problem, and they communicated in sign language. Tian, by chance, studied the language of the dumb at school, and without any problems supported the conversation of the two sisters. One of the sisters, called Yang Yang, was very interested in Tian, and they began to date and spend time together. Yang Yang soon realizes that she is pulling away from her sister, and decides to break with Tian. The guy is in shock.

  1. The Tribe (2014)

Sergei is a young guy who goesto a boarding school for deaf children. Very soon he becomes aware that in this place the students not only receive the necessary education but also conduct active criminal activities. Absolutely everyone here is run by a group called “Tribe,” which has long established its rules and laws. If you do not join the ranks of this gang, you immediately become an outcast, so Sergei has no other choice than to take the path of crime. Quite quickly he makes his way in the “Tribe,” but once a guy falls in love with Anya, one of the girls of the “Tribe,” which leads to very serious problems…

  1. The Seasoning House (2012)

The plot of the film for adults takes us to the first years of the twentieth century. The events of the film are developing in the very center of Paris, where a brothel for those who call for a woman’stouch and want sexual experiments is located. In spite of existing demand, the brothel is in a very difficult situation. Insidious competitors are trying in every way to get rid of all of its employees and even the owners. But this is not an obstacle for the women of easy virtue, who are lustily waiting for their rich clients. The main character becomes one of them – the beautiful girl Angel. She got into the brothel after unknown bandits mutilated her – a huge scar remained on the face of the heroine. All members of her family died – only she could survive. Here the heroine tries to begin not the best but a new life. But everything changes when Angel recognizes in regular clients the killers of her parents. Now all the thoughts of the girl are devoted to one topic – revenge.

  1. Do-ga-ni (2011)

It is the middle of the TOP 10 best Deaf movies for all time.

It is a dramatic film shot by South Korean filmmakers. The film is based on the book of the same name by Jee-young Cong, which describes the events that took place in reality in Gwangju. Kang In-ho is a single father who grows his daughter on his own. The girl is sick and needs an expensive operation. To collect the necessary amount, the man accepts the offer to move from the capital to a small provincial town for the post of art teacher for deaf children. Over time, he notes that the behavior of children is very strange. They, obviously, are afraid of something.Kang In-ho succeeds in finding out, it turn out that the pupils of the school are regularly subjected to moral, physical and sexual violence by adults. Trying to draw public attention to this problem, he faces a blank wall of misunderstanding or unwillingness to see the obvious. No church, no court – no one wants to notice anything. After all, they are also connected with this case. And even the parents refuse to believe it. Bitter truth is not needed for anyone but a new teacher.

  1. Sweet Nothing in My Ear (2008)

A deaf mother and a hearing father are trying to decide whether their only son, who has lost hearing at the age of four, needs a cochlear implant, which, perhaps, will return his hearing…

  1. Black (2005)

The happiness of being a healthy person, unfortunately, is not given to everyone. We do not appreciate the fact that we can see the sky and hear the noise of the city, but for some people this is a real dream, the most intimate desire. It is about this dreaming heroine of the feature film – a young girl Michelle, who in early childhood lost vision and hearing. She lives in a world of darkness and complete silence, and nothing worse can happen.

Such a life is not very difficult, it’s just unbearable. Because of her inferiority, Michelle is very capricious, and sometimes even very unbalanced and quick-tempered, but she,more than anyone, needs care, kindness, and love. The last hope of the girl was her teacher Debraj – an elderly, somewhat strange and eccentric man. It is he who will become her ray of light in the realm of darkness, he will go into her world, teach Michelle much, and most importantly give the girl the faith in herself and the desire to live.

  1. It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004)

DJ Frankie Wilde is in the TOP 10 best modern Deaf films.

For the main character of the dramatic film,Frankie Wilde music is not just a set of sounds and not just a background for any activity. Frank loves music, he adores music and he also makes a living as a club DJ. Thanks to his love of music, Frank succeeded and became one of the most popular DJs, who wanted to be seen in the most fashionable clubs. He became a resident of many clubs in Ibiza, signed a contract with a major label, writes music, releases albums and shoots clips.

The success and glory of Frankie are accompanied by good earnings and a very crazy life. The guy has everything: a chic villa on the beach, a beautiful wife Sonia, friends, money, fame, and love of fans. However, one day Frank realizes that he is losing his hearing. Ignoring the problem, the guy continues to live his usual frenetic pace, which leads to serious problems.

  1. The Quiet (2005)

Deaf mute Dot is forced to live with her godparents Paul and Olivia Deere and their daughter Nina, the local cheerleader and the most popular girl. All family members, as well as Nina’s school friends, experience the strange charm of the quiet Dot and start trusting her darkest secrets. Dot silently listens to the souls of her new “friends” who do not suspect that the darkest secret the girl keeps is her own.

TOP ends now.

Hope you find the answer to the question – what is the best Deaf movies?

Thank you for being with us!

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