List of best Teen movies 2018

Do you know what the teenagers love these days? It’s kind of a tricky question because the modern-day generation seems to know everything about everything. And, they are equally interested in thrillers, mysteries, dramas, romances, and more. We’ve got the TOP 10 best new Teen movies 2018 in one article for you.

So, if you’ve got a kid or two and want to know what kind of films they’re into, take a look at our list. The beautiful thing about it – we guarantee you’ll love at least some of the titles on it. Entertaining, fun and action-charged, these films will dominate 2018.

  1. Venom

It’s been a while since we saw a proper supervillain movie. Thankfully, that’s about to change next year. Venom will feature Tom Hardy as the antagonist of the friendly neighbor. Unfortunately, there isn’t any info about the plot and/or the rest of the cast. Still, we’ve got a release date – October 5, 2018 – and know that Sony is betting a lot on this project. So, let’s hope they deliver a truly awesome experience for us!

  1. A Star Is Born

This is one of those classic cuts that are capable of conquering the hearts and minds of both the teenagers and the grown-ups. Bradley and Gaga look awesome together on the big screen. Plus, the plot is gripping, and they’re promising at least a couple of twists along the way. The film follows the lives of an old country star and a talented young girl. When they meet for the first time, they ignite a fire in each other’s hearts.

So, the old-timer promises to turn her into a superstar. There’s a long and perilous journey ahead of them, one that they’ll only be able to complete if they stick together. Put A Star Is Born on the list of best Teen movies 2018 if you appreciate thought-provoking dramas.

  1. Step Up 6

The kids do love a great dance movie, that’s for sure. This is the sixth chapter in the iconic series, and this time around, dancing will unite folks of all races, nationalities, skin colors and creed. The underdogs will rise and prove to the whole world that they’ve got what it takes to be the best of the best.

If you love mind-blowing films about being free, following one’s heart, supporting your friends and using your passion to achieve great things, Step Up 6 will be right up your alley. This is a celebration of youth, a celebration of doing the impossible and staying true to yourself throughout the journey.

  1. Deadpool 2

Yep, the nasty hero is finally back to deliver a new dose of wicked jokes, unbelievable charisma and everything else in between. The 1st chapter was a God-sent, and we’re confident the team won’t mess up the follow-up. It’s been in development for about three years now, which means they had more than enough time to perfect Deadpool 2. Of the TOP 10 best Teen movies of 2018 to watch,this one’s going to be a true crowd-pleaser. Maybe it will even set a record or two while at it?

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

The mighty superheroes are set for a comeback next year. The Infinity War is upon us, and there’s no escaping it. Once again, the Avengers will fight each other instead of uniting against a mutual enemy. Regardless, you can rest assured that we’ll get a bombastic adrenaline-charger with the best graphics, action scenes, and a ridiculous sense of humor. If you’re a fan of the Marvel books and can’t wait to see your favorite heroes on the big screen again, then this film is probably the most anticipated release for you.

  1. Cloverfield 4

A group of US paratroopers drops behind the German lines for a secret mission. Their task is to hit the enemy where it hurts and turn the tide in this war. Initially, they thought that the Nazis took over the village to turn it into a military outpost. But as the heroes get closer to their target, they discoverthere’s something sinister going on.

If they fail at stopping whatever experiments the enemy is making, WW2 will be forever lost. Can the best American soldiers fight the supernatural creatures that the Nazis have aligned themselves with? Cloverfield 4 is shaping up to be one of the TOP 10 best modern Teen films 2018.

Cloverfield 4

  1. Pacific Rim Uprising

The original movie came out in 2013 and instantly became a modern-day classic in the eyes of the geeks and the regular audience. Come on, we all love films about epic robot-vs.-monster fights, right? Next year, we’ll finally get the official sequel. The war with the Kaiju armies is won, and humanity is slowly, but steadily getting back on its feet.

However, the battle isn’t over – not yet. There are new beasts out there that want to consume planet Earth and all of its remaining inhabitants. The second wave will be even more devastating than the first one. It’s time for mankind to send the invaders back to where they came from…for good!

  1. Life

The story follows a group of scientists stationed at the ISS. Their mission is to find proof of life on Mars and to learn as much as they can about it before sending the samples to the Blue Planet. Sadly enough, the first life form they come across turns out to be a lethal killer, a monster in disguise. So now it’s up to these brave men and women to put this thing down. Otherwise, it will consume all life on Earth, just like it did on Mars. Of the TOP 10 best recent Teen movies, Life is, without a doubt, a stand-out cut.

  1. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Thomas, the champion of the surviving Gladers, is leading them into the final battle. The stakes are higher than ever, and they simply can’t afford to make a mistake. Without a doubt, this is the deadliest mission they ever had to pull off. A lethal disease that’s taken over the whole world is threatening to annihilate the human race.

There’s no cure for it – only the Last City might hold answers to the questions the heroes are looking for. But, it’s going to be almost impossible to enter the most wicked labyrinth on the planet and find their way out. Help isn’t coming; Thomas can rely only on himself and his trusted friends.

  1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Teenagers really love dinosaurs, don’t they? Yep, they do, and that’s exactly why we put the Fallen Kingdom on the top of our list. The 2015 film was a huge commercial success and managed to pleasethe most demanding fans. This time around, the scale will be even bigger, and the team behind the sequel promises us more action, more fun, and more breath-taking CGI dinosaurs. That’s pretty much all we need from chapter 2 and can’t wait to check it out! And now that you know what is the best Teen movies in 2018, make sure to share this list with the rest of the world.

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