List of Hollywood Vampires movies 2018

Some directors and screenwriters like to show us the “real” vampires with those fangs, the scary appearances, and lust for blood. Others prefer the “noble” kind: the men and women that look like a million bucks. In our TOP 10 latest Hollywood Vampires movies 2018 list, we’ll take a look at every kind there is.

We’ve got ancient tales, modern-day stories, and even some futuristic cuts for the fans. So, sit back, relax, and let’s see what these bloodsuckers are capable of, shall we?

  1. Black Angel

BA is one of the most anticipated fantasy releases of 2018. The critics are calling it a must-see, and the fans of GOT have their fingers crossed. This is a classic plot that follows a valiant knight on a crusade against the world’s evil. The darkest and most brutal creatures are living in the so-called Underworld, and if the warrior wants to make everything right again, he’ll have to enter their realm and challenge their leader. But how can one man stand against a horde of monstrous creatures? You’ll find out at the theaters!

Black Angel poster

  1. Near Dark

There’s an ancient family of vampires out there that never stays in one place for long and prefers to hit the road every now and then so that the locals don’t get suspicious. Everything was going great until they decided to let a young and inexperienced new member join their ranks and become a part of their mission.

Before they did the mistake of inviting an outsider into their group, the family had everything “on lock”. But from now on, they are destined to get in trouble with the authorities and be hunted by the policemen. Of the TOP 10 new holly Vampires movies, Near Dark is one to look out for.

  1. Viy-2

The tales from the 18th century are full of magical creatures, scary beasts, and uncharted lands. Viy-2 follows a famed explorer from the United Kingdom who arrives in Russia with a special task: to travel to the Far East and map the entire region for the country’s leader – Peter the Great. This is one of the hardest tasks for any man of his profession, but the handsome payment and lust for adventures persuade Green to agree. On his historical journey, he comes across werewolves, vampires, witches, and everything in between, not to mention the Chinese warriors and enchanting princesses.

  1. Interview With The Vampire

Do you remember the 1994 classic cut featuring some of the greatest artists of our time? The good news is – Hollywood is shooting a remake. The bad news is – we don’t have an officially-confirmed release date. Rumors claim Jared Leto will play the lead male role and Mr. Boone will direct the film. According to a number of sources, the brand-new Interview With The Vampire is really happening, and we’ll get to see it soon.

Without a doubt, the list of Hollywood Vampires movies 2018 would simply be empty without this title. We bet most of the fans of the original will be skeptical about the “re-imagination”, but who knows – maybe the new team will deliver a masterpiece?

Interview With The Vampire

  1. Corbin Nash

Do you love the genre of vampire noir? If the answer is yes, make sure to put Corbin Nash on your list of must-sees next year. If not, well, it’s never too late to open up to new things. Feldman will play the main character of this highly intriguing movie; the legendary Rutger Hauer is also a part of the cast. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the plot or the release date. Still, this is quite a peculiar project that will, hopefully, bring something fresh and thrilling into the industry.

  1. Castlevania

The fans of video games must certainly remember the classic Castlevania franchise from the 90s. There was an official remake in the 21st century, but it couldn’t “beat” the original. And now the big shots at Hollywood are getting ready to introduce the big-screen adaptation.

The plot will pretty much be the same and follow Dracula’s ups and down in this unforgiving world that hunts vampires and conspires against their kind. Of the TOP 10 best Hollywood Vampires movies of 2018 to watch, this one is going to be a solid pick.

  1. Eat Locals

Welcome to a tiny British village: there’s an old farmhouse there, and it’s a temporal home for the country’s vampires. They get together every half-a-century to catch up on things. The ones that arrived early are waiting for the others to join in order for them all to handle some serious matters. The vampires have no idea that there’s a highly-trained Spec Ops team on their tail, and that they’re bringing the heat. The humans have been tracking the bloodsuckers for a while now, and they are about to start a war between the two species.

  1. Hotel Transylvania 3

We already mentioned the most ancient and most powerful vampire when talking about Castlevania. HT 3 is an animated movie and will be suited for the little ones, which means there’s no place for blood, gore, and violence. The legendary beast is tired and wants to take some time to enjoy the outside world.So, he embarks on a cruise trip across the ocean.

The captain of the ship, a dashing young woman, steals his heart. And when Dracula realizes that she’s not a friend but an enemy, it’s already too late. As far as the TOP 10 latest released Hollywood Vampires films 2018 go, Hotel Transylvania 3 is right there among the very best.

  1. Darksiders

Can you imagine a group of bloodsuckers working for the American government? In Darksiders, that’s a reality. The Feds recruited them a while ago, and now this truly special team is serving the greater good. Obviously, they can never be fully trusted, and that is why the agency is using the latest technology to track the monsters and monitor every single step they take. Could this unusual “friendship” work or maybe it will lead to a disaster?

Darksiders: a still from video game

  1. High Midnight

It’s 1892, and the humans are too weak against the warriors of the night. The story is focused on a rough-tough sheriff who has no other choice but to join forces with an ancient bloodsucker. She promises to be loyal and leave the humans alone once the threat is dealt with. The zombies are coming, and unless they come up with a solid plan, everything will be lost. Ok, that’s it for our list of best Hollywood Vampires movies in 2018. As always, don’t forget to check back and stay on top of the latest news.

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