List of TOP 10 good Сartoon movies 2017

Did you know that the first cartoon film is 140 years old? In 1877, Emil Reynaud decided to show a curious audience a kaleidoscope of colored drawing figures, providing it with a musical background. This was the first brick in the wall of the emerging animation with the use of a variety of techniques of drawing, sounding and creating not only short animations but also full-fledged animated films.

We are glad to present you TOP ten good Сartoon movies 2017 in theaters.

In cartoons, the fantasy of the director and the animator are especially clear.

Any cartoon is directed, first of all, to the children’s. A good film teaches to learn right from wrong, be polite and encourages to know the world around.

Let’s watch TOP 10 good Сartoon films 2017.


  1. Sing

The owner of a small theater, Baxter, is concerned about the fall in the rating of his company. The theater for Baxter is his whole life, and he cannot accept its demise! In order to revive the former popularity of his institution, Baxter invented a cunning move – announces among the beasts a contest for the title of the best singer. Anyone can take part in the contest. It turned out that everyone wants to demonstrate their talents! Every inhabitant of the town has a singing experience and a chance to become the best singer.

The next day a huge queue lined the theater doors. Viewers of the comedic musical movie will see how everyone, from shy elephant to gangster, wants to go for glory! Such an engagement Baxter and his friends did not expect, but there is nowhere to go; now they must appreciate the talent of everyone who came to the show. The city will plunge into the ocean of music of different genres.

Despite the fact that both venerable singers and simple lovers will come to the contest, it’s hard to say who will make the best impression on both the jury and the audience of the musical animated film. But there is a hope that no one will be hurt. It is possible that in the process of the competition all participants will be convinced that the main thing here is not victory and not even participation, but something more! Everyone will have the opportunity to speak, express themselves and show the world their talent, which was hidden so far.

  1. Cars 3

The main hero still continues to show the best results in all tournaments, but the competition is getting tougher. Lightning McQueen awaits exciting adventures, where he will meet new friends, as well as understand that not only the speed and power of the motor make the racer a champion.

  1. Spark

A brave monkey is on our list of TOP 10 good Сartoon movies 2017.

A fascinating cartoon tells about a little monkey. 13 years ago, the evil ruler Zhong seized control on the Ban’s planet. Spark, along with friends, learns Zhong’s secret plan for capturing the universe with the help of a giant cosmic monster, an animal capable of creating black holes. If Zhong can curb the monster, then he will have the most deadly weapon in his hands. The guys will have to go through a hard way to defeat the villain, but a strong friendship will help them because they are always ready to help each other.

  1. Smurfs: The Lost Village

In the cartoon, the yellow-haired little girl and her friends in white caps go on an unexpected journey. Every reasonable smurf knows that the path is strictly closed to the Enchanted Forest. But in the forest frustrated girl meets a wizard who lives near the magic trees. The friends have to protect the girlfriend from pursuing Gargamel, the spiteful sorcerer hunting for travelers. Little friends can solve many puzzles.

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie

In the cartoon, life, abounding in prosperity and luxury, has lost the former sense for the millionaire. Once again wearing the costume of a superhero, he begins to reminisce about prematurely lost parents, whose love makes a young man fight against the underworld. As before, only the butler Alfred, who knows the secret of Batman’s appearance, is a reliable support.

  1. Coco

It is the middle of the TOP 10 good english Сartoon movies 2017.

The key character of the cartoon is a typical Mexican boy. A Memorial Day is celebrated all over the country. At this time in the cities are held stunning carnivals with striking costumes. The main character accidentally learns about the existence of a clan secret. He tries hard to figure out but does not succeed. Therefore, he decides to call for help from his comrades, along with whom he begins the archival investigation. This company will solve any mystery.

  1. Despicable Me 3

Long-lost brother Grew named Drew was found, and this will cause a desperate rivalry.

  1. Boss Baby

One of the funniest movies about the little kid is in TOP 10 really good Сartoon movies.

Child Tim is an ordinary seven-year-old, living in an ordinary, average family with adorable daddy and mom. He confident in the invincibility of his cheerful, reckless life, does not suspect about the “unpleasant” changes in the existence of their little family. One day, the family came home, bringing the baby, saying that this strange baby is his brother. The life of the hero, unpleasantly struck by the appearance of a new relative, becomes hellishly nightmarish.

  1. The Croods 2

The second part of the fascinating cartoon will tell about a new story from the life of a funny Aboriginal family. How did it all start? One very friendly family lives in prehistoric times. At that time our planet was changing. New oceans and continents were created. People, birds and even saber-toothed tigers acted together to save themselves from the torrent of hot lavas and find a new home. That time was a period of new discoveries, a new planet, and new adventures.

The main credo of Crood’s family is “Do not leave the cave and do nothing new”. But the world is so interesting.

The Croods 2

  1. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie

Ninjas fight against dragons, the army of reptilians, dreaming of the return to power of a military dictator.

TOP 10 new good Сartoon movies 2017 release dates, you can see on the Internet.

TOP ends now.

Thank you for watching!

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