List of Hollywood Love movies 2018

Love Story movies will be popular at all times. Every girl loves to watch a beautiful and passionate love story and there is nothing better than to share this pleasure with her soul mate. In our TOP 10 best Hollywood Love Story movies of 2018 to watch everyone can find interesting movies of completely different genres, united by one – the main here is love.  

List of best Hollywood Love movies in 2018

  1. A Star Is Born

A young and talented starlet with the help of an aging famous person becomes popular and famous. The idea is completely simple-minded. In the modern version, the musical will not return to its Hollywood origins – in the center of events will be a young country singer (she is played by Lady Gaga). There will be a relationship between her and aging famous person which will serve as an impetus for the rise of the heroine’s career. For the hero, whose career is declining, it will be very difficult to overcome.

  1. Ophelia

The action takes place in the 14th century, Shakespeare’s Hamlet is dynamically rethought by Ophelia’s point of view. Ophelia is the most trusted maid of honor of the Queen of Denmark. She is smart and beautiful, and soon attracts the attention of Prince Hamlet. The war is beginning, the royal castle of Elsinore is torn with lust and treachery, and Ophelia has to choose between life and love, she accidentally turns out to be the guardian of a dangerous secret. It cannot marry Hamlet on Ophelia, she is not noble enough for a prince of royal blood, but she carries his unborn child.

  1. Midnight Sun

Bella Thorne is in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Love films 2018.

According to the plot of the picture, Cathy is already 17 years old. At her early age, she can easily compose fascinating musical compositions, which she later sings with a guitar. But she does it exclusively at night because she suffers from an incurable skin disease. One night, at midnight, Cathy meets Charlie. He is cheerful and charming because he is the red-haired guy. Between two young people, there is a passion. Will they be able to stay together if he knows about her disease?

  1. Fifty Shades Freed

“50 Shades of Grey” – a popular worldwide series of novels and films about the complex romantic relationship between young journalist Anastasia and billionaire Christian.

Films, as well as novels from the series, are R-rated because much attention is paid to BDSM. However, this theme does not scare millions of fans around the world: both the box office and sales of books make the series one of the most successful in recent years.

The trailer shows that the main characters marry but still face difficulties and dangers.

  1. Life in a Year

What should a 17-year-old guy do when his girl is diagnosed with a hopeless case of cancer? A teenager, Daryn, gives Isabel full life, in which all dreams will come true, even if only for one remaining year. It is a drama movie where you will find love, hate, death and eternity.

  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Love movies 2018.

Lara Jean is 16 years old and she private about her feelings, but pours out her heart in the letters she keeps in the box. Her letters are confessions to the guys she once loved. Once all the messages find their recipients and the girl’s life turns into a real hell: she has to avoid the best friend and sister, and then she falls in love with the most beautiful guy in the school and becomes his fake girlfriend. But how long can Lara Jean lie to herself and the rest? How long does it take her to sort out her feelings and finally allow herself to be happy?

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor in To All the Boys I've Loved Before

  1. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The screen version of the life-affirming bestselling book by Mary Ann Schaeffer and Annie Barrows British writer Juliet in search of original stories correspond with several residents of the island of Guernsey, who have passed through the fascist occupation. They tell how at the most difficult moment they created a book club, finding solace in literature, mutual support, and warm friendship.

  1. Little Italy

Two Italian families in America is in the TOP 10 new holly Love movies.

Leo’s parents moved from Italy to the United States at the time and at the same time, Nikki’s parents took the same step as the first family to open their own pizzeria in America. Both families managed to realize their plans, but gradually the fierce competition began between the two pizzerias. Relations between families were bad, so no one expected that Leo and Nikki would feel strong feelings for each other. Guys understand that their parents will be against such a romance, but they do not really care about it because they love each other.

Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts in Little Italy

  1. Valley Girl

Musical sequel to the youth melodramatic picture of the 80’s reflects the romantic relationship of two children belonging to completely different social groups. Julie was born in a wealthy family and received an excellent education, completely unaware of the hardness of life. Therefore, the girl has always been attracted to uninhibited freedom of the youth from the poor regions. She always wanted to know what the guys feel, deprived of decent prosperity. Julie attracted the mystery of the surrounding life, intoxicating feelings of freedom and independence from her parents. In the end, a beauty from a high society was able to achieve what she wanted, independently delving into a completely unfamiliar and extremely aggressive world.

Valley Girl first look

  1. Every Day

A screen version of a teenage bestseller by David Levitan is about the shy 16-year-old girl Rhiannon, who falls in love with an ethereal spirit named “A.” Every day he gets into the bodies of different people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and religious views. Having learned his secret, Rhiannon is looking for a way to stay together.

A list of Hollywood Love movies 2018 ends now.

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