List of TOP 10 english Cartoon movies 2017

Cartoons are an integral part of our life. The world of animation is full of kindness and bright colors. As a rule, we can watch such cartoons together with our kids, because they are now so beautifully painted and children begin to believe in this world of dreams and fantasies.

No child can pass by our TOP 10 best english Cartoon movies 2017 to watch. If you are thinking what cartoon to show the children, then we advise you to look through our list. Relax and forget about all the problems associated with raising a child at least for a while. Try to watch and enjoy the novelties of animation.

Let’s watch TOP 10 english Cartoon films 2017.


  1. Boss Baby

The birth of a brother has become a real shock for Tim, because all his parents’ love was transferred to the baby. They would know that this kid is not an innocent baby at all, but a secret agent under cover, who came to the world with an almost impossible mission.

  1. Despicable Me 3

In the 1980s, Balthazar Bratt was a child star. The villain, still obsessed with the role that brought him fame, became the sworn enemy of Gru.

  1. The Croods 2

Forced to leave their former homes, destroyed by a terrible earthquake, the members of the family of Croods settled in a new place of residence, where they found themselves only thanks to the efforts and help of a guy who happened to be around in a difficult moment and who laid eyes on the daughter of the head of the clan. But it was not as safe as the restless cavemen would have liked. As elsewhere, it turned out to be full of deadly dangers. Especially in the dark.

And now the Croods, having collected their few belongings, go in search of a new house. It is likely that to decide on a new journey they were prompted not by a dangerous neighborhood with the wild beasts that threatened their lives in the village, but the desire to plunge again into the world of amazing adventures, similar to those that they had already experienced in the recent past. However, the brave pioneers are on their way again.

The Croods 2

  1. Coco

Mexican traditions are in the list of TOP 10 english Cartoon movies 2017.

12-year-old Coco lives with his family in the countryside of Mexico. The action takes place during the traditional national holiday of the Day of the Dead. The young hero is going to solve the mystery of several generations of his relatives. The events that Coco will face will contribute to the reunification of all members of his large family.

  1. La tortue rouge

Miraculously surviving after an incredibly violent storm, a man gets on an uninhabited island. The only neighbors of a man on a tropical island are birds, crabs, and a red turtle. Having received the second chance to live, the man does not want to give up and tries to do everything possible. The exploration of the island helped him find fresh water and bamboo trees, from which he begins to build a raft.

But all attempts to leave the island end in the collapse of the raft, besides a large red turtle terribly frightens a man, forcing him to swim towards the island. However, the rescued man did not even imagine that life on an uninhabited island would give him many happy moments that he could not wish in an ordinary world populated by people.

  1. Ballerina

It is the middle of the TOP 10 popular english Cartoon movies in 2017, list of which includes the best cartoons of 2017.

Little Felicie learned to dance before she learned to walk. Since childhood, dreaming of becoming a professional ballerina, she worked hard and tried to remember all the movements that she could see or hear. The only one who supported her was a boy- the same naughty dreamer. Who wanted to become a great inventor.

Together they decided to get away from the orphanage to Paris – a city of high fashion, new trends and great opportunities.

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village

The picture tells about funny blue babies, called Smurfs, created by Gargamel with the help of a miraculous formula, recorded earlier on the lost foliage of paper and now embodied in life. According to his idea, it should be a dangerous army, which will create bad deeds for him. Learning that the villain is going to send dark forces to the whole world with the help of his dragon staff, the team of brave Smurfs does not afraid of the danger. They have a hard way to save all life on Earth.

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

The plot of the comic cartoon tells the story of the adventures of Bruce Wayne. Together with his faithful servant Alfred, he lives in his family house and often remembers the dead parents. In the vast world of Lego, he once again will have to wear a Batman costume to protect his beloved city from the villain – the Joker and his girlfriend Harley.

  1. Sing

Musical competition among animals is in the TOP 10 new english Cartoon movies 2017.

An animated movie tells about the koala Baster Moon. The plot of the film unfolds around the music competition. The plot of how the owner of a previously well-known theater tries to return the attention of the local population to living art. Carried away by modern technology, people lose interest in the theater. This is one of the bright and kind films for children, which will interest not only the little spectators but also will serve as an excellent way to spend leisure with the whole family since this picture is for family viewing.

The theater, in which the head is Koala Buster, used to be the most popular and visited place in the town. This town is unusual, here live animals with human features and their habits. The theater, where artists are the same animals, began to lose its importance: the popularity of fine actors is falling. For Buster, this is a huge problem and here comes to koala’s mind a unique idea.

Buster with his friend lizard arranges a vocal competition in which anyone can take part. The finalist is waiting for a big reward and the glory of a megastar. The announcement of an unusual presentation is carried around the city. Contestants are very different: pig, elephant, porcupine, and gorilla. But they all have one goal – to win.

  1. Cars 3

It is a continuation of the adventures of a pretty car Lightning McQueen and his faithful friends.

TOP 10 latest english Cartoon movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

Our Top ends now.

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