List of Hollywood Space movies 2018

The topic about space fiction, perhaps, is the most attractive and entertaining, even for the sophisticated spectator. The beauty of the worlds, fictional, but such plausible, is corresponding to expectation and interesting. Bounded by the boundaries of one planet, people, often without knowing it, instinctively, reach for the sky and stars, distant planets and worlds, thus making the popularity of this genre.

We are a hero to show TOP 10 best Hollywood Space movies of 2018 to watch.

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List of best Hollywood Space movies in 2018

  1. Ederlezi Rising

In the center of the plot of the fantasy adventure film is the research mission of the famous transnational corporation Ederlezi, who sent an expedition to the distant Alpha Centauri, the brightest and most mysterious star in the solar system. To this huge and incredibly beautiful planet shining on the background of the starry sky, mankind had its eyes upon for centuries, so that the idea of ​​the professors was completely justifiable. The expedition had the character of an intelligence operation, with the successful outcome of which people were given the chance to colonize a mysterious planet.

The purpose of the investigation is to find out the conditions for acclimatization of people, soil and vegetation samples, the possibility to find enough water and food, and in case of a positive result to start a program project for the selection of volunteers who will agree to leave Earth forever and make Alpha Centauri a new home for future generations. After careful selection among several suitable competitors, the most experienced astronaut, Milutin, was selected.

The state-of-the-art cruiser was an experimental model, tested for durability, and the equipment that this spacecraft was “packaged” corresponded to the most promising technologies. The day of departure was approaching and Milutin was overwhelmed with conflicting feelings. On the one hand, he really wanted to become a pioneer and justify the trust of the earthlings, but on the other hand, he went into the unknown, not knowing if he would see his native land again. The partner of the astronaut was a bio-robot in the guise of a girl. Nimani is an improved model, no different from a real woman.

The developers of the project did not risk sending another person to the mission and chose a biological model of a high-end functional robot that, together with Milutin, will assume all the difficulties of long-distance flight, space overloads, and, if necessary, will be able to meet all the needs of the astronaut. There was also something else that was not mentioned in the presence of Milutin.

In any emergency, Naomi can be relied on, and if an astronaut happens to be in trouble, the bio-robot has every chance of “surviving” even in the most difficult situation. It was time to leave, and “”Ederlezi Rising” left the Earth. A long and incredibly complex flight to distant Alpha Centauri began, a mystical star whose magical attraction was the dream of many science fiction writers. There, in the distant Space, much looks different, has a different price, and a different meaning.

  1. Incoming

It is a story of the space station that is captured by terrorists.

Scott Adkins in Incoming

  1. The Dark Matter

The Dark Matteris in the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Space films 2018.

Jason is the main character. He is well versed in quantum physics, and his career in the scientific field is gaining momentum. It was at this point that Jason finds out that his wife is pregnant. The hero has to abandon the struggle for recognition in the scientific world and focus on the family. Years pass, Jason suddenly moves to a parallel world, where the results of his research became the basis for the technology of motion between realities.

  1. Violent Starr

The movie will show the fight between space pirate and space monster.

  1. Cloverfield Movie

On the orbit of our planet, there is a station where scientists conduct unprecedented experiments. It is here that the recently discovered matter is studied. The study with the help of a very complex structure will help people to better understand the history of our planet, see how everything developed. But the little error in these experiments can lead to consequences in which it is impossible to believe. Once it happens, and the team of astronauts is isolated from the whole world and is struggling for survival.

Cloverfield 4 promo

  1. High Life

It is the midpoint of the TOP 10 latest Hollywood Space movies 2018.

The movie centers on an expedition to space in order to find new life there.

  1. First Man

The film will be based on the book by James Hansen. The NASA historian Hansen had full access to all the documents related to the first man stepping on the moon, as well as he had the opportunity to communicate with Neil Armstrong himself.

The film about Neil Armstrong has been in development for more than ten years. At some point, Clint Eastwood wanted to take it on, but he changed his mind.

Ryan Gosling in First Man

  1. When the Moon Was Twice as Big

The boy’s dream is in the TOP 10 new holly Space movies.

The main hero of the movie is a boy who will become a famous astronautin the future.

When the Moon Was Twice as Big

  1. Independence Day 3

Twenty years ago, humanity first encountered a race of warlike alien invaders who tried to wipe people out of the existence. After a long and bloody battle, the alien ship was destroyed, but the threat remained. After so many years, the old enemy once again attacks the planet with even greater forces. However, this time people will be ready. They created new military technologies based on the received weapons from alien ships.

Independence Day 3 poster

  1. Star Trek 4

Courageous and valiant captain of the spaceship Kirk, along with his team, returns safely home on a spaceship after a dangerous journey. But the crew feels impending danger. Despite the fact that they successfully saved a lot of people, the guys are not in a hurry to rejoice, remembering all the acts that they had to do in spite of their conscience, honesty, and humanity.

A list of Hollywood Space movies 2018 is coming to its end.

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