List of TOP 10 english Thriller movies 2017

Every year, thrillers are becoming stronger and stronger as the most popular genre in cinema. It is generally believed that the originator of this kind of pictures is Alfred Hitchcock. This director was able to play virtuously on the emotions of people, creating real masterpieces, which receive positive criticism even now.

We are glad to present you TOP 10 best english Thriller movies 2017 to watch.

Today, the thriller industry offers its fans a variety of films:

  1. Mystical films.
  2. Detectives.
  3. Horror movies.
  4. Psychological films.
  5. Thrillers with elements of Sci-Fi.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Thriller films 2017.


  1. Drone

An experienced pilot of the drone Neil works under a private contract, spending his days on secret combat sorties, and then returns home to a typical suburb to an unsuspecting family. But one day his secret reveals. A Pakistani businessman who considers a pilot responsible for the death of his wife and child begins to track him down to take vengeance.

  1. Life

It is ​​a fresh fantasy thriller of American production, telling about the expedition to Mars. Centers on a group of astronauts – the masters of their craft. They have many successful expeditions on their account. They get a new mission – to move to Mars and probe the territory. Soon the team is able to find something alive on Mars. They made all kinds of expectations about what exactly this strange object might turn out to be, but they did not appear to have any significant ideas. They decide that the most unerring will be to learn this creature nearby and in detail. They make a landing on Mars to take this creature to their ship. Using modern technology, with the help of one device they placed the mysterious “Martian” in a special place, in which the atmosphere of Mars is maintained.

When the team told the headquarters about its find, there began a real jubilation. It was a great success in the space field. How many years the earthlings spent on finding out if there is life on Mars, and naturally, scientists were infinitely happy when they found the answer to this question. If earlier one could only guess and build theories on life on Mars, now earth scientists had real evidence. On Earth, they began to prepare for the arrival of an alien creature and to its further exploration. The authorities have already asked the team to do several tests to find out what the blood composition of this creature is, what pressure, etc. It was all necessary that scientists on Earth know how to equip the laboratory for a more detailed study of the “Martian”. The experts were impatient, they wanted to get to know this creature as soon as possible, to study it, to find out how it differs from the representatives of the Earth. But no one could have imagined that this curiosity could turn into a great catastrophe. People were too hasty.

  1. Voice from the Stone

The evil spirit of the mother is in the list of TOP 10 english Thriller movies 2017.

The film unfolds in the middle of the last century in the old castle of Tuscany. Young nanny Verena comes to the castle to look after the boy. Jacob recently lost his mother and stopped talking because he had vowed silence. Verena knows how to get along well with children and believes that she can help a young man return to normal life.

Trying to get close to Jacob, she realizes that something is amiss at this place. The ghost of the deceased mother of the boy still lives in the old castle and wants to get Verena’s young body.

  1. American Assassin

The film tells the story of a special counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp.

  1. Unforgettable

Amazing thriller introduces viewers to a girl named Tess Connover. The main character is not easy to cope with the fact that her marriage broke up. But most of all, Tess hurts the fact that her husband replaced her very quickly. Young and attractive student Julia Banks becomes the wife of the ex-husband of the main character. The girl is also engaged in the upbringing Lily – Tess’s daughter.

  1. 47 Meters Down

The fifth place of the TOP 10 popular english Thriller movies in 2017, list of which consist of the best thrillers of 2017.

The reckless sisters Lisa and Kate arrive in sunny Mexico in order to relax. But if the first girl on the journey tries to forget the break with her boyfriend, then the second tries to dilute the boring life with a dose of adrenaline. To achieve the desired, they intend using extreme diving – to go down in a cage to shark-infested waters.

  1. The Circle

May Holland get a job in a powerful technology company “Circle”. Starting with customer service, the girl began to quickly move up the career ladder. The young lady was impressed by the conditions that were provided to all employees for normal activities and recreation.

The activities of the company caused the girl a huge interest, so the latest development did not leave the curious person indifferent. The firm intended to release to the technological market cameras that broadcast video in real time with minimal delays. What will happen next? You will know if you watch it.

  1. Split

The guy with 23 personalities is in the TOP 10 new english Thriller movies 2017.

Kevin is quite a nice guy. But behind his appearance lies a huge mystery for any special psychiatrist – a person periodically “divides” into 23 independent personalities. Each has its own behavioral quirks, but any form of consciousness is completely independent of the basic “I” – the ordinary Kevin.

  1. Alien: Covenant

Supermodern ship “Covenant” flies to a remote planet. An enthusiastic earth team is planning to find a mythical Paradise here, but enthusiasts are waiting for a cruel disappointment. On a huge, quiet and uninhabited territory, the damaged robot David wanders alone, who has valuable information about the place where the ship landed.

  1. Personal Shopper

A young American Maureen conquers the pathos of Parisian boutiques. Knowing the subtleties of fastidious fashion, the girl helps to select all sorts of glamorous clothes for the secular lady Kyra. The movie heroine has the rare ability to perfectly combine women’s clothes. Twisting in a starry world, where the cost of a small thing reaches the price of a steep wheelbarrow, she manages not to get lost.

In parallel, Maureen is engaged in a more unusual case – helping Parisians banish ghosts. The American is able to identify, distinguish evil spirits, knows how to contact mystical beings. Such a gift the girl systematically develops, but there is paranormal character acting very strange.

TOP 10 latest english Thriller movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

TOP is coming to an end.

Thank you for your attention!

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