List of Hollywood Mythology movies 2017

Mythology is a genre of game cinematography, based on fabulous and mythological motifs. The action can unfold both on the Earth and in completely fictional worlds, subject to completely different physical laws. The characters of these films, in addition to people, are mostly elves, orcs, undead, dwarves, and trolls. Most often, the basis of the plot for them is the search for certain knowledge, a person or an artifact – the so-called quest. Many of the best mythology films are screen versions of literary works.

We are glad to introduce you TOP 10 best Hollywood Mythology movies of 2017 to watch.

Unfortunately, the list of films of this direction is very small.

List of best Hollywood Mythology movies in 2017

The Little Mermaid

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

This year, we still get acquainted with the new work of the film industry, from the famous director Guy Ritchie. It was he who was shooting the legendary Sherlock Holmes, but instead of making the third film, Richie decides to give the viewer something more interesting than deduction, mystery investigations, and cunnings.

In the center of the story is a young man named Arthur. This young man has a very promising future, which he does not know yet. A long time ago his parents were in trouble, they were killed by Arthur’s uncle, who wanted to take the throne and rule London. Then our hero was not yet able to resist the threat, he was on the street. Uncle suggested that the baby will not survive, and dogs are torn him to pieces. But the child found Merlin, who sheltered the homeless, warmed, and then raised, nurtured and educated. An adult Arthur is still a mischievous person, he has his own gang, with whom he steals on the outskirts of the city. The guards tried to catch them many times, but so far they have been unsuccessful. This, of course, is not the best life for someone who has royal blood, but you cannot fight against fate. In addition, the guy does not yet know that he should be the king. The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Mythology films 2017 because it was released on May 12, 2017.

  1. Thor: Ragnarök

Returning to Asgard, Thor discovers that Loki led to the approach of the Ragnarok

  1. The Little Mermaid

It is an unusual interpretation of the classical fairy tale. Two orphans – a novice journalist and his little sister – come to the southern town, where they meet a magical and beautiful creature, a poured Mermaid. They have to face real magic – alas, it is not only with the light but also with the dark.

  1. Justice League

It is the first part of the new grandiose fantastic dilogy about the adventures of the famous superheroes.

  1. Dark Tower

Legends of the mysterious Dark Tower excited the imagination of the main character. Roland Deschain has a major goal in life. He must find a legendary structure, which is considered the backbone of the world order. Roland is actively engaged in his quest. He sets out on his journey, although he has no concrete idea of his ultimate goal.

  1. Kong: Skull Island

The film takes place in the 70s of the last century. Expeditionary group in the company of the military arrives at the mysterious Skull Island, which according to legend is inhabited by terrible monsters from prehistoric times. On the island, the king of these lands  – the giant gorilla Kong-  meets them rather unfriendly.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Jack Sparrow for many years led a team of truly fearless sea pirates who plowed oceans on their ship and were absolutely not afraid of anything. For a long time, the capricious goddess of fortune was on the side of the brave “sea bandits”, but the moment came when Jack realized that now his luck was constantly over. In addition, Sparrow became aware that he is persuaded by the ancient enemy – the monstrous captain Salazar and his team of ghost pirates. Having just slipped out of the Diabolical Triangle, Salazar and his subordinates set out to ruthlessly destroy all the pirates.

The movie is included in the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Mythology movies 2017.

  1. Moana

Life of the princesses cannot be compared with the life of ordinary girls. They do not need to think about how to make money because there are plenty of luxurious things around. Every day, they can try on new dresses, change jewelry, and lead a quiet, carefree life. But there are rare exceptions. Such an exception is Moana. She is not attracted by the boring life in the palace. The girl wants adventure, so she decided to go on a trip. This is not at all a comfortable entertainment trip through the cities to change the situation. Moana dreams of visiting an amazing and extraordinary island, where secrets and mysteries are everywhere.

  1. The Shack

On a picnic, a married couple notices the absence of a baby. Independent searches do not lead to a positive result, and they seek help from law enforcement officials. The police found an abandoned shack not far off. The walls of it were stained with blood. After the detectives find clothes belonging to the missing, they have no doubt that the bloodthirsty maniac cruelly mocked the poor girl, and then took her life. His father could not reconcile himself with the irreparable loss and fell into a prolonged depression. The suffering lasts a long four years. One day the hero of the film receives a cryptic message. An unidentified person encourages him to return to the scene of the crime.

  1. The Mummy

It is the leader of the list of Hollywood Mythology movies 2017.

All the events that take place in the history of the film are unfolding in the modern world, in the center of Iraq. In the midst of the military operation of the United States, there are the Marines and the latest weapons everywhere. But in the eastern country, without mysticism, even the war of modern days is not complete. During the next assignment, one of the military detachments faces a large group of terrorists. They must be destroyed, but it is not so simple. Knowing the terrain perfectly, the bandits find a way to safely hide in an underground bunker at great depth. Hardly getting inside the shelter, the Marines find a terrible picture.

TOP 10 new holly Mythology movies ends now.

We hope you liked it.

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