List of best new Robots movies to watch

Robots only began to appear in the real world, but in the fantasies of people, they were long ago.

Today, we have prepared TOP 10 best Robots movies to watch.

If you ready we begin!

A still from Chappie

List of best new Robots movies to watch

  1. Robot Stories

Stories are about relationships that will develop between people and robots in the future. The picture consists of four stories. The first one talks about a married couple who, before adopting a human child, is forced to take care of the robot child. In the second story, the mother tries to contact her dead son, having finished his collection of toys-robots. The third tells about the robot working in the office. In the 4th part -an elderly sculptor chooses between death and digital immortality.

  1. The Stepford Wives

The heroine of the feature film – Joanna Eberhart – is a young, beautiful, purposeful woman, married and happy in marriage, raising two beautiful children and holding the post of president of a major television company. In her life, Johanna achieved everything she wanted and even more. But life in a big metropolis with an incredibly fast pace of life and constant stress leads Joanna to disagreement with her husband and dismissal from work because of a nervous breakdown. Such a crisis in life makes her think about moving to a small town.

She decides to move to Stepford. Here are beautiful streets, houses with well-groomed lawns and gardens, friendly people. However, watching for impeccable Stepford wives guards Joanna. It seems to her that something strange happens to all the housewives. Joanna decides to figure out what’s wrong…

  1. Chappie

A nice robot named Chappieis in the TOP 10 best modern new Robots films.

In the modern world, the creation of artificial intelligence does not surprise anyone, but so far scientists, engineers, psychologists and various people are concerned with such questions – whether artificial intelligence will help people or become their enemy because its behavior cannot be predicted. It is these important topics that affect the fantastic action movie narrating about the world’s first robot, capable not only of thinking but also of experiencing emotions comparable to human ones.

  1. Real Steel

The plot of the fantastic action movie tells about near future, in which the popular sport of boxing was banned for cruelty. Athletes were replaced by huge robots, controlled by people, and the spectacle itself began to resemble gladiatorial events. Charlie Kenton, a former boxer who has become a promoter in acompany which organizes such events, is looking for his champion. He still does not accept the fact that the robots are fighting in the ring instead of him.

One day, Charlie meetswith his 11-year-old son Max, whom he saw only at birth. The boy is very stubborn, like his father, so when Charlie finds a defective robot in a landfill, Max makes his father teach him the technique of boxing.

  1. Bicentennial Man

The feature film tells about freedom, love, friendship, care, about the right to live in society and about the death of a unique robotic cyborg named Andrew. The film’s actions take place on the threshold of the third millennium when in the world there is a significant technological progress in the creation of artificial intelligence. New pets become not animals, but new generation robots, which significantly improve the lives of people. Richard Martin decides to make his family a gift and buys a robot NDR-114, which is then called Andrew.

Together with the life of the family, Andrew learns a lot of interesting things for himself, from a simple helper he becomes a real family member, shares the joy and sadness of his owners.

  1. I, Robot

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 best Robots movies for families.

A fantastic detective thriller takes the viewer in 2035, where the created robots are an integral part of people’s lives, as well as their assistants. But not all people share sympathy for robots, one of them, police detective Del Spooner does not trust robots and is afraid of artificial intelligence. His fears are confirmed when the murder of the engineer Alfred Lanning occurred.


Detroit mired in crime, which got out of control, but police officer Alex Murphy continues to fight the criminal world until he is dying due to the explosion of his own car. Having received 4-degree burns, which covered 80% of the body, Alex is between life and death. But thanks to the latest development of scientists, Alex not only remains alive but also gets a new, super-strong body, which turned him into Robocop – a nightmare for the underworld.

  1. Terminator

The fantastic action movie shows the viewer the future of 2029, which brings no joy to the inhabitants of the earth who are on the verge of extinction. By that time, mankind will create cyborgs, perfect military soldiers, machine-killers that will get out of control. In this distant future, the person John Connor, along with the rebels will win the war against the machines. However, from a terrible future in 1984, two people arrive, whose goal is the mother of the unborn John Connor Sarah Connor.

The first visitor – cyborg Terminator sent to the past to kill Sarah Connor and prevent the birth of John. Terminator is a perfect fighting machine, it works autonomously and self-learning. The second visitor – the soldiers of the future from the detachment of John, Kyle Reese sent to protect Sarah Connor, to let her survive at any cost.

  1. Transformers

A cult fiction thriller tells about the harsh war of two clans from distant planets, Autobots and Decepticons. Their discords have already reached the Earth. There was an object on Earth that can give robots unimaginable power. The one who gets it first will win in this long war.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

It is the number one of the TOP 10 best new Robots movies for all time.

The fantastic film tells about a near unknown future. In this future, people are waiting for big changes. David is an eleven-year-old boy; he is a perfect and complex prototype of a child robot.

TOP comes to its conclusion.

We hope it gave the answer to the main question – what is the best Robots movies?

Thanks for watching!

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